Different Is Trendy: Personalise Your Style Today*

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Fashion in today's world is a weird and wonderful thing. You can follow the latest trends and look incredible, or follow your own ideas on what looks good and still look sensational. That’s the beauty of it, being different is just as fashionable as following the
latest trends. In this post, I’m going to be talking about a few different ways that you can personalise any outfit you choose.

Any regular day to day t-shirt can be upcycled into many different things to really pump up your style. Try this: Get yourself a large t-shirt and sew up the arm holes. Then, put the t-shirt on, but put your arms and head through the head hole until it sits as a boob-tube top. Tuck the sleeves in so that they turn into pockets, add a waist belt and voila! You’ve made yourself a gorgeous summer dress!

Or, if you’re not the boob-tube kind of girl there are tons of ideas that you could take on with just a tshirt alone, and inspiration comes in thick and fast from websites like Pinterest. Get creative and put your personal touch on your next outfit.

We’ve all seen the ripped jeans that people are rocking at the moment, why not take it one step further and slip on a pair of patterned tights underneath your jeans. It will add a super sexy look to your jeans and make you different from anyone else. Or, buy yourself some pretty fabric and sew them underneath the ripped patches for a more permanent effect. Pairing those jeans with a handbag made out of the same material will tie your outfit together perfectly. Plus, it gives you a chance to become crafty and use your imagination.

Let’s not forget about jewellery either. We all know that an outfit is not complete without some sort of jewellery. Why not go for something personalised from Jaubalet Paris and keep within the theme of putting your own spin on things. You can literally design your own jewellery. Isn’t that a dream for most women?

You can even go as far as personalising your own shoes these days. Try this: Grab yourself a pair of white shoes and begin colouring in the fabric with felt tip (yes that’s right) into a pattern that you desire. Once you have completed your design, feel free to add any sequins or beads to your shoes before spraying them with a waterproof protection spray. It’s always best to do this a few times to ensure the design will stay.

As you can see, it’s super simple to jazz up any outfit to make it more personal. Remember, there are no limits to what you can do with your outfits, if you can think it, then do it! As mentioned earlier, different is trendy these days. So be yourself with your outfits and get some heads turning with your own style!

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