The £1.20 Toothbrush Make Up Brush

I'm starting this by saying I'm not going to say it's an Artis dupe like most do. That's just because I've never tried the Artis brushes because I personally think it's way too much money to spend on a brush or a brush set. But I saw the big craze on the toothbrush shaped brushes a month or so ago and thought I'd have a look on Amazon for something similar and a heck of a lot cheaper.

I found this Neverland toothbrush make up brush a few scrolls down the page. They charged 20p for the brush! and then an added on £1 for the delivery fee. So obviously I bought it. I will admit it did take a while to get here. I think it was around 3 weeks because it was shipped from China but I'm sure you can probably find an UK based seller. 

It arrived and It was a little smaller than expected but then again I don't think I looked at the size dimensions when buying (oops). It's like the perfect size for concealer. But I really wanted to use it for foundation. So I got the most water based foundation I have at the minute which is the L'oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation (you can read my thoughts about it here) I chose this because I wanted to see if the brush eats up the foundation and if it applies it smoothly and without causing streaks. 

The verdict:
I'm really surprised to say this but it actually works brilliantly. The brushes are very soft and gentle on the skin. It doesn't move the product around the skin, it goes where it's supposed to go and it gives me an almost airbrushed look. It didn't eat up the foundation or streak at all, I applied a full face of foundation in less than 5 minutes. So it's good for those days when you're running a little late! It covers up any imperfections nicely. The only thing I can say about it which lets it down is that it does feel a tad flimsy but it's probably because I was using an concealer sized brush as a foundation brush. I'm definitely going to buy the bigger sized one. I recommend this for anyone who wants to try these toothbrush shaped brushes but are on a bit of a budget. They won't disappoint! 

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I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to bag a beauty bargain which gives good results. I'm using this brush more than any other brushes right now. Hope you liked this post and thanks for reading. New post will be up soon!