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 This year something crazy happened, I fell in love with some mineral-based products from a few different brands. The reason why it took me so long to try mineral makeup is that I was pretty sure that a mineral base wouldn't work well with my oily, spot-prone skin, but I was wrong. So when the opportunity came along to try out Annabelle Minerals who sell only mineral products, as their name suggests, I was like yes, please! So in this post, I'm going to be talking about the products I chose to try.

I wasn't expecting the Pretty Neutral Primer RRP £17* inside my package but it was definitely a welcome addition. It creates a lovely matte finish which makes a great base for the foundation. It's super soft, translucent and takes no time to apply. It also contains clay (white, red and green) which all help to nurture the skin and give it essential nutrients such as magnesium, ferrum, calcium, zinc, microelements and mineral salts. It's designed to be used on all skin types and can also be used as a makeup finishing product too.

I decided to choose the Coverage Foundation RRP £11.75* in Beige Fair to see how much coverage the product would actually offer with it being a mineral foundation. Beige Fairest is the second brightest in the beige range which is suitable for women with very fair, slightly pink complexion. Because of the increased content of titanium dioxide, it means the product guarantees effective masking of discolouration, redness and skin imperfections. There are also four colour ranges to choose from (beige, natural, golden, sunny), each with different "brightness levels", meaning there should be a shade for everyone. In terms of coverage, I would say it provides a medium coverage if you build it up. It definitely brightens up my face, so it's a great product if you have a duller skin type and want to give your skin a bit of a "lift". I also think the colour-match from Annabelle Minerals is a bit better than my usual powder foundation which is great too, so I would pick up the Coverage Foundation again.

After trying the Coverage Foundation, I had high hopes for the Radiant Foundation RRP £11.75* in Beige Fairest. Unfortunately, I'm not a massive fan. The product itself is good in terms of the coverage it provides and how long it lasts on my oily skin. However, I don't like the "radiant" side of it because under certain lighting the powder looks quite glittery which I don't like. I'm more into a natural-looking glow, so it's just not one for me.

Next up is the Mineral Concealer RRP £12.50* in Beige Fairest which Annabelle Minerals claim that due to the inclusion of Titanium Dioxide it perfectly conceals blemishes, discolourations and redness. Zinc Oxide also helps to reduce inflammation and helps the skin to heal. Also due to the Titanium Dioxide present, it means the product is naturally SPF 15. For a mineral concealer, I think it provides a good amount of coverage, it's not as high coverage as my fave It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer* but it does hide blemishes and brightens the under-eye area easily so I would potentially pick this up again.

I also chose the Mineral Blush RRP £12.50 in Rose* which I'm a bit obsessed with. It's a pretty rose-mauve shade which is perfect for fairer skin tones and it's definitely one of the stand-out products for me out of the products I've tried so far from Annabelle Minerals. It gives a lovely natural flush of colour to your cheeks and it feels super soft on your skin too. I can see myself picking up a few other shades from their blush selection soon. I really like the look of the shades Sunrise and Peach Glow.

I also decided to try out a couple of their eyeshadows so I chose the Clay Eyeshadow RRP £12.50* in Cocoa Cup and Mineral Eyeshadow RRP £9.75* in Ice Cream. I found the Clay Eyeshadow to be more pigmented than the Mineral Eyeshadow but I did choose a lighter shade from the mineral range so it could've been because of that. I did find I got some fall out with both when applying, so I've been applying them with my fingers and blending out the edges with a brush. I found I got better results that way. But I do like them both even though they are both very different. Ice Cream is a more pretty, milky pink shimmer and Cocoa Cup is more of a warm brown with a reddish undertone but I think they both compliment my blue eyes nicely. You can also apply them wet to get a more intense colour if you wanted to.

Lastly is the Flat Top Brush RRP £10.75* which I chose so I could use it with the foundations but I've been using a different kabuki brush to use with the foundations because I found the Flat Top Brush is not dense enough for my liking. I find the denser the brush the better coverage you get personally. So I kind of wish I chose the Short Top Foundation Brush RRP £12.50 instead. But I've been using the Flat Top Brush to apply the primer so it's still being used. Annabelle Minerals makeup accessories are made from high-quality materials and are hypoallergenic. 

Overall I've enjoyed testing Annabelle Minerals, although I think my review is a bit of a mixed review, I do like that they are natural and cruelty-free and have products for both vegetarians and vegan. The products I liked, I liked a lot and will most likely repurchase in the future.

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Feelunique very kindly sent me over some Crabtree & Evelyn products over about a month ago to try out. All of the products are about giving your skin some extra love and hydration during the colder months so I couldn't wait to get stuck into trying out the products. 

When I saw the Evelyn Rose Velvet Body Melt RRP £31.50* in the box I literally went "Oooo" because I just loved the look and sound of it. The Body Melt is infused with Murumuru Butter, Rosehip Seed Oil and Rose Water which makes it super moisturising and I love anything that's floral scented. The Rose scent in the Evelyn Rose range I've tried (so far) is quite a light scent and it's not super overpowering like some rose or floral scents, in general can be. I've been using the Body Melt quite a bit and I really like it. The cream melts into an oil when you massage it into your skin which leaves your skin feeling super soft! Another great thing about this is that it doesn't leave you feeling greasy like a lot of oil-based products do. So, so far I'm a big fan of the Velvet Body Melt and I can definitely see myself picking another one up as a treat to myself when I run out.

I was also sent two more products from the Evelyn Rose range, First up is the Satin Hand Cream 75ml RRP £20.50* which contains coconut oil which is known for being super hydrating, aloe vera and mallow flower extract and it's also enriched with nourishing rosehip oil and rose water too. It's a really nice, luxurious hand cream, a great one to pick up if you're putting together a luxury beauty hamper for someone whether it be for Christmas or a birthday gift or something along those lines. You can also buy it in a 25ml tube for £9 if you want to try it before committing to buying the full size for yourself. 

The other product from the Evelyn Rose range I was sent is the Soft Touch Face Foam RRP £13.50* which I'll admit I was a little wary about using at first because as I've said before, I tend to find foaming cleansers quite drying on my skin. However, I think because it contains ingredients such as crambe abyssinica, rose water and coconut water, I feel like it didn't leave my skin feeling stripped of any "good oils" like a lot of foam cleansers do. I think if I consistently used the Soft Touch Face Foam for multiple days without using something more hydrating in between (I've been using Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser as my evening cleanser) then I think my skin would be feeling a bit drier after use. But overall I've found it to be quite a nice, refreshing cleanser to use in the morning.

Lastly is the Crabtree Renew + Nourish Hand Cream RRP £20.50* which has more of a stronger scent, I'll be honest I'm not sure if it's aimed at men or if it's a unisex product but either way I would definitely pick this up again because I really like it! It contains apple fruit water and skin-softening shea butter which is great at moisturising whilst the apple AHA's work away to gently exfoliate your skin. It's super moisturising but doesn't leave any sort of oily residue behind and I like that it contains AHAs because it means it also exfoliates your skin whilst moisturising too. I think it would be a great product for someone who suffers from really dry hands and/or has quite a hands-on kind of job.

Have you tried anything from Crabtree & Evelyn before?

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-This post is in collaboration with Kwik Fit-
When you pass your driving test it's such a great feeling and it just makes you feel more grown-up and independent I guess. I passed mine back in 2015 and I'm still in shock to this day that I passed the first time when I was a complete wreck on the morning on my test, I was literally shaking and getting upset at everything. I also didn't sleep or eat properly in the days leading up to it haha! But then once you pass, reality hits you hard... sure, you know all about paying the basics such as the car insurance, tax, MOT when it's due and fuel but you don't think of the general day-to-day costs that you need to be able to afford as well as making sure you have "safety net" money just in case your car breaks down or if you have an accident and need to pay the voluntary excess fee. In this post, I'm talking about things you need to take into consideration before you put your car on the road when you pass your test or after you've had a break from driving for whatever reason.

I've also teamed up with Kwik Fit on this post who have done research across the country to find out which city is the most expensive for owning a car. The city in the number one spot is not where you would expect! You can take a look at the active webpage to see if the city you live in or the closest city to you is on the list.

As I've mentioned above, anyone who passes their driving test will be aware of needing to pay for their car insurance, tax, MOT and fuel and these alone can mount up to quite a big sum in a year. Ideally, if you can pay for your insurance annually then it will most likely be quite a bit cheaper, usually by a few hundred pounds or so. I also highly recommend checking out comparison websites and remember to clear your cookies if you switch between different comparison sites whilst trying to find the best deal.

However, whilst passing your test is a great feeling, I didn't take into consideration any sort of added costs I'll most likely come across. 

First up is paying for car park stays, depending where you live, it can mount up if you're using car parks a couple times per week. Also again, depending on where you live you may have to pay a residential parking cost (I didn't but I know people who had to). 

Along with this it's probably best that you have some "safety net" money put aside in case your car needs something fixing ASAP or if it breaks down completely and needs something major fixing. I think most of us will have started out with a second-hand car, I think my first car was around 13 years old when I first bought it, so it's safe to say it had some wear and tear issues as well as some repetitive things that needed fixing (which was annoying when I was working a part-time job!). 

Something else you should be aware of is that some cities have really awkward signs that don't really explain parking situations that well and this can lead to getting a parking fine. I've never got a parking fine myself but I know a few people who have due to signs not really explaining things in a simple way. So if you live in a city or regularly visit a city then just be aware of this or else you might end up finding yourself with an unexpected fine you've got to pay.

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I love a good exfoliating treatment and I prefer using a chemical exfoliator over a physical gritty exfoliator as I think they can be quite aggressive at times. I know that the Alpha-H Liquid Gold is an old fave of many beauty bloggers and youtubers but I've just never got around to trying it for myself. But that changed recently... I got the opportunity to try out and review the Alpha-H Holiday Duo Gift Set RRP £38.50* which contains both the awarding-winning original Liquid Gold (100ml)* and the limited edition Liquid Gold Rose (100ml)* so I'm going to talk about how I've got on with both in this post.

The original award-winning Liquid Gold* has a multi-action formula of silk protein and liquorice. It targets aging skin and helps to renew tired and sun-damaged complexion whilst improving the skin texture and tone. It's also clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth, reduce roughness and increase moisture within the skin. They recommend you to use it every other night but on my temperamental skin which errs on the side of being sensitive, I think that would be too much for my skin personally. So I've been using it once or twice per week. So far I've got to say, I've been really impressed by Alpha-H's Liquid Gold and I definitely get the hype. I mostly use Pixi's Glow Tonic as my go-to chemical exfoliator but as I've said before, I'm not super keen on the scent and I think it smells kind of like an old lady's perfume ~sorry Pixi~ but it is a great product. With Liquid Gold I can tell I've used a resurfacing product the day after I've used it and by that I mean my skin looks fresher and it also feels super soft. So I do think I will be switching to Liquid Gold once I've used up my big bottle of Glow Tonic. 

 The Liquid Gold Rose* offers more of a hydrating exfoliating treatment, it contains aromatic botanicals and moisture-binding ingredients as well as the classic Liquid Gold formula. You can probably guess what Liquid Gold Rose smells like already but it definitely has an Aromatherapy Rose scent over your bog-standard English Rose scent. I really like the scent of the Rose version, it almost makes you feel like you're in a spa having a facial. I'm a bit gutted it's a limited edition addition because I love the scent so much. It works in the same way as Liquid Gold and makes my skin look brighter and fresher the next day after using it and it makes your skin feel super soft.

You can pick up the Liquid Gold Holiday Duo RRP £38.50* from M&S Beauty, whether it be a treat to yourself or a gift for someone else. Also, just a little reminder/warning if you do use a chemical exfoliator or are planning to then remember to use SPF (if you don't already) as it can make your skin more sensitive.

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In this day and age, the way we work has changed. Years ago, and still for a lot of people today, home lives and work lives were very separate. However, today both worlds can collide. Many people are choosing to work from home or planning to do so in the near future. Yet, when this is something that is brand new to you, you may feel as if you just have no idea how you could even do this. It could be that you just never see yourself being able to do it, despite wanting too. But it’s time to understand that anybody can work from home if they want. It’s just about understanding how it works and what you need to do to make things happen. And this works in a range of ways – firstly by how you act and build up the opportunity, but also how your home can facilitate it for you too.

So, in order for you to be able to consider even doing this for yourself, it helps you to be able to know what it takes. And that’s what we’re going to think about in this post. When it comes to working out if it’s for you or not, you have to get to know what it’s really like and what it will take. Including the work that you will need to put in, how it will change your lifestyle, and some key considerations to remember, we’re going to dig into that right now.

The Freelance Lifestyle
To start with, you’re going to want to make sure that you are considering what freelance work is life, in terms of the work itself. Because this isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a business too. So, you have to want to work for yourself and accept the things that come with being your own boss. When you do, then this could be right for you.

Generating Business
You are also going to want to be aware of the fact that when it comes to being freelance, you have to make sure that you can generate the business that you want. Whether you want to become a freelance writer or coach or designer or anything else, it’s important for you to be able to get clients. If you’re comfortable with that, then you should find this could work for you.

Being Proactive
The next most important thing about being freelance is that you have to be a proactive person. Or, at least be happy knowing that you have to be as positive and proactive as possible. When you’re looking to work from home, you have to have the drive to get the work done, otherwise, it’s far too easy for you to just slack off.

Building A Brand
Another truth about working from home is that you have to be willing to, or open to, the idea of building a brand for yourself. You should find that you usually are able to generate more business when you have a brand around yourself. And this is something that can take time. It’s easy to think that this can be easy but it’s something that you have to put the work in for.

Running A Business
Finally, you also have to realize that this is a business. And so, you have to be ready to fun it. Working from home isn’t about playing around and relaxing, it is hard work. Not only do you have to generate business for yourself and essentially be the sales team, but you’re also finance, marketing, customer service, admin, and IT too! So, prepare yourself to be busier than ever, and to wear many hats!

How Your Home Life Changes
Now that you understand the working side of things, you might want to think about how this can affect your home life. Because freelance life does really change your lifestyle – and not just for you, but for your friends and family too. And if you really want to know how, here’s a little more insight into it.

Having The Space
When it comes to your home, the very first thing that you need to focus on is the space. Because when you are thinking about working from home, you need to make sure that you have somewhere to do it. Sure, it can be fine to work on the couch, but it’s not all that motivating. When you have a home office space, it’s much more motivating and professional. You don’t have to do it right away but this should be what you aim for – so think about where you can work from.

Staying Productive
The next thing is that you have to do your best to stay as productive as possible. And when you’re at home, it can be distracting. You might be tempted to watch TV or meet friends for coffee, but you really need to be able to concentrate. This is why shutting yourself off can be important – you minimize the distractions.

Setting Boundaries
The next thing that you might find helpful is to set boundaries. Because one of the things that comes with working from home is that you may work all around the clock and it’s just not good for you. But when you set boundaries with your clients or you have working hours or whatever it’s going to really help you to stay mentally focused, healthy, and minimize life changes.

Separating Work & Home Life
It’s also important to know that you have to get used to working from home. Not only do you need to have that work-life balance in place, but you have to try and keep them separate so your loved ones don’t get frustrated with you. There comes a time when you need to switch off a work mode and get into family mode again.

Staying Professional
And then one final thing that you might want to consider in this area, is making sure that you are able to stay professional while you are at home. The last thing you want is to have your dog barking in the background or a video call you can’t answer because you’re in your pyjamas. You have to know that you can get into work mode when it’s time to work, then shut it off again, just like we said in the previous point.

Key Considerations To Keep In Mind

But then, there are a few other considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind. Because there are those funny little anomalies that crop when you work from home. They don’t always fit into one category, but you still need to know about them before you can decide if this is right for you.

Cash Flow
First of all, one of the things that you have to be aware of is that cash flow can be slow. So, saving money wherever you can is just so important. You may not get paid regularly and you have to be able to budget for that. If this will scare you, you may not want to choose the freelance, work from home life.

Cabin Fever
Another thing that is easy to overlook is cabin fever. It. Is. Real. It can be lonely to work from home and you can easily get itchy feet from being cooped up. So get out. Work from a coffee shop. Be prepared to get out and about. Something like 14 Ways To Ensure You're Being Productive On The Go can make sure this works out for you. There’s a fine line from working from home and working out of home, and making them both work.

Managing Clients
Now, it can seem great to work for yourself. But most of the time, you are working for your clients. And managing your clients can be really hard. They can be difficult and not pay – or pay late. And so, you have to make sure that you are happy with making clients.

Taking Time Off
The final point that you are going to want to be aware of here, is that if you take time off, you won’t be paid for it. It’s easy to have holiday time when you work for someone, but if you go on holiday then you won’t be paid. So, you have to learn to budget well and ensure that you can cover yourself if you want to go away somewhere, or if you’re sick. It could be that having insurance as a backup can help you here.

You should also consider getting business insurance to cover you for any disruption if you need to take unexpected time off. One Sure Insurance offer a range of insurance types including Liability and you can get a quote on their website within a few minutes.

And that’s the truth behind it. Sometimes, working from home can seem like the dream. And sure, it’s flexible and enjoyable most of the time. But as you can see, and as with most things, it also has its downsides. So, before you dive in to do anything yourself, it’s handy to understand everything and make the right choice. Now that you have all of the information, it’s time to work out whether you want to give it a shot.

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I always find myself signing up to beauty subscription boxes as a little monthly treat to myself but there's a lot to choose from these days and some are definitely better than others. Roccabox is a luxe monthly beauty box that is filled with 5-7 beauty products each month and they offer a nice range of products in each box. Every month's box has a theme and they kindly sent over their December box* which is all about party-ready necessities to make sure you're looking and feeling your best at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Even if you're planning a quiet Christmas and New Year this year, like myself, most of the products in the box would make great additions to a nice self-care kind of pamper night.

First up inside the December box is a Steve Laurant Lip Gloss in "Peaches" or "Cafe" (full size) RRP £18.87*. I got the shade Cafe which is a gorgeous everyday kind of nude which you can't go wrong with really, can you? It's a comfortable lip gloss and not super sticky like some lip glosses I've received in subscription boxes before. It's definitely going straight into my makeup bag! (You can find a swatch at the end of this post).

There's also a Philip Kingsley Body Building Weightless Shampoo (60ml) RRP £7.80* which comes in a travel-friendly sized tube and is designed for fine, limp, flyaway hair, which basically describes my hair type to a T. I love a shampoo that adds volume and this definitely does that and I also like the fresh scent too. I haven't tried much from Philip Kingsley but I've never come across a product I don't get on with and this is another one to add to the list.

It also contains the Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask (30ml) RRP £12* which I actually already own and love! I only use it when I think my skin needs some extra hydration or if I've used a product that's made my skin feel a bit tight. I don't use it overnight because I just don't like wearing a face mask to bed. But I tend to pop it on for a couple of hours (usually when I'm watching the soaps in the evening) and it makes your skin feel nice and hydrated as well as freshening up your complexion. 

The next product is something I'm really intrigued about and can't wait to try out for myself! It's the Bowe Organics Lash Oil (10ml) RRP £19.99* and if you read my blog often then you'll probably know that I'm currently using an eyelash serum to help my lashes grow, so I'd love to see if the Bowe Organics Lash Oil works in the same way as the serum I'm currently using. It does contain ingredients that are proven to stimulate hair growth so I shall keep you updated when I begin testing it out soon!  

You also get a gorgeous eyeshadow from Luna by Luna (full size) in the shade Celeste RRP £12.86* which basically screams Christmas, right? I don't wear eyeshadow that often but when I do, I tend to gravitate towards browns, golds, and coppers as I find that those shades make my blue eyes pop, so this warm golden-amber shade is right up my street! It really is stunning and it blends out really nice with no fallout too. A definite fave of mine in this month's box!

Lastly is the Yeti & The Fox Good Night, Great Day Capsules RRP £5.99* which are supposed to stop you from getting a hangover?! You get 3 capsules in the sachet (enough for one night) and you take two when you start drinking and then the final one when you go home before bed - it'd be a great idea to leave the last capsule by your bathroom sink so you remember to take it. What's the science behind the capsules? They boost your liver function (via the antioxidant S-Acetyl Glutathione) which helps to speed up the breakdown of alcohol and they also help to increase your energy levels too. I haven't tried the capsules yet but if they do work then it's great to know that they exist, right?!

I think that this month's Roccabox would definitely make a great little self-care treat to yourself or a loved one. The December box is valued at a whopping £77.50 but can be yours for just £10 + £3.95 postage - it's such a bargain! I really like that every box has a theme and the products inside remain a mystery until you open your box, I think it makes it more exciting. It's also good to know that you can cancel at any time if you aren't happy with the boxes or just trying to save yourself some money. 

If you are interested in joining Roccabox then you will be billed on the 1st of the month and then the boxes are sent before the 7th of the month via Royal Mail. So there's still time to get December's box if you're interested in trying out the products I've received! 

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I would say I only started to use serums and oils on the regular this past year because I've always just shied away from them because of my awkward, oily, spot-prone skin. I'm still a little wary using them and I always check the ingredients beforehand just in case they contain something which makes my skin act up more. Tropic Skincare kindly sent over three of their serums for me to try and I've been trying them out separately to give them all a fair chance to ~hopefully~ impress me.

First up is the Rainforest Dew Hydration Serum RRP £42* which they describe as a soothing, lightweight serum with super-hydrating plant extracts. Containing hyaluronic acid, plant peptide, and evergreen fern extract, it sounds like the serum to have in your skincare cabinet if you have a drier skin type. Because my skin is oily I haven't used the serum every day because I just don't feel like my skin needs it. I seem to be fine just using a lightweight gel moisturiser such as the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Lotion*. However, I've tried the Rainforest Dew Hydration Serum a few times and it definitely provides extra hydration and leaves your skin feeling super soft, once it's sunk in but I'm not sure if it's a serum I need in my life just because of my skin type but I'm still going to keep it in my skincare cabinet for any days my skin feels like it needs an added boost of hydration.

The Glow Berry Brightening Serum RRP £42* contains a powerful blend of super-brightening berries and highly effective plant extracts to banish hyperpigmentation to give you radiant and younger-looking skin. It Contains Vitamin C, super berries, and kangaroo paw flower extract. It's worth noting that on the back of Glow Berry it says if you use Glow Berry and Pure Lagoon together, it makes the ingredients ineffective, so you should leave 24 hours or more between using each product. I was expecting Glow Berry Brightening Serum to have a super fruity scent but it doesn't, which I'm kind of sad about because I love a fruity scented product! But in terms of how the product works, I do really like it. I can definitely see a difference after using the Glow Berry Brightening Serum as it just "lifts" my skin and leaves it looking glowy and refreshed. If you feel like your skin looks a bit dull, especially during the winter months, then I would 100% recommend this serum. I'm not sure about the pigmentation claims because I have freckles and I don't feel like they've changed a great amount, but I kind of feel like they go a bit dormant in the winter months anyway because of the lack of sun anyway.

Lastly is Tropic's Pure Lagoon Blemish Prevention Serum RRP £42* which has been designed for oily and blemish-prone complexions. It's enriched with prebiotics to give your skin's defenses a helping hand and nourishes from the inside out. It also contains blue spirulina which helps to calm and repair your skin and hyaluronic acid which is known for hydrating the skin. I was a little worried about the vibrant blue colour of this serum as I was worried it was basically going to make me look like a smurf but it didn't thankfully. Pure Lagoon is definitely the serum for me because of it being a blemish prevention serum and it also contains blue spirulina which seems to work really well with my skin. My skin has definitely been clearer whilst using this, it's not perfect but let's face it, whose skin is?! But I do feel like it's settled down a lot and I also haven't had one of those under the skin spots for a while whilst using Pure Lagoon (probs just jinxed that). If you also struggle with oily/blemish-prone skin and you feel like you're running out of options then I would say give this a try. It does sound pricey at £42 but I literally use 3-4 drops per day or every other day so a little really does go a long way with these serums.

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-This post is in collaboration with Flooring365, all opinions are my own-
As I'm writing this, literally a few weeks before Christmas, I've stupidly decided to start decorating my bedroom. Yep, you read that right. I've been putting off decorating my bedroom for one reason or another for the past few months. But I just really want to get it done before Christmas and have it nice and refreshed before the New Year. However, I also want to change up some other things in my bedroom at the beginning of next year so in this post, I'm going to talk about what I want to change up and why.

The first thing that I want to change up a little is my gallery wall just because I fancy a bit of a switch up and I've also got some spare unused prints that I want to put to use.  I also use my gallery wall as a background for some of my photos here and there and I just feel like it's time for a change again.

I also want to change my flooring and have solid wood flooring as opposed to the laminate flooring that I've had down for a few years now. I think a more warm/orange toned floor will look really nice with my newly painted warm teal walls (once it's done!) and I think if I'm going to change the flooring, I might as might go all out and have real wood flooring this time around because I just think it looks so nice and I can also imagine it is great to use as a photo backdrop too.

This might sound a bit trivial but I really want to change the handles on my wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table because right now they all have ugly, silver oblong handles and because I'm going for a mostly teal and gold theme I think the silver will look really out of place. But it's finding some new handles that will fit in with the theme, look nice and don't cost an arm and a leg.

I also want to pick up a new curtain rail and some new curtains for my room. I'm not sure what colour curtains to go for but I'm thinking either a plain deep purple, brown or gold.  

And lastly is to pick up some new decor bits including some new cushions which add some texture and break up the teal and gold theme a little, potentially a new full-length mirror and a new lamp because I currently have a touch lamp and it sometimes flicks through the settings on its own which really creeps me out haha. I've also already been buying new things for my bedroom revamp including new bedding to fit in with the new theme, candles, storage boxes and more. 

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New In From Lee Stafford!

in , , , , by Kirsty Milward, 11.12.19

Lee Stafford are one of my go-to brands for hair products which work well, don't break the bank and smell bloody gorgeous. They kindly sent over some of the recent releases and I've been testing them all out over the past couple of weeks...

The Heat Protection Blow Dry Cream* is a lightweight cream that aims to protect and shield your hair from heat and breakage. So it sounds great for someone like me who literally has to use a hairdryer every time I wash my hair because if I leave it to air-dry, I will literally wake up with my hair resembling a bird's nest. You just pop it in the palm of your hands and then apply to towel-dried hair on the mid-lengths and ends. I've really been enjoying using this and I definitely think my hair looks less frizzy and feels smoother when I use it. I also love the smell of both of the products in this post. I don't even know what the scent is but it's so nice and it also stays in your hair too which I personally really like and think is an added bonus. I do use a lightweight heat protection spray from Maui Moisture in my roots for added heat protection when using this too.

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream RPR £7.99* aims to repair your hair from the inside out. The intensive nutrient-rich protein treatment helps to rebuild and repair damaged hair to make it healthier, longer and stronger. You apply it the same way as the Blow Dry Cream but only use a pea-size amount (remember less is more when it comes to hair treatments!). I don't feel like I've seen an increase in my hair growth (yet anyway) but I do think my hair feels a bit stronger and it doesn't break as easy as it used to and I think it's down to the Protein Cream which I've been using a couple times per week. It also smells lush, just like the Blow Dry Cream!

A paddle brush is definitely essential for day to day use as they are great to detangle and smooth your hair. The Lee Stafford Smooth & Polish Paddle Brush RRP £10.99* can be used on wet or dry hair has a soft cushion to ensure comfortable styling. I really like the Lee Stafford Paddle Brush because it's a lot bigger than my current everyday brush and it means it's easier and quicker to brush and style my hair, which is handy when I'm having a bad pain day with my back because even brushing my hair hurts me. It also means that it gives a smoother and straighter finish if you use it when drying your hair too. 

The Lee Stafford Blow Out Brush RRP £12.99* is for creating big, bouncy hair which is great for adding some volume to your roots as well as for styling your hair. It has a soft-touch grip and seamless capped design which prevents your hair from snagging when styling, which is such a pet hate of mine when it comes to hairbrushes! A couple days before receiving the Blow Out Brush I picked up a new roll brush from B&M to give my roots some lift and to style my fringe to the side and it was pretty much ripping my hair out every time I used it. It just shows how the design of any brush you buy really does matter in how they affect and style your hair. The Blow Out brush is a great brush to give your roots some volume, which I definitely need fyi! and I can just about get away with using it to style my fringe too.

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