Goodbye Money, Hello Beauty Haul

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Let's just say I've been spending money on a lot of things I don't really need over the past month or so. But there's been a lot of things I've been wanting to try out and also I've been feeling a bit rubbish lately, so I've just been treating myself to some new things because why not? I thought I'd share with you the majority of the things I've picked up recently. 

Tanya Burr Chasing The Sun Illuminating Powder - Champagne Sorbet

I own a lot of highlighters but I just fancied buying a new one and also a more glowy highlighter and by the reviews I read, a lot of people said that it was more glowy than glittery. Plus I thought it looked kind of similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Highlighters without the steep price tag. I do like this highlighter and it's a great one for paler skin tones but it's a little more glittery than I would've liked, it does give off a natural glow or can be build up to a more glazed donut kind of highlighter but it's not exactly what I was looking for but I do like it a lot and I have been wearing it a lot since buying it.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer - Light
I also wanted to try out a few new concealers because I've found that my go-to Collection Lasting Perfection has just decided to stop working for me (again!). I was going to pick up the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer but I swatched it in store and it seemed to be very glittery which is not what I wanted, so I decided on this one instead. It does have good coverage but it is slightly sheer. It's definitely brightening which is what I need for my constantly tired looking under eyes. Plus I really like the packaging and it smells nice and fruity too.

Bilou Shower Foam - Cotton Candy
I saw this brand on Instagram and thought "I've got to try them out". I love a shower foam and I really like the packaging of these, it's cute and fun. Also this smells amazing! It definitely gives LUSH a run for their money. You can pick them up in all different scents from Tasty Donut to Coco Cocktail and more. I just think it's something different and they are really affordable at £3.99.

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Heat Protection Spray
I've been loving Lee Stafford products recently, they work well for my hair and they are really affordable too. I have reviewed some of the latest products on my blog here. I decided to pick up a heat protection spray too from the CoCo LoCo range because it smells amazing, basically like Summer and I just wanted to pick up a new heat protection spray. It works well and my hair feels lovely and soft after I use it.

LUSH Rocket Science Bath Bomb
I had to buy this because it's so cute - it has everything going for it... glitter, a sprinkle of stars and a lovely uplifting scent. Plus it's probably one of the cheapest bath bombs available at LUSH at £2.95! I have already got a few bath bombs and bubble bars to get through but I can't wait to use this one.

L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Masque Serum

I usually stick to what I know best with hair masks but you may have noticed I have been trying out a lot of new hair products lately. I do usually buy the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Fibrology Thickening Masque but I fancied a change and got this L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Maque Serum instead because I just thought it's something different to try. It's really lightweight and doesn't feel like it's weighing your hair down like some masques can feel like. If my hair feels like it needs a little bit of attention but not a heavy masque then I'll use this instead.

Rimmel Wonderwing Eyeliner
Another thing which I was intrigued about trying is this Wonderwing eyeliner. I'm bloody terrible at eyeliner, I can do my left eye pretty well but when it comes to my right eye and the awkward angle when trying to do the "flick" is where I usually fail miserably. Which is why you won't see me wearing eyeliner very often because it takes me ages and I usually get it wrong and then just give up. This has a wing stamp to make life easier but whilst I'm writing this, I haven't actually tried it properly so I can't say whether I like it or not yet.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 
I finally picked up the highly raved about All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay because I wanted to see if it's worth the hype. I decided to pick up the travel size first which is still quite pricey for 30ml for £9.99. I haven't tried it yet because I want to try it when I know I'm going to be out of the house for a long amount of time and not just popping out for a few hours. But I may do a review soon about whether or not I think it's worth the hype and money.

Zoella Snowella Body Mist
Lastly, is the Zoella Snowella Body Mist... Did I really need another perfume/body mist? Nope. But I couldn't resist the festive, packaging and cute little pom-pom, could I? I really like the scent too, it's not what I was expecting if I'm being honest, I thought it would be more spicy scented but it's very fresh and kind of crisp and I use it all of the time. Plus I think it's a good price 100ml.

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This is something pretty different to my blog really but I thought it would be good to write about the changes which are fast approaching in 2018 when it comes to whiplash payouts if involved in a road accident. I've teamed up with Your Legal Friend for this post and explain more about it and also my personal thoughts about the upcoming changes.

I'm pretty sure most people know about Whiplash and what it is. If not then Whiplash is a common injury that usually occurs to the soft tissue of a person's neck or upper back following a car accident.

In November 2016 the Ministry Of Justice decided to crack down on fake whiplash claims and published "Reforming the Soft Tissue Injury (whiplash) Claims Process. A consultation on arrangements concerning personal injury claims in England and Wales."

The whiplash reforms are being brought into action to stop minor, fraudulent and exaggerated claims (which even the Queen mentioned in her speech in June this year). The changes are due to start in 2018 which will introduce -

Raising the limit on small personal injury compensation from £1000 to £5000, meaning more people will be taking their case to a small claims court, without the need of a lawyer.

A fixed amount payable for the whiplash injuries which also means that it will reduce the amount of compensation you would receive if you did happen to have whiplash from a road accident. 

But this does mean that it would reduce the amount the insurer has to pay for the claim which means all cases under £5000 will be considered as small claims. The changes mean insurers will not be able to offer any settlement without an independent medical assessment of the claimant.

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Because of the fixed amount rate which claimants would receive as compensation, it would be saving the insurance industry a whopping £1bn a year. Because of the savings, it does mean that everyone would save on average £40 per year on their car insurance. But with car insurance always on the rise, is a saving of £40 actually a worthwhile when you could be losing out on possibly thousands if you did happen to get whiplash from a road traffic accident and was a genuine whiplash claim? 

The proposed tariffs are £225 (minimum) for an injury lasting between 0-3 months and compensation capped at £3725 for an injury lasting for 2 years or more. 

With still being a pretty new driver myself, I feel like this affects me both because of the whiplash claim changes and also the fact £40 saving per year isn't really all that great (an average of £3.50 per month) especially with insurance always being on the rise. I'm still not the most confident driver, I've come a long way from what I used to be like but I do worry about obviously about getting into an accident every time I'm in the car, I don't think I'm a bad driver, I'm scared of other peoples driving more than my own, to be honest.

If you are wanting to get your car insurance at a cheaper price then I personally find that is usually the cheapest comparison website. Also deleting your cookies after visiting each comparison website also helps to reduce the prices and sometimes even calling up the insurance company you're planning on joining and being a little cheeky and ask if they can get the price down a little more.

I can understand the ban on settling claims without medical evidence. But I don't really agree on the caps because it is a huge difference in the amount you should be getting and the amount you would be getting. I think it's because I know people who have gotten whiplash from a car accident and it's literally changed their life forever, to think that if they were to have the unfortunate accident next year and they wouldn't be able to be compensated for the money they did get and possibly lose out on thousands of pounds, I think it's quite unfair really.

What are your thoughts on the changes? I'm personally kind of in two minds about it.  

*this post is in collaboration with Your Legal Friend

October Wishlist

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 I haven't done a Wishlist for a few weeks now and I think I may be getting withdrawal symptoms or something lol. So I thought I'd put one together and cry at the fact that I'm trying to be good with my money for the rest of this month and also October *sob*.
 1. ASOS Curve Coat in Vintage Faux Fur £65 | 2. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Instant Glow £49 | 3. ASOS Curve Guns N' Roses Striped T-shirt £25  

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask £12 | 5. Joanie Clothing Myla Embroidered Jumper £35 | 6. LUSH Bewitched Bubble Bar £4.25

7. New Look La Belle Fleur Tshirt £12.99 | 8. L'Oreal Paradise Mascara £11.99 | 9. Joanie Clothing Gotham New York Skirt £15

10. J'adore Print T-shirt £14.99 | 11. Being by Sanctuary Spa Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom Scrub £9 | 12. Joanie Clothing Carey Cat Print Blouse £11.20 | LUSH Thunderstorm Bath Bomb £4.50 

So there are some things I have my eyes on right now. I definitely will pick up a few things from the wishlist over the next few months. What things are on your wishlist right now?
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If you've been reading my blog for a while now and come across any posts where I talk about my hair then you'll know that I can't stand my frizzy, thin hair. If I don't dry my hair and leave it to air dry then my hair will resemble a lions mane. It goes big and frizzy. My natural hair state in the morning also resembles me being pulled through a hedge, you get the picture, right? It's not good. So when I got the opportunity to try out some of the Forever Smooth range from John Frieda, I was excited to give it a try and see if it'd work for me. 

I received the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo* and the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Forever Smooth Conditioner* to try out both priced at £7.99 each. According to the packaging and concept behind the Forever Smooth range is that the products build frizz immunity for smooth and manageable hair, which sounds great to me! 

The shampoo lathers up nicely and smells lovely and fresh. I noticed I did have to use a little more than I usually would with my normal go-to shampoo to get a good lather going but my hair felt squeaky clean after I'd washed it all out and ready for the conditioner. The conditioner again smells lovely and it's very lightweight and not heavy at all, which is great for my thin hair. I don't like heavy conditioners apart from hair masques a few times a week if my hair is in dire need of a deep conditioning. I tend to focus on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair and then use the remainder conditioner left on my hands on my roots like I usually would do. After rinsing out the conditioner I can already tell that my hair felt smoother, which sounds kind of weird, I know. It kind of feels like there's a serum or something left in my hair (not in a bad way). Once blow-drying blast drying my hair, my hair definitely looks a lot smoother than it usually does after I've quickly blast dried it. It's not hair-salon smooth looking but it definitely tames the frizz. 

Even when styling with my hair straighteners or curlers, it looks and seems more manageable than normal. I do personally think that the conditioner is the winner out of both of the products in my eyes, I'm going to try the conditioner alone with a different shampoo and see if I still get the same results. Overall, I like the products, I do think that they are on the pricier side for drugstore shampoo and conditioners but I do think they are worth it and would recommend giving them a try if you struggle with frizzy, natural hair like me.
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I've been styling my hair with hair tools since I was about maybe 12 or 13 years old but I've never tried a curling wand where the barrel is different sizes on either end. I tend to wear my hair curly or wavy due to the fact that my hair is quite flat and thin so I like to make it look more healthy and full of volume. Today's post is all about the super affordable, xtava Twist Curling Wand* with a 1 - 1½ inch wand which I've been using over the past few weeks. I also have a giveaway for you to enter at the end of this post too!

The curling wand comes in a stylish geometric print box and with another presentable box inside with all of the contents inside - including the curling wand, travel case, instructions and heat resistant gloves.

You can buy the wand in different sizes depending on your hair length or desired look. The 1 - 1½ inch wand is the largest wand and I decided to choose the larger wand to try out because I tend to go for large beach waves when I do style my hair and I like quite big bouncy waves. 

There is many fab features which come with the curling wand including a 24-Month Warranty, 28 temperature setting between 90 - 210 C, an easy to read LCD digital screen, universal dual voltage, a 60 minute automatic sleep function - which is great for me because I always get that anxiety feeling miles away from home thinking "Oh god, did I turn off my straighteners/curlers?" so the automatic sleep function is really handy for forgetful people like myself.

The wand is also ceramic coated with a cool tip so you can avoid accidentally burning yourself and it also has a swivel cord and a long wire for easy use. 

I've been using this for a few weeks and I really do like it, it's lightweight and easy to hold, I also really like that it has a long 2.5-metre wire. I think because the thicker part of the wand is to be used closer to the roots, it gives my hair an instant lift and then the mid-length curls look more defined as the wand gets thinner. So it's basically a fool proof curling wand for me. It's definitely one to use if you're in a rush but want full-of-volume curly hair. The best part of this wand is that it's only £20 so it's a complete steal, a perfect treat for yourself or as a gift. it's available to buy on Amazon here.

Now for the exciting giveaway! All you have to do is follow the instructions below to enter. The giveaway is open to UK only (sorry!). Good Luck! x 

Win the xtava Twist Curling Wand #2

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Earlier this month I received an exciting package from Essence with a variety of their Matt vs. Shine lipsticks. As you may know already if you have read my previous posts about Essence, I love the brand as a whole, they're super affordable, easy to pick up in Wilko (in store and online) and best of all they are cruelty-free! 

Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss 

First up is the Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss, they both smell lovely - kind of like a sweet, cake scent. They are just £2.30 each and I would say they are quite similar to my favourite lipsticks which are the NYX Soft Matte Lipcreams. They do move around a little but not too much, you do need to reapply a few times throughout the day but it's totally worth it for the price and the fact that there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. I received 04 Ready, Set, Impress! which is a bold, red shade which if you read my post about some of my favourite makeup looks then you'll know that I've been wearing minimal makeup with a red lip to give it a pop of colour and this works so well for that look. I also received 02 Beauty, Approved! which is the perfect, everyday nude shade. I've been wearing it quite a lot since I received the package, it applies beautifully and feels almost like velvet and it actually suits my pale skin nicely too.

Shine Shine Shine Wetlook Lipgloss

Lipglosses are usually at the bottom of my list when I'm looking for new lip products just because I prefer liquid lipsticks because of their staying power and I find most lipglosses are really sticky. But if you're looking for an affordable, non-sticky formula which glides on well then I'd definitely recommend these from Essence. There's also a wide range of shades to choose from and they are only £2 each which is a complete steal. They also smell nice, similar to the Matt Matt Matt Lipglosses. I received a pretty, everyday nude named 10 Dress Up Our Lips! which I would say is very similar to the Matt Matt Lipgloss in the shade Beauty, Approved! but in lip gloss form. I also received the shade 09 One-Woman Show which is a bright pop of pink, which I think is more of a Spring/Summer shade for me personally. It's definitely an eye-catching shade.

Sheer and Shine Lipstick 

I also received a Sheer and Shine Lipstick in the shade 07 Sparkling Miracle priced at £2, which comes in pretty packaging and it's a subtle kind of everyday shade. It does contain some glitter but it's nothing over the top and it's just a nice shade to wear if you're going for a natural kind of look or new to wearing makeup.

Matt Matt Matt Lipstick

Lastly in the package I received is a Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in the shade 08 It's a Statement and it's definitely got the right name. It's a statement lip for sure, it's a deep purple-red shade and perfect for the upcoming Autumn/Winter months and I really like it. I only found out that I love a wintery, purple lipstick last Winter because I used to kind of shy away from darker shades because I think my lips are too small to pull off a dark lip but I'm definitely going to be wearing more statement lipsticks this year because now I have my PMD Kiss* to plump them up for hours. They stay on well too and they are only £2.30 each.

L-R - It's a Statement, Sparkling Miracle, One Woman Show, Dress Up Our Lips, Beauty, Approved! and Ready, Set, Impress!

As I always say when reviewing or writing about Essence products, you can't go wrong with them. If you're on a budget but fancy picking up some new makeup or if you're wanting to go cruelty-free but on a budget, I'd definitely say start with Essence. 
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Yes, weird title I know... I thought I'd show you my haul of skincare products I picked up whilst having, well, kind of a meltdown over my skin at around 2 am in the morning towards the end of last month. My skin has been a lot better since using my PMD* which you can read about here, but I had probably the worst hormonal break out I've ever had when Aunt Flo was due/in town.  Even whilst trying to hide it with makeup I was struggling, the makeup wasn't sitting very nice on my face and the spots and bumps were still showing through really bad and I just felt horrible and my confidence was at rock bottom and just ugh basically. So I did a "little" haul the night of the meltdown and also in the following days so I thought I'd do a post to show you what I got. 

LUSH Just To Clarify Jelly Face Mask

Since seeing the new jelly-based releases from Lush I've really been wanting to try out the face masks. I decided to pick up Just To Clarify which contains papaya juice, bamboo stem, grapefruit and bergamot oils and fresh orange juice. I felt like it's the one which would work for my skin the best. I haven't really seen any reviews for this jelly face mask and everyone seems to be reviewing and talking about the other jelly face masks so I kind of bought this blindly. I've only tried it once so far but I am going to do a review of this face mask in the next few weeks just to put my two pennies worth in, just in case anyone else is thinking about trying out the mask.

Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Vitamin C Facial Wash
I don't think I've ever tried anything from Soap and Glory's skincare range (I don't really know why either). I tend to just stick to what I know from Soap and Glory like Clean On Me Shower Gel, The Righteous Butter and so on. But I thought I'd try this - I love its 3-in-1 concept and that it states it's suitable for all skin types. I also really like that it smells nice too and not clinical scented like some other hyped up cleansers. I really like this and it's definitely one I'll be repurchasing.

Superdrug Natural Radiant Glycolic Toner 
I was going to pick up the Pixi Glow Tonic that everyone seems to love right now but whilst browsing Superdrug I came across this and I thought it sounded kind of similar to the Glow Tonic but with a cheaper price tag at £5.99. It's highly concentrated in Glycolic Acid (AHA) and it states that it refines pores, retexturizes the skin's surface and smoothes out fine lines. It also states it will provide you with a brighter, healthier and more youthful complexion (which is the same as what Pixi Glow Tonic states it will do for you) again I may do a kind of review/dupe kind of blog post soon. 

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Complete Cleanser
I also picked up this in my haul along with the Glycolic Toner above, I think they are both new to the range because I've never seen them before and I do already own a few products which I love from the Naturally Radiant Range. I didn't really need yet another cleanser but I know I do like the range and there was an offer on which was Buy One Get One Free so I thought why not? It's a foam cleanser, which I didn't realise until it arrived but you only need about two pumps and you have more than enough for a good cleanse. It smells so nice and it really refreshes my skin and it does give off a lovely glow.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ 
I picked this up because I wanted to see if it's worth the hype, this is definitely one of the most talked about products that people recommend if you have spot-prone skin. It is pretty pricey at around the £16 mark but I did pick it up on LookFantastic for just over £10 whilst it was on offer. I'm going to do a "Worth the hype?" kind of review about it soon, so keep a look out for that if you're interested in what I think about it. 

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray
Along with the Effaclar Duo+, I got this Serozinc Spray, it is the travel size version just because I wanted to try it before I jumped in the deep end and picked up the full size which is £10. This was also on offer and I think it was around £3. It's to spray on after cleansing just to kind of tone your face and also mattify and it's aimed at oily, spot prone skin so I thought I'd pop it in my basket and try it out.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter
Along with the Pixi Glow Tonic I was going to pick up the Double Cleanse too, but because it's on the pricier side at £24 and I don't know if it would work for my skin, I decided to pick up this instead for £10 and it's basically like a buttery-balm which melts into an oil to use to take off your makeup. It smells lovely it's really gentle and it kind of makes my skin feel like I've had a facial. I really like that you only really need to use a small amount for your whole face too.

So there's my most recent skin care haul! Have you picked up any skincare products lately which are new to you? 

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As I've mentioned before on my blog I really like the beachy waves hair kind of look and that's how I've been wearing my hair a lot over the past few months when I wear it down. I was recently sent the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler* and I really excited to try it out and see if the smaller, corkscrew kind of curls would suit me. My hair is quite thin and flat naturally so I do tend to go for curls more. I do like to change the way how I wear my hair a little each season, so I don't get bored. I might get it cut in a different way or just style it differently and so on.

The wand of the styler is kind of strange looking, it's a rectangular wand and super thin. Weird, right? Then the rest of the styler is a hot pink with and on/off button with an LED light indicator and a safety stand underneath, so it's pretty simple and super easy to use. It also have a swivel cord which is really handy because it drives me crazy when some electrical appliances don't come with a swivel cord, it just makes everything more awkward. It also heats up really fast to a maximum temperature of 200c. 

They are described to give you Beyonce kind of looking curls but I think it depends on the amount of hair per section you curl. I've personally been sectioning off my hair in quite thick sections to give me more of a retro 80s kind of look. I tend to section my hair off in 3 parts and work through each section then at the end I carefully run my fingers through my hair just to loosen up the curls a little so they don't make me look poodle-like (lol). I then pop in some of the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hair Oil RRP £7.99* to give my hair some shine and definition and also to make it smell lovely (believe me, if there was a CoCo LoCo perfume, I would buy it in a heartbeat). I do think the curls are little bit on the crazy side for me on their own and they kind of emphasise my round face more so I've been wearing my hair in the hairstyle I've been wearing most during the Summer - "The Hun" which is basically half of my hair is up in a messy kind of bun and the rest of it down. I think the curls being a little bigger and voluminous rather than the beachy waves I tend to go for makes the hairstyle look different and kind of more fun. I also think the curls look cute in a high ponytail with some of my hair pulled from the ponytail to frame my face a little.

Overall the Chopstick Styler is a great way to create smaller curls for your hair, it literally takes me around 10-15 minutes to do my whole head of hair. So I guess you could say it does make it look like you've put more effort into your hair than you really have (lazy girl hack!). Plus the curls last for a couple of days and can easily be refreshed and touched up with some dry shampoo at the roots. They are super affordable at £19.99 and you can get them in Argos, Superdrug and more. 

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Summer may be (pretty much) over now but that doesn't mean you can't use the gorgeous Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Summer Kiss Compact* RRP £16. Containing a pretty, lightweight, shimmery bronzer, a mini brush and a mirror, it's just stunning it also has an empty space for a Divine Lipstick (which you can buy separately). I must say the packaging is very classic looking and I think it looks similar to Charlotte Tilbury too, which is fine by me! The lid is also magnetic which is great so you know it isn't going to undo itself whilst in your makeup bag if travelling.

I have tried Joan Collins Timeless Beauty makeup before as I did review the Lash Grow Treatment earlier this year and I also picked up a gorgeous Divine Lipstick which I somehow lost in my house and I'm yet to find but I know it's somewhere in the house (lol). Obviously, if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I'm more of a budget beauty kind of girl and JCTB is more of an high-end brand but from the products I've tried already, I would definitely say they are worth their price if they are in your price range or fancy treating yourself or someone else. I also really like the fact that they are cruelty-free too.

he main part of the compact is the slightly-shimmery bronzer which also helps protect your skin from potential sun damage the bronzer has a triple action skin defense effect - SPF15, an antioxidant complex with Vitamins A, C, E, and Q10. 

When I opened the compact I did think the bronzer would be a little too dark for me. But after swatching and trying it out, it's actually not dark for my skin at all (it does say on the packaging that it'll suit most skin tones). The bronzer gives a light coverage which is easy to build but I personally prefer more of a natural looking of bronzer because I think it looks too obvious if I put tons on my pale skin, so this works well for me. It is slightly warm for my skin tone but I can definitely get away with using it. It gives a lovely subtle healthy glow and I really like it.

I also received a Divine Lipstick RRP £18* in the shade Melanie which is a gorgeous Pink-Purple shade and like the Bronzer, it contains a slight shimmer. It's quite a glossy looking lipstick and it's perfect for the upcoming Autumn/Winter seasons. It also protects and hydrates your lips and fills in fine lines. It's a lovely wearable shade and I can't wait to wear it more with my Autumn/Winter makeup looks.


Overall I love these products, once again Joan Collins Timeless Beauty has done it again. My go-to bronzer is usually the Honey Bronzer from The Body Shop which is £14 so for just £2 more you can the gorgeous compact with the bronzer, along with a cute little brush too. The Divine Lipstick - Melanie is definitely going to get a lot of wear during the upcoming months so I'm sure you'll be seeing me wearing it and also see it in blog posts coming up because the packaging is just stunning.

If you're interested in picking up the compact yourself then you can find it at QVC, M&S and also Urban Retreat and you can also browse the Joan Collins website here.

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Every single person on this planet is beautiful in their own way, including you, whether you see it or not. However, there are some simple things that you can do to enhance this beauty if you’re feeling a bit down about your appearance. I’m not talking makeup, although there’s nothing wrong with wearing it, I’m talking natural beauty. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be feeling great about yourself in no time.

Drink Plenty Of Water
I know, I know, you hear this all the time right? But the reason that you do is that it really does help. The body uses water to get rid of toxins and cleanse itself; If it can’t do that, these toxins will affect your skin and make acne flair up. If you don’t drink enough water, you will get dehydrated too, and it’s very hard to feel good about yourself when you feel sick and have a massive headache. Make sure you drink water all day (a minimum of 1.6 litres for women and 2 litres for men) rather than chugging it before bedtime, to allow it to absorb properly into your body.

Get Enough Sleep
Beauty sleep” as silly as it may seem, really is a thing. When you sleep, your cells can renew themselves, if they can’t do this because you’re not sleeping enough, your skin will age faster. You will also get dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, as well as dry skin and wrinkles. This is because they are all controlled by your hydration levels which are regulated while you are in a deep sleep. You should know by now, that if you don’t get enough sleep you wake up in the morning looking and feeling the opposite of fantastic, so you have to make sure that you get enough rest. If you’re having some trouble sleeping, try cutting out caffeine before bedtime, adding some essential oils to your bath, or sleeping with lavender under your pillow.

Sort Your Skin Care Routine
Your skin is incredibly important when it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, so you have to care for it properly. Ensure you exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, use a fragrance-free and oil-free face wash, and remember to moisturize. If you do suffer a breakout, there are plenty of acne tackling treatments on the market for you to try, such as spot on treatments or face washes. Differin is a gel used in acne treatment and can be applied all over the face to tackle general acne. Like most acnes treatments, it can take a few weeks to notice a difference, so just stick with it, and don’t give up.

Eat Healthily
Don’t roll you eyes, I know you’ve heard it all before, but there is a reason for that. Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of nutrients that help to give your skin a natural, healthy glow. Eating plenty of protein is also beneficial for improving the appearance of your hair and nails too. This is because the key structural component of hair and nails is keratin, a protein. It would also be a sensible idea to ditch the smoking habit and the excess caffeine consumption. There is absolutely no use in drinking plenty of water and eating healthily to improve your skin’s natural glow and elasticity if you are simply going to pump more toxins and chemicals into your body and reverse these effects. I know it will be hard, but there are plenty of ways to kick your caffeine addiction, and a lot of treatments out there to help with your smoking too.

You knew it was coming; Exercise is important too. Not only does exercise help to burn calories and therefore fat, which can make you look and feel great, sweating itself helps too. When you are exercising, and you start to sweat, that sweat isn’t just there to keep you cool. It also removes excess water and toxins along with it. The more different ways you have toxins being removed from your body, the better you’ll feel, trust me. Because of this, head down to the gym and find a personal trainer, or even find or invent your own workout routine, and start sweating out your toxins. You’ll thank me later.

Granted, some of these tips are a little more time consuming than others, and some do require a lot of effort and willpower on your part, but it will all be worth it in the end. Everyone wants to be able to look into a mirror and really love what they see, and with these simple tips, you are one step closer to reaching that goal.

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I am a total perfume hoarder. I'll admit right away I own way too many but I do kind of rotate them all so they do all get used but when I received an email about the new GHOST Dream perfume and was asked if I would like to try it out myself, I couldn't resist. The scent sounded just up my street and the bottle is just gorgeous because of the different shades of blue and the geometric gem kind of shape along with the pretty rose gold cap. It's just different to any other perfume I own right now. Even the box it arrives in is pretty too.

"Dream reflects the pink clouds of a hazy sunset"

It's described as - "A multifaceted, floral scent with a subtle depth: the scent opens with delicate Rose Essential and Moroccan Orange flower. This leads to the heart of fragrance, Egyptian Jasmine and beautiful Violet to further reveal a base of woody notes, Ambroxan Musks and Patchouli, providing a sharp edge to a feminine fragrance. Central to the fragrance is the unique Aquaflora note creating a delicate aqueous floral scent to interpret a transcendental reality."

The scent is really light but noticeable and it stays on for hours on end. I do like floral scents but I don't like heavy floral scented perfumes so if you're like me then I really think you would love this perfume. It really is just dreamy (no pun intended) and a fresh, easy to wear, floral scent. It's a perfect perfume to wear for any occasion whether it be a casual everyday scent, a wedding, night out and so on.

  • Top Notes: Rose Essential, Aquaflora 
  • Middle Notes: Violet, Heliotrope, Moroccan Orange Flower, Egyptian Jasmine 
  • Base Notes: Ambroxan, Musks, Patchouli

I've been using this for just over 3 weeks and I definitely know as soon as the bottle runs out I am going to be running to the shops to pick up another bottle. It's a new staple perfume in my collection. I think it's a lovely, light, feminine type of scent and it's a new favourite of mine. I also think it would make a great gift because it's RRP starts from £25 and it's just one of those scents that I think most people will like, plus the bottle is stunning, what's not to like?

You can pick up GHOST Dream from Superdrug, The Perfume Shop & Boots now nationwide.

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