We've all been there and it sucks. With me when I hit a blogging slump I usually have lots of ideas but I just can't focus and write a post or I've got the motivation to write but I'm stuck for ideas or think the ideas I have at hand aren't very good. As I'm currently writing this I'm just coming out of a pretty bad blogging slump. My health hasn't been the greatest as of lately for various different reasons and I've basically just had a pretty rubbish start to the new year. Because I've been feeling so crap it's been making just not want to write as much as I usually do. Today's post is 4 ways which I find help to boost my motivation for my blog if I've hit a wall. So if you're stuck in a blogging rut right now, I hope these tips help you!

Know Cosmetics are a cruelty-free American brand which came to the UK early last year. They recognise universal beauty in the market for makeup and create quality products at a reasonable price. They focus on the fixing side of makeup and make products which tackle any type of everyday makeup challenges you may run into... so they are definitely a brand for me then!

Getting a shortlist email from Influenster is very exciting, admittedly I have received a few shortlist emails recently but I didn't make the cut to receive the Vox Box in question. So when I received the email saying "You're IN!" and that I was receiving a Dermalogica Vox Box, I was really happy and excited to try out a brand I've never tried before but had heard good things about. Today's post is all about what I received and my thoughts on each product. 

Which type of bridesmaids do you have?

It’s a tough decision when it comes to choosing who to have in your bridal party. They have to be sensible enough to organise everything properly but also need to be fun enough to keep you smiling during the stress! A 2016 survey conducted by hitched revealed that brides have on average 3 bridesmaids by their side on the big day. But what are the different types of bridesmaids and what makes them so great?
The Waterfront Hotel, a wedding venue in Bedfordshire, have created this guide to tell us more…

As I've mentioned before on my blog I'm a complete skincare hoarder. I like switching things up often because I find it that it helps my skin when I rotate my selection of go-to products and I'll get the best potential from each of them. Today I'm sharing with you my current 5 favourites from my skincare collection which really help to revitalise my skin and make it glow.

2017 is behind us and a brand new year has begun for you and your blog. You will undoubtedly have an idea or two already about the content you want to write and goals you can achieve. For many people, this is the perfect starting point for a new diet or fitness regime, but as a blogger, the new year provides the ideal opportunity to give your website a boost.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of the best ways to start your blogging year on a high and give you the best chance of maintaining momentum throughout 2018.

February Wishlist*

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I haven't done a wishlist blog post for a while and
 as I'm currently trying to not spend money on things I don't really need, I do have a fair few things on my wishlist for the rest of January and also February. I've somehow managed to get my list down to just nine (how idk) so here are some things I've been lusting after lately.

I love Technic because they release new products frequently, they're also cruelty-free and affordable. I was recently sent some of their new things to try out and I thought I would show you what I received and share my thoughts on their fab latest releases.

Most of my life my hair seemed to be pretty thick and full of volume and all of a sudden back in 2013 it seemed to thin out and go flat at the roots and frizzy everywhere else. Attractive I know. I honestly blame stress as it happened around the same time a lot of things were going on in my life and it's just never got any thicker. Thankfully since then, I have found some ways which definitely help to make my hair look fuller and healthier in general.

Benefits Of Fibreglass Umbrellas
Fibreglass is a hugely lucrative and in-demand material that is used by multiple industries for countless products. But why is it so popular, what are its specific advantages and why should you consider it when choosing an everyday item, like an umbrella?

In this article, we’ll establish how fibreglass is made, what it’s used for and how it’s the perfect material to construct premium umbrellas. 

I'm trying to shake up my blog a little this year and write about various different topics because I know I've been very beauty focused as of lately. I've recently seen some fellow bloggers struggling with reaching their blogging goals and saying that they've hit a blogging slump and I thought I'd do a post about upping your blogging game. Even though I'm no pro at this I thought I'd share with you some tips which I've found have really helped me and my blog over the past 12 months.

5 Things To Do On a Rainy Day *

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With January in full swing and the weather being pretty miserable (as expected) I thought this post might be helpful just to give you a few ideas of things to do instead of mindlessly scrolling through your twitter and instagram feeds all day (which I am completely guilty of doing most of the time too). 

The new year is a time where many people attempt resolutions and we try to better ourselves in one way or another. If you’re trying to improve your health and fitness in 2018, but aren’t motivated by conventional exercise, this post will show you some alternative activities — from paintball to martial arts — to get you in shape.

My Winter Skincare Picks

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I've been meaning to write this blog post for a while but I've been switching up what I've been using a lot and trying to find the perfect selection of products for the Winter months. I think I've kind of found "the ones" now so I thought I'd share with you what I've been loving lately and what's been working for my problematic skin during the colder months.

4 Ways To Make Money From Home *

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Ah, January. Everyone is talking about having a fresh start and thinking positively but a few days into the new year we soon realise that we're all skint and miserable and waiting on our next payday. So today I thought I'd share with you some ways to make easy money from the comfort of your own home (don't worry, it's all legit nothing dodgy here lol). These are great for anytime your bank account is looking a little empty just to top up the pennies.

My Goals For 2018

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I know these can be quite cliche and kind of overdone but I like to set myself some goals for the new year and try to stick with them. I did one of these posts in 2017 too and I think putting your goals online makes it seem more set in stone in a way and it definitely helped me to complete most of them. So I thought I'd share with you my main goals for this year.