So today's post is about Bidvine. Bidvine is a website and also an app you can find over 6000 services across the UK to choose from at the touch of your fingers. You can hire any of the following - Photographer, DJ, Makeup Artist, Domestic Cleaner, Personal Trainer and loads more too. 

It's so easy to use, you can either can use the website or just download the app (it's free!) and search for what you're looking for, select your requirements and budget, whether you would like the service provider to travel to you or if you're willing to travel to them and how many miles you're willing to travel, depending on the service you require, obviously. It's such a handy app to know about.

Once you submit your request, the quotes will start flooding in from people within hours who can complete the job you're asking for. They will reply with their quote and you can also see reviews from people who have already hired the professional service then you just choose which of the replies you found most suitable for what you are looking for and then set up a contract with them.

I wanted to find an affordable event makeup artist who was either willing to travel to me or close enough for me to travel to them for an upcoming event in a few months (which I can't really write more about because it's a surprise event lol). I found the app so fuss free and a breeze to use. You get asked your personal requirements - what makeup look you'd like, your age, additional add-ons (false lashes, tan etc) and more. I think it's great that they qualified service providers come to you rather than spending time hunting them down and I really like the fact you can see reviews too. I usually find that these type of apps don't usually cover around where I live and mainly focus on the main cities in the UK but this one does cater all over the country which I think is fab.

If you would like to check out the app/website more then click here.

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*this post is sponsored by Bidvine

I received an email a few weeks ago asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Ayurvedic Kajals from Soultree, I was instantly intrigued by the product and also the unusual lipstick-like packaging and was interested in trying them out so of course, I said yes.

There are 12 colours to choose from, from more natural day to day Kajals to gorgeous pops of colours, perfect for the festival season or parties.

I received the shades Purple Haze, Pure Black and Grey Glow just as I don't think I can really pull off bright colours and like to wear more everyday kind of colours.

The Kajals are handmade using purely natural and organic ingredients. The black carbon is collected from vegetable oil lamps and then is mixed with organic ghee, almond oil and natural colour pigments to create the gorgeous colours. The Kajals are cruelty-free but are not suitable for vegans.

I've been testing these out since I received them and not only been using them as an eyeliner but I've realised you can (just about) wear them as eye shadows too!

 The shade Grey Glow has fast become a favourite because of the gorgeous glitter present, it's just so pretty! I think the glitter does make the Grey Glow shade a teeny bit harder to work with but I still love it. 

The Purple Haze shade looks lovely under the eyes if I'm going for more of a smoked out grunge eye makeup look when I feel like I can pull it off. Purple Haze is such a nice colour, kind of a red-purple shade. 

Lastly Pure Black is great for an everyday use liner, under the eyes or on the upper lid as a smoked out eyeliner. They are all easy to work with as they are quite creamy.

I've found that the longevity of these is good but it's not an eyeliner you can put on in the morning and forget about until the evening, they do need touching up throughout the day but because of the cute lipstick-like packaging, they are perfect for popping in your bag and touching up when needed.

These are on the pricier side for a Kajal Eyeliner at £13.90 each but they are natural, cruelty-free and the packaging is handy too. You can check out the range of gorgeous colours from Copper Tint, Fern Green, Cold Black, Mood Indigo and more here and also because they are over £10, you get free delivery too (bonus!).

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*PR samples, all opinions are my own

So I know these have been out for a few months now but I did say I would do a review of the new(ish) colour correcting concealers from Collection. We all know and love the Lasting Perfection Concealer and I was really excited to see that they were bringing out some colour correcting products (as well as some new products to their Primed and Ready range!).

So there are three colours to choose from - 
Lemon - to conceal dark under eye circles
Green - to conceal and correct redness
Lilac - Brighten dull skin

I decided to pick up the Lemon and Green, just because I honestly don't know where I would put the Lilac shade. So here's what I thought about the two I picked up.

Lemon -
I always apply colour correctors after I've primed and before my foundation. Obviously, this is to conceal dark circles under your eyes so that's where I use it. I've found it dries quite quickly like the original Lasting Perfection Concealer but I do really like it. I always kind of tap in my under eye concealer rather than using a beauty blender or brush just because I find it kind of meshes into the skin more that way and it lasts a lot longer too. I do tend to have quite bad under eye circles and this helps a lot. I'll admit I do sometimes forget about using the colour correctors, especially if I'm in a rush applying my makeup but when I do remember to use this, I can definitely see a difference and my eyes look less like a zombie and more like a human. I will definitely be continuing to use this and will be buying a new one as soon as this one starts running out.

Green -
I do have kind of spot prone skin so I picked up the green concealer to pop on to reduce redness when I have angry spots and to give my foundation a better base too. I have used green colour correctors before but I always find the green ones tend to be quite chalky when applied to the skin and unfortunately, this one is the same. I do use it, but not always, it just depends on the type of coverage I want or need, it does work well to cover redness though but I do find it quite hard to blend in without having a kind of green cast over my face. I suppose the plus side to the green colour corrector being chalky is that it dries up any spots quicker but I don't love it and I definitely prefer the Lemon shade. Would I buy the green one again? I don't really know.

So there's my mini kind of reviews of the Collection Lasting Perfection Colour Correctors. 
Have you tried them out yet? What did you think? 

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A few weeks ago I was kindly sent some products from The Body Shop which I'm still in total shock about, to be honest. The Body Shop are one of my all time favourite brands and because of them being cruelty-free I love buying and trying their products and I rarely ever find anything that I don't like or don't get along with. I've been sent some of their new releases which whilst I'm writing this I don't think they are available right now but I thought I would still show you so you know what's coming soon. I've also been sent some other products which have been around for a little while now but I hadn't gotten around to trying them out, until now. 

Before I tell you what I thought about the products I received, I want to talk about the campaign The Body Shop are currently running #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting. You may have seen me tweet/instagram about this already but Animal Testing is something which shouldn't be happening in this day and age. 80% of countries still have no laws against animal testing for cosmetics products and ingredients. The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International are wanting to achieve 8 million signatures to present the UN General Assembly in 2018. If you want to show your support then you can sign the petition here.

Instaglow CC Cream SPF 20 - Peachy Glow / Light to Medium Skin -  RRP £15*

First up is the Instaglow CC Cream in the shade, Peachy Glow. It claims to have a multi-benefit formula - Corrects skin tone, Illuminates, Moisturizes for 24hrs, Minimises the appearance of pores, Reduces shine and UVA/UVB protection. When I first tried this I thought "Oh god, this is going to give me an orange/pink undertone" lol but it does blend out nicely, you don't have to use too much either and it definitely awakens dull looking skin and it really does help to even out my skin tone a lot. It's great for those days when you haven't slept well and your whole face shows it. It works as a great primer before foundation and as I've mentioned before I'm terrible with remembering to apply sunscreen so I really like that this contains SPF 20 too. Also, it does say it's suitable for all skin types so if you're looking for something like this, then I would 100% recommend this. There are 3 different shades to choose from - Bright Glow, Peachy Glow and Warm Glow.

Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome - 01 Highlight - RRP £9*

I also got the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome which is a cream highlighter, looking at the colour I did think it may be a little too dark for my super pale skin but surprisingly it suits my skin and it is so pretty and very subtle. It's a perfect everyday kind of shimmery highlighter. I think the concept is that you apply it straight on your face due to the handy packaging but I tap it onto my cheekbones with my finger just because I think for me it's more flattering and have a little more control where to pop it on. It also smells so nice too! You can pick it up in 01 Highlighter, 02 Blush and 03 Bronze. It's a great size to pop in your travel bag too and I just think the dome shaped packaging is really cute.

Coconut Hand Cream - £4*

I already knew I'd love this because I already own the Moringa, Shea and also the Fuji Green Tea hand creams from The Body Shop. So I knew this would be another fab hand cream to add to my ever growing collection. It's smell like proper coconut and not synthetic and it's creamy but dries very quickly and I just love these because they are a great size to pop in your bag. If you've never tried a hand cream from The Body Shop then you're definitely missing out, I also think they make great add-on gifts if you're like me and like buying a few different gifts for someone rather than one main gift.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Body BB Cream - £16*

First of the new Summer 2017 releases is this Bronzing Body BB Cream. I haven't properly tried this yet just because I rarely really wear any sort of fake tan products because I don't really bare my legs and arms enough if I'm being totally honest lol. But I have tested this on my wrist and it's very natural looking with some shimmer and it blended out really nicely. It is a wash off product which I personally prefer. I am looking forward to trying it properly and I will do a mini review on my instagram or twitter soon. It smells like honey too which I'm a fan of because one thing I do hate about fake tan products is that they always have that horrible fake tan smell that lingers onto everything you touch and it's just ew. I can't say if I do like this or not yet but all I can say right now is that it does look promising and it'll be great to find a no fuss kind of fake tan that suits my pale skin. 

Complexion Blender - Not sure of RRP yet because it's not yet released *

I also received this unusual looking makeup blender, I don't think I've seen a blender-shaped like this one before. I have tried to use this to apply my makeup but I don't know if it's because I've kind of gone off beauty blenders right now and prefer to use brushes but I didn't find it was the best one I've used, but I've found it to be great for finishing touches after applying my concealer and foundation just to kind of mesh the makeup into the skin and take away any excess foundation and give more of a natural, flawless finish. 

Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation - Railay Beach 014 - Not sure of RRP yet because it's not yet released *

This foundation is a new favourite, literally the first time I used this I just knew it was going to be a new favourite too, I would say the coverage is medium but is buildable, it's also a first time in a long time that a slightly darker shade suits my skin which means the lightest shade will be super pale which is great if you're pale like me! This stays in place all day and it also contains tea tree meaning it can promote clearer skin. It's one of those foundations which meshes with the skin nicely and you feel as if you're not wearing anything because it's so lightweight. Highly recommend trying this out when it is released! 

So there's what I thought about everything I was kindly sent out. I will keep you updated on the Bronzing BB Cream as I am intrigued to see if it'll work for me. Also, Don't forget to sign the #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting campaign here!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
What are your current favourite products from The Body Shop?
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*PR samples, all opinions are my own

So today I thought I'd do a little blog post about motivation. We struggle with it at times, but we're only human. I've found that these 3 things tend to help the most and I hope they'll help you too!

Music is a huge help to me when I'm feeling low and/or struggling with motivation. I highly recommend making some playlists for different moods, I have a happy playlist, sleep, chill etc. I always turn to music for whatever mood just because it's always there and 9/10 times it does help a lot. Music makes the world go round, right?

Avoiding social media like the plague, seriously. We all get scooped up by refreshing our Twitter feeds or liking photos on instagram. So avoiding social media whether it's for a few hours, a day or a couple weeks, it'll work wonders and help you to stop procrastinating and scrolling through your twitter feed aimlessly when you should be doing something more important. Also another tip is to delete the social media apps from your phone until you've done what you need to do, believe me having a break from social media is refreshing. 

If I'm tidying my house or just having a kind of chill day and getting on with writing blog posts etc, I like to like an uplifting candle or burn a nicely scented wax melt to try and boost my mood. I'm currently using and loving the helpmeorganics Help Me Bring Sunshine To A Cloudy Day* Candle which is from their Summer range and it smells so fresh and uplifting thanks to the blend of citronella, lemongrass, peppermint and spearmint. The name is a perfect fit, I think it smells kind of similar to the LUSH Sandstone soap (which is one of my faves). I also really like that all of their products they sell are organic, vegan-friendly and so affordable. The candle is also able to be used outside and is also an insect repellent, because of this you don't have to have the candle lit for as long as others - the estimated time is around about an hour and then the scent continues to linger hours after the candle has been blown out. 

You can visit the website here and if you use the code "astoldby10" to get 10% off your order (valid until 20th September) 

What are your 3 little things that help you when you're struggling with motivation?
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*item sent to me to review, not sponsored. all opinions are my own

I'm a sucker for personalised makeup palettes (and personalised things in general)  so when I got an email about the Essence "Must Haves" Palettes and was asked if I would like to be sent a palette to try out, my answer was of course yes! If you don't know already then Essence is a cruelty-free, affordable brand and which you can pick up at most Wilko stores and also online. I did a blog post about more of their Spring/Summer 2017 summer releases not too long ago, which you can read here and I've kind of been obsessed ever since. 

You can pick up the empty Must Have Palettes (which you fill will your choice of makeup from the "Must Haves" range) for either £1.50 for an empty palette which holds 4 or £2 for an empty palette which holds 8. 

The "Must Haves" refills are just £1.50 each and there's a wide variety to choose from - from eyeshadows, highlighters, lip powders, fixing powders, blushers and bronzers. I was kindly sent out 4 gorgeous eyeshadows for my palette. 

Let's face it, the majority of us own palettes and we've never even touched some of the shades, which is why I like palettes when you can basically make your own and choose the shades suitable for yourself. You can change for each season or just when you get bored of certain shades etc.

I'm really impressed with the eyeshadows I received, for £1.50 each I'll admit I didn't think they'd be very pigmented or would stay put all day but boy was I wrong! These eyeshadows are definitely dark horses in the makeup world right now. Also, I love that the shade "Cotton Candy" works as a great highlighter for me. I'm definitely going to be picking up some more shades from the range and will be picking up an empty palette which will fit 8 shades because I just need more lol. 

I really like how you can use the refills on their own too because they have a little lid which fits securely (and doesn't feel flimsy at all) so if you're travelling very lightly then you can just pop one or two of the shades in your bag and can be on your way. 

Overall I really recommend trying these for yourself. They are great for the price and also the fact that they are cruelty-free and so affordable just makes them even better in my eyes. You can pick them up either at your local Wilko or online.

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

I was really surprised and excited when I got an email about reviewing some of the new Palmer's skincare range, I've been a huge fan of Palmer's products for years, I love how they do not test on animals and are also 100% free of parabens. I'm a huge fan of their lip balms and moisturisers but I'd never tried any of the skincare products so I was really looking forward to receiving them and trying them out for the first time. So here's more about the four products I received and what I thought about each of them.

Skin Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream 75ml - RRP £7.99*
First up is the Skin Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream, it's described as a lightweight moisturiser suitable for all skin types. it contains SPF 15 which is a huge plus to me because I'm so bad at using sunscreen so it's great to know when using this that I have some protection. I've been using it in the morning after I've cleansed my face and I use it as a base for my makeup some days too and I have really been enjoying using it. I definitely agree that it feels very lightweight on the skin and you also don't need to use a lot of product each time you use it. You get a great amount of product for the price of £7.99 too. It is a little bulky if you was travelling but you can always pop some in travel pot or bottle. I find my makeup has been sitting better than normal whilst using this as a base and obviously it smells lovely. So it's definitely a new favourite moisturiser and I'm very happy that I got a chance to try it.

Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil 192ml - RRP £7.99*
So I'm not going to lie, I do kind of get a little nervous when using oil-based products due to the fact that I do have quite oily skin and obviously, oil and oil does not mix. But I was happy to see that on the bottle of this facial cleansing oil that it claims it's "suitable for all skin types" and that it won't clog pores (yay!). I've used it both when I do and don't have makeup on as a cleanser and I do actually like it. I apply a small amount on dampened skin and lightly massage it in, it foams up slightly and then I rinse away. My skin feels lovely and soft and kind of plump and lightly moisturised after using it. The first few times I used this, I did get a few small spots on my nose so I tend to avoid that area now when cleansing my face with the facial cleansing oil. I think it's a great cleanser to remove makeup as it just basically melts it all away. For me personally, I now like to use this to remove my makeup and then use another cleanser afterwards which contains no oil to just take away any excess oil away and make me feel like I've really deeply cleaned my face. 

Micro Fine Exfoliating Facial Scrub 150g - RRP £5.49*
I also received this facial scrub which contains the "Skin Perfecting Ingredients" - Cocoa Butter, Evening Primrose and Cocoa Powder & Walnut Shell. I've only used this a few times so far but again, I have really enjoyed using it. It's not too gritty but not one of those exfoliators when you can't tell you're actually using an exfoliator if that makes sense. It's somewhere in-between, it states on the back of the product that it's gentle enough to be used 2-3 times per week or more depending on skin's sensitivity. I definitely can see a difference after I've used this. My skin feels super clean and polished and with a nice healthy glow. I think it's super affordable considering my go-to exfoliator right now is £4.49 for 75ml. I also really like the smell of this product and I can definitely smell the Cocoa Powder and Walnut Shell.

Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil - 30ml - RRP £9.99*
Like I said about the Cleansing Oil, oil based products do kind of scare me but I thought I'd give this a try anyway because Palmer's products usually work well with my skin. The facial oil has a unique blend of 9 anti-ageing oils - Argan Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Maracuja Oil, Apricot Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sesame Oil and Vitamin E. It comes in a glass bottle with a pipette, which makes the product seem a lot more luxurious for the fraction of the price of other "perfecting oils" on the market right now. I only applied 3 drops and it was enough to use all over my face and it didn't sit on my skin like I was worried about it doing and it sunk it quickly and didn't feel sticky at all. The following morning after using this my skin was glowing (but not in an oily way), I literally tweeted about it lol, I was in shock. Also if you read my post before this one about the COR Silver Soap* I've been using for the past few weeks then you'll know that I have really enjoyed using it and have seen huge improvements but it has left me with some dry patches and this Facial Oil has really helped a lot.

Overall I'm so impressed with these Palmer's products, apart from the Cleansing Oil breaking me out a little on my nose. I highly recommend these as they are so affordable and I'd never had thought that my skin would've got on with the oil-based products well but I've definitely been proven wrong. Trying these out has made me feel a lot more confident in trying oil-based products now, instead of shying away like I usually do. 
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*PR samples, all opinions are my own

COR Silver Soap Review

in , , , , by Kirsty Milward, 14.6.17

So I was really excited when I found out I had the chance to review the COR Silver Soap which claims to be "The Washing Revolution" and "The one that changes everything". As you will know by now if you've been reading my blog for a while that I do have quite problematic skin, It's either full on oily or combination of oily/dry. So I do get frequent breakouts, I'm not taking medication to help it because of various different reasons depending on the actual prescription/medication. I just try out A LOT of different lotions and potions to try and calm my breakouts down and obviously try to drink a lot of water too, as I find that makes a huge difference in itself. I have stumbled across some products as of lately which have helped my skin and calmed it down a little but I'm still getting breakouts but just not as often.

"Harnessing the antibacterial power of Silver, Cor’s Silver Soap is your first step towards healthy, more radiant skin. Packed with skin conditioning ingredients, Silica paves the way for Nano-Silver to do its thing; blocking bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen and thus curbing its multiplication. Recommended for cleansing broken or delicate skin without running the risk of infection, Cor’s Silver Soap also dissolves make-up and impurities whilst battling blemish-causing bacteria. The result is a spotlessly clean complexion that’s hydrated, protected and nourished." - Taken from Cult Beauty.

So onto the COR Silver Soap*, I received the 10g bar which is priced at £15 on the Cult Beauty website here. First of all, It arrives in nice, sleek looking packaging. Great for travelling too and you also receive a little instruction guide inside the package (which I forgot to take a photo of, well done Kirsty!). It smells really lovely and fresh and lathers up so quickly. Literally, within about 10 seconds you've got more than enough product to use to wash your face. 

I tend to pop this on my face like any other soap and leave on whilst I brush my teeth. As soon as I remove it I can see a difference and my skin looks more glowy (in a good way) and my complexion just looks less patchy and more balanced out. I literally saw a difference after the first time I used this soap, I applied it before going to bed and I woke up and the majority of my spots had either almost gone completely or were a lot smaller, so I was very impressed. I've been using this soap for almost a week now and I've seen a huge difference. Even my mum has said my skin is looking clearer. There is a kind of con which is I've noticed I have been getting a few dry patches on my skin - on my chin slightly and also below my eyebrows which is somewhere where I never get dry skin. But I am persevering and seeing if it goes away soon, but in all honesty, I think I'd rather have slightly dry skin than a breakout.

Onto the price - I'm not going to lie, this soap is expensive at the starting price of £15 for a 10g bar of soap and the 30g priced at £39 and the full 120g at £115. But personally, because of my problematic skin, I am always spending money on new and upcoming products which claim to clear up spots in 24 hrs and so on and the majority of the time they don't work or just break me out more. So realistically for me, this soap is worth the money because it does work for me and because this soap contains Nano-Silver it means it won't start growing bacteria and go all gross like other facial soaps. It's definitely a product which I probably won't be without now because it's been a total game changer for me and my skin. My skin isn't perfectly clear but it's a lot better than it normally is. It's literally like witchcraft or something. I just hope the dry patches go away soon and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works when my hormonal spots come along.

I will probably continue to use the Tea Tree products I have from The Body Shop which have helped improve my skin and then use this soap 2-3 times a week to clear up my complexion further and then when I do buy the 30g soap it will last a little longer than the estimated 3 months. Overall I highly recommend giving this a try because it could save you a lot of money in the long run, if you're like me and spend a lot of money on skin care products for problem skin. 

Have you tried COR Silver Soap? If so, what did you think? 

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*PR Sample, all opinions are my own

Budget Brows

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I'm not gonna lie my eyes brows are very rarely "on fleek" as I've mentioned before on my blog but today I'm going to share some products which help me have some control over my crazy, annoying (fair) brows. I've got 4 products to talk about on this post which I highly recommend and they are all £5 or under.

Rimmel Brow This Way Gel £3.99
I picked this up last year whilst looking for a dupe of the Benefit Gimme Brow which I do love but I don't love the price tag. So I got this and I was and still am impressed by it. You can pick it up in different shades, I have the dark brown shade and I really like it. It's good to use on more natural days just to add a little tint of colour to my very fair eyebrows or to set my brows into place when using any of the products I'm going to mention below too. The only thing that I don't like much is the size of the brush as it's quite chunky but for £3.99 I can live with it.

Technic Brow Pen Eyebrow Definer £3*
So just over a month ago, I was kindly sent some Technic to review which you can read here. This brow pen was definitely one of the stand-out products I received and I use it a lot. I'll admit if I saw this online or in a shop I wouldn't have picked it up because of the colour of the packaging as it looks more of a warm, orange-y brown but when applied it does suit my eyebrows really well and I like how it doesn't cake your brows in product, it looks very natural but is easy to build too, depending on how you like to do your brows.

Elf Lock On Liner & Brow Cream £5
I only picked this up a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure I've not used a brow pomade before but now I'm hooked. I'll admit it did take a few attempts to get it right and I still do struggle a little, but the best way to go about using pomade is to only apply in really small amounts and with a light hand. But I use this a lot now and I've barely made a dent in the product itself either so I know it's going to last me a while too. It's only £5 at Superdrug and I highly recommend, I've even seen reviews of people saying this is as good as the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Dip. You can get it in different shades and you can also use it as a liner too, bonus! Also, if you're looking for a new brow brush then would definitely say check out the Spectrum A17 Brow Love brush for £4.99, it's a dream to work with.

Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil £2.89
I'll admit when I picked this up I didn't have high hopes for it for the price. But I was soon shocked to find that it works really well. I would say it's more for darker haired girls as I think there's only one shade. But I really like this pencil, it stays in place all day and it glides on with no trouble. It is a little waxy but I think that's a good thing as I find that waxier brow products sometimes keep your brows in place better. Wouldn't be without this now!

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*PR sample

Tangle Angel Review

in , by Kirsty Milward, 10.6.17

Today's blog post is about the Tangle Angel* which I kindly received a few weeks ago. I received mine in the "Fab Fushia" colour and I also got the Baby Tangle Angel too in the same colour. The Baby Tangle Angel is so cute and is a great size to pop in your bag or you can put on your keys as it does have a keyring too.

The packaging states that the Tangle Angel Brush is -

- Heat Resistant - Anti-Static - Water Resistant - Antibacterial

I've been using this a lot since I received it, it's so cute and pretty. It's definitely been keeping my frizzy/static hair at bay especially with the heat wave we've had here in the UK over the past week or so. It makes my hair feel lovely, soft and just a lot more manageable. Obviously, it's great at detangling too. I really like how the brush isn't too bristly and hard like some brushes are if that makes sense, I do sometimes have a sensitive scalp and prone to getting headaches so this has been great to use at those times because of it not being so bristly.

I also like that it has a handle for better control compared to the original Tangle Teezer brush which doesn't have a handle. I've been using the brush to style my side fringe too and the top of the "wing" is a great shape to style with, so I definitely agree that its heat resistant too. Another great thing about the Tangle Angel is because of the additives embedded in the plastic hygienic and safe which is an added bonus. I've also found whilst using this when blow drying my hair I don't really need to straighten my hair afterwards as the brush kind of straightens my hair too, which is fab and great at saving time if in a rush.

I love how cute both of the brushes are and the fact you can pick them up in lots of different colours from - Totally Turquoise, Precious Pink, Wow White, Pop Purple, plus plenty more. I think they both would make great gifts.

Both of the brushes are super affordable too - The large Tangle Angel Brush is £12.95 and the Tangle Angel Baby is £4.95 both are available to buy here and they also cater for pets too! which I think is adorable.

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

AA Skincare have released some new hair products - shampoo bars. I love shampoo bars but I'll admit they don't always love me. I've bought a few from LUSH over the past year or so and some I've loved and some not so much but when they do work for me I find that they are great and make my hair feel and look a lot better and healthier. I was kindly allowed to choose which shampoo bar I would like to try from the new range and which would be suitable for my hair and I chose the Botanical Boost Shampoo Bar* containing Frankincense, Rose & Argan Oil. It arrived within a few days and I was also notified on the morning of its arrival about it's estimated arrival time which I found to be really handy too.

It claims to stimulate hair growth and calm skin. Works with anti-oxidant-packed argan oil and aromatic Rose oil to breathe new life into dull, flat hair by helping improve texture and give ageing, damaged and colour treated hair a moisture boost. Rose Geranium Oil acts as a natural hair strengthener.

So basically this Shampoo Bar has everything I'm looking for in a shampoo/conditioner. My hair is kind of dull and flat (but frizzy) and it's also colour treated and damaged too. To use it all you have to do is wet your hair with warm water, rub your shampoo bar in-between your hands to create a lather and then massage into your hair gently. Leave a couple of minutes then rinse thoroughly and condition.

 The bar itself is a perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand and it lathers up really well, literally within seconds and you've got plenty of product for a good shampoo. The scent smells lovely and I'm a huge fan of floral scents but this has the added Frankincense just to make it smell a little different compared to other shampoo bars on the market right now. My hair looks lovely after I use this Shampoo Bar and it also has more volume and just looks like it has a little more life to it.

I would definitely recommend giving these shampoo bars a try. This is definitely one of my favourite hair products right now. 

They are really affordable at £5.94, travel-friendly, cruelty-free, parabens free and each 50g bar gives you twice as many washes as a 250ml bottle of liquid shampoo. You can have a look at this shampoo bar and the others available here

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own