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Even though I have an oilier skin type, I do like my skin to have a nice radiant (non oily) glow in the summer months. So I thought I'd talk about some new skincare bits I've been trying out recently which really do make your skin glow in ~that~ nice way and don't make me look like a sweaty, oily mess. 

The first product I've got to talk about because I've completely fallen in love with it is the Evolve Beauty Radiant Glow Mask* which smells like chocolate(!!). Evolve Beauty are an award winning, organic, vegan and cruelty-free brand and everything they make is handmade to ensure the freshness of the antioxidants in the natural oils, butters and extracts their products contain. They're also eco-friendly and I just love the concept behind the whole brand and I can't wait to try some more products from them after my results from their Radiant Glow Mask*. Anyway more about the mask - it's main ingredients are raw Cacao and Coconut and it's a kind of jelly-like consistency and it's also suitable for all skin types which I really like. It also contains clay to help to purify the skin and the coconut granules help to buff away any dead skin in a soothing, non abrasive way. The natural sugar extracts turn the mask into a milky consistency on contact with water so that it rinses away easily too. I've been leaving it on for about 10 minutes (it does recommend 5 minutes but it just smells and feels so nice!) and then I apply a bit of warm water and then rinse away. Sometimes I do have to go in with a warm flannel to remove any little granules but it's easy to remove and doesn't leave my skin red and irritated like some exfoliating masks do. It gives me such a nice glow after using it and my skin literally feels silky smooth too. I'm just so impressed and I will definitely be picking another one up when I run out. 

I received an unexpected PR package from Feel Unique a couple of weeks ago which was so surreal because I tend to buy quite a few of my go-to beauty products from Feel Unique. They kindly sent over the Lumene Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint in the shade Universal Light* and I just thought it sounded perfect for the summer when you don't want to wear much makeup or want a "no makeup" makeup look. It's described as a skincare and makeup hybrid and I can definitely understand why. Lumene also claim that it hydrates and perfects the skin for a youthful and perfected second-skin look and I totally agree with that claim. The texture is like a gel, so I feel like it's a nice product for my oily skin type but also a drier skin type would appreciate the gel-like, moisturising texture too. It gives a slight tint which evens your skin out but it's not like a CC cream or anything like that so it won't cover spots unless they're fading. I do think it's something I'll be reaching for more when I'm having a better skin day and I have paired it up with a little bit of concealer in areas where it's needed, just to give me a bit more coverage and it worked well. Overall I think it is a lovely product for the warmer months or if you just want a bit of coverage. I've found that it lasts well on the skin throughout the day, doesn't cling to dry patches or sit weird on any bumps or spots on the skin and I just think it feels really comfortable and I like that it gives a nice healthy glow without going overboard.

Another glow inducing product which I've never heard of before is the Transformulas Flawless Photo Glow SPF 30+ Multi-Tasking Cream*. Why is it a multi-tasking cream you might ask? Well they claim it restores radiance whilst correcting imperfections as well has having a powerful SPF 30+. It also is packed full of antioxidants too! I've found this cream looks and feels nicer once it's settled a little into my skin. I feel like when I first apply it, it makes my skin look a bit too glowy for my liking but once it kind of settles into your skin a little after maybe 15 minutes or so, it looks really nice and gives a nice radiant glow like they claim. I haven't found it to help my skin by "correcting imperfections" like they claim but I haven't worn it every single day since I received it so maybe that's why. But overall it's a nice moisturising, glowy SPF which looks nice on it's own or under a natural summer makeup look. I'm also a big fan of the sleek-looking packaging too.

Lastly on the list is the Pixi On-The-Glow Multi Use Moisturiser Stick* which I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of until recently and I made that pretty clear in this blog post. However I've been trying to like it because I do think it's got potential to be a good product but it's because of my oily skin why I wasn't super keen on it. So I've been trying it out in different ways and I've found that it works well when I've gone in a bit too heavy with a powder and I want to give my skin a nice natural looking glow in certain areas and I've found that it's been working nicely for that. But I'll admit, I probably wouldn't pick it up again but at least I've found a way to use up the one I've got. I do think you have a dehydrated/dry skin type then you'll love this though.

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I always say that I feel like I have my shit together whenever I have my nails done and by "done" this usually just means shaped and painted with a normal polish. I'm not a big fan of faffing around with false nails... apart from KISS Impress Nails because I think they're fab and I can put a whole set on under 5 minutes. But other than that I'm not keen on really long, glamorous nails like a lot of people are. But I am open to get nails because of how they last longer and don't chip like normal polishes do.

I was sent the Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Kit* about two months ago from Louella Belle to try out. However I think they've now stopped selling Red Carpet Manicure on their website but you can buy the kit from other known beauty retailers if you do happen to be interested in buying after reading this post. With promises up to two weeks of wear, a 45 second curing time and an average cost saving of £35 per treatment, I was definitely intrigued when I got an email about trying out the kit and their new Amalfi Getaway Collection*.

Shades: Poolside Fling, Violetta Darling and Creme De La Creme*
The must haves to prepare the base and seal the polish!
In the kit you get everything you need to get you started -

LED Light with timer function, Purify Pre and Post Application Cleanser, Prep Max Adhesion Sanitiser, Structure Base Coat Gel, Brilliance Seal and Shine Top Coat, Erase Gel Nail Polish Remover, Revitalise Nourishing Cuticle Oil, LED Gel Polish in Creme de la Creme, Nail File, Buffer Stick, Cuticle Stick, Lint Free Wipes and Foil Wraps. So you definitely got a lot for your money!

The polish that comes with the kit called "Creme De La Creme" is a very sheer pink and I'll be honest I wasn't super keen on the colour when I applied it. I just felt like if I'm putting in the extra effort to get gels nails then I want to see the colour I apply. Even after three coats it still looked very sheer and barely there, kind of like a french manicure.

Thankfully I was also sent the gorgeous Amalfi Getaway Collection* which is the latest collection from Red Carpet Manicure. It contains some bright colours which I'm not usually a big fan of if I'm being super honest, however I really liked the look of Mai Tai For Me, Beaches & Bikinis and Vacation Goals in particular. You may have already seen me raving about the shades I've tried already on instagram.

Seas The Summer - which is a deep eye-catching blue, Beaches & Bikinis - which a gorgeous neon purple, Vacation Goals - which is a shimmery teal green, #CabanaLife - which is a must-have pink-red coral, Mai Tai For Me - which is a pretty coral pink  and Sunshine & Good Times - which is a eye-catching orange.

The application process is pretty easy once you get the hang of it but here's a quick rundown of what you do to get yourself some lovely gel nails - 

File and shape your nails, buff nails to even out and get rid of any shine and then apply the Pre Cleanse cleanser using a lint free wipe. After that you apply the Prep Sanitizer to your freshly clean nails, wait to dry naturally and then apply a thin coat of the Structure Base Coat Gel and cure under the LED light for 45 seconds. Choose your colour and apply a thin coat and cure for a further 45 seconds and repeat (sometimes you may have to do a 3rd coat depending on sheerness of colour). Then you apply a thin coat of the Brilliance Seal and Shine Top Coat Gel and cure for 45 seconds. Once they're cured you can remove any tacky residue with the Purify Cleanser and then you're done. It's super simple!

I've been using the kit for about 6 weeks now and I've used 4 out of 7 shades I was sent so far and I'm loving it! It did take me a couple of times to get the hang of the application process but now I know how to apply everything in order without having the instructions next to me for help. I tend to do my nails when I'm watching the soaps in the evening and I just think it's a nice way to wind down... especially if I've had a stressful day. Red Carpet Manicure claim that you can cure your nails in 45 seconds and I definitely agree! I have had a few issues with the edges of the polish peeling after a few days or getting caught when I'm put my hair up in a messy bun but this is my own fault for not being super careful with my top coat application at the end (but I am getting better at it!) but it's something to remember if you end up picking up the kit for yourself. The longest I've had a set of gel nails on for was about 17 days and they were still going strong at 17 days but I just fancied a change in colour.

I've definitely been reaching for gel nails more so than my normal gel polishes. In the past 6 weeks I've only tried some "normal" nail polishes for a OPI campaign with Influenster which arrived unexpectedly. But other than that I've just been sticking to the RCM gel nails. I've also picked up another shade called Violetta Darling which is kind of a muted purple and I've also got another shade called Poolside Fling on the way as I write this which is a bright blue-teal which I wouldn't normally go for but this kit has changed me and I want all of the colours for my nails now.

Even though buying the kit is an investment with it being around the £89 mark, it will pay for itself quite quickly if you already have gel nails done professionally. Also you do have pay a bit more for the polishes as they are £12.95 on the Red Carpet Manicure website but they do last a lot longer than your basic nail polish so I definitely think it's worth it overall. 

Have you tried an at home gel nail kit before?

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-This post is in collaboration with Point S, all opinions are my own-
Making sure your car is safe for the road is obviously a big must but some people let things slide or forget to check their car over as often as they should. In this post I'm talking ways you can check your car over and make sure it's safe for the roads as well as some garages you can visit if you live in or near Paisley. 

Check your tyre pressure often -
Ideally you should check your tyre pressure every month for normal driving routes but if you're planning on driving a long distance or on a motorway then you should check your tyre pressure before doing both. Remember to always check your tyre pressure when they are cold so it gives more of an accurate reading because if you check it when they are warming up or hot then the pressure increases and so the reading will be wrong. Also remember to use a reliable tyre pressure gauge. 

Check and sort out any wear and tear issues -
Sorting out wear and tear sooner rather than later will more likely cost a lot less than letting something get worse and worse until it completely breaks. So you're better off getting small minor things sorted for not only your peace of mind but to save some of your well earned cash too.

Frequently clean your cars wheels to check for any damage or on set cracks - 
Another tip is to clean your wheels properly every month or so and basically get up close and personal with them so you can see any on set cracks, bulges or anything dodgy going on which requires attention. 

Check tyre tread every 2-4 weeks ideally - 
Checking your tyre tread should often be on your to-do list. The reason why it's so important to make sure you check your tyre tread every 2-4 weeks is because the less amount of tread on your tyres means a bigger breaking distance as there isn't as much grip left. This means when you brake, you won't come to a stop as quick as you should. Also if the weather conditions are bad then you could easily slide off the road or into another car/person so it's just not worth the risk of driving around with unsafe tyres. Also make sure you're car's tracking is okay because if it's slightly out it can cause your tread to wear quicker. You can have your car checked at the garages in Paisley I'll be mentioning shortly.

The law says you should have at least a 1.6mm depth but many manufacturers would recommend a change of tyres before then usually around 3mm. You can check your tyres by using a special device called a tread depth gauge or you can use the simple "20p test". To do this you just place a 20p coin into the grooves of each tyre and see if you can see the outer band of the coin. If you can't see the band then the tyre you're checking is safe and above the legal limit but if you can see the outer band then it means your tyres are not safe or legal and need changing ASAP.

Make sure you get new tyres as soon as you know they are needed -
As soon as you know your tyres need changing you should get them done ASAP to make sure your car is safe. If you live in Scotland then you can check out tyre range in Paisley from Point S. Their trained, professional staff will offer expert, product-neutral advice and are always up to date with their training meaning you will get great advice and service. 

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-This post contains PR/gifted items, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
I think we all know by now that I'm a massive skincare fan. So when an email landed in my inbox last month about the award winning brand ARK Skincare who are natural, cruelty-free and basically free from all of the "baddies" including Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, S.D. Alcohol, Formaldehyde and also artificial colours and fragrances, I was excited to give them a try! They use bioactive natural ingredients, containing effective antioxidants, lipids and vitamins and have ranges which target for all age groups. Their Protect range is for teens & 20s, Defend is for 30s and 40s and Defy is for those who are over 50.

Because I am 25 I was sent over two products from their Protect range. So I was sent the Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser* and the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser*. I was also sent their Skin Essential Pre Cleanse & Make-up Remover* which is for all ages. 

The first product I'm going to talk about is obviously the Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser RRP £25* (200ml) which comes in a pump bottle. I'm a bit of a cleanser hoarder so obviously it was the product I was most excited to try out. It's soap free, vegan friendly and I also really like the smell of the product as it's very calming and kind of reminds me of some products from Dermalogica who are one of my go-to fave skincare brands. It's lathers up a little and I've actually noticed I've been reaching for ARK Skincare's Skin Clear Cleanser more than my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser which definitely says something as that's been one of my go-to cleansers since 2017. 

 The bio active ingredients in the cleanser include - Oat Amino Acids, Peach Lipids, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, White Tea, Watercress, Nettle and Horsetail. Has it done much for my skin in terms of helping to clear it? I'm not sure to be honest... but to be fair on the product I have been dealing with a lot whilst I've been trying out these bits from ARK Skincare which if you follow me on my social media then you'll know what I'm talking about. So I suppose the stress/upset and etc will have affected my skin and made it act up a bit. But I would definitely pick this cleanser up again anyway as I just feel like my skin likes it and it's just a nice lightweight daily gel cleanser. I've been using an oil based makeup remover first and then using the cleanser afterwards.

The Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser RRP £35* (50ml) contains similar ingredients as the cleanser and these include - Peach Lipids, Avocado Oil, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, White Tea, Creatine and Anti-Pollution Algae. It's jam packed with antioxidants and claims to offer a perfect balance of moisture. It's not super thick but it's not thin either which I do usually like in a moisturiser. I do think for me personally this would get on with my skin more when the weather gets cooler (so around Autumn time) just because my skin is oily and having oily skin in the summer is basically a curse. Right now I'm opting for more gel/lightweight moisturisers wherever possible whilst we're going through a weird on/off heatwave. I've actually rediscovered my love for the Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturiser. But the ARK Skincare moisturiser is a nice moisturiser overall and it also smells very similar to the cleanser which I'm a fan of. I'm not sure if I would pick it up again at £35 just because I do have cheaper moisturisers which work better for me personally but if I saw it on offer on Look Fantastic which is one of the places where ARK Skincare can be picked up then I would potentially buy it again.

I was also sent a travel size version of their Skin Essential Pre Cleanse Makeup Remover* which I found worked really well but unfortunately I seem to have had an allergic reaction and my eyes went all puffy and red after using it. This isn't any fault of the brand/product though, it's just me and my weird allergies. I'm really gutted as it worked so well and it took my waterproof mascara off a lot quicker than my usual makeup remover. So I would still say pick it up and give it a try if you're in the market for a cruelty-free makeup remover right now.

Have you heard of or tried anything from ARK Skincare before? 

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-*this post is in collaboration with Light Supplier, all opinions are my own-

LED Pendant Lights For Offices 

Our house is a good size for us and the cats but I'd love my own room or area which can be my designated work space area. I do have a little desk set up in my bedroom but it's very small and I tend to opt for my soft office instead (aka my bed) rather than sitting at the desk because let's face it, having the choice of sitting in or on my bed to sitting on an office chair is a no brainer. I'll always choose my bed. Also with my chronic pain, my bed does tend to be the most comfortable place to sit when I'm working away on my laptop but sometimes sitting on my office chair helps with my back pain depending on how bad it is. I feel like an office chair can help with my posture sometimes too.

We have been toying with the idea of getting a conservatory for a while now because in our garden we have kind of have a large patio area with which is the width of the house and then the side area where we have a gate to the driveway. Then there's steps down into the rest of the garden where the greenhouse, pond and shed all reside. So the area at the top which hasn't got much going on apart from some table and chairs is literally perfect for a wide conservatory which I'd probably turn into my little office area and blog photo taking area. Even if I set it up in the corner of the conservatory I would still make it my own and make it all cosy with fairy lights, many plants (preferably ones that are easy to keep alive lol), candles and maybe a nice comfortable chair and a rustic looking bookcase too.

I think that we will opt for a white conservatory when we do get around to getting one as it would go with the rest of our house as our windows are white and we're mostly interested in either a Lean To or Edwardian style one. Also if and when we do decide to get one I'll definitely do a blog post all about how I style it and make it look all cosy, so keep a look out for that!

In the meantime I've already been planning on what I'd love to have in the currently non-existent conservatory to show off my personality but also to make it a perfect working place. So I thought I'd do a mini wishlist in this post to show some of the things I've been having a look at.

Argos Home High Level Desk in Oak Effect - £70 / Light Supplier Rosa Copper Industrial Style Pendant Light - from £106.33 / New Look Gold Frame Peg Board - £9.99 / Sass and Belle Scandi Boho Geo Rug - £25

How nice is the High Level Desk in Oak Effect from Argos? I can't believe it's only £70 too! It definitely fits the aesthetic I would be going for in my ideal cosy office space and I like that I could fill the shelf above the desk with unnecessary clutter like I always do and maybe wrap some cute string lights around it too or something.

I have been looking at LED Pendant Lights For Offices because I think they look kind of like a statement piece without going overboard but I feel like they can really make a room just "go" together depending on the style you choose. I really like the look of the Rosa Copper Industrial Style Pendant Light because I really like industrial styled offices with a slight feminine modern touch and I feel like the copper would compliment the desk quite well. 

I love cute little peg boards to put photos and motivational postcards and things like that on. So I think an office space would be a perfect place to hang a peg board to cheer me on when I'm busy working. 
I've also been looking on Sass & Belle for home ware a lot recently and came across the gorgeous Boho Geo print rug and I think it's so nice. It'd also give the room/space a little pop of colour with the yellow tassels too.

Argos Walker Office Chair in Black - £80 / Sass & Belle Rattan Mirror - £25 / New Look Brown Leopard Beaded Box - £8.99 / Matalan Cheese Plant in Pot - £25

I know the office chair from Argos looks a bit old fashioned but I must admit after buying two office chairs in the past year because they look nice and not thinking about the comfort they provide, I definitely think that you can't go wrong with old-fashioned office chairs that look like they've come from the 90's. They seem to be more comfortable and have more support for your back - which I definitely need!

Another thing I've come across from Sass & Belle is the gorgeous rattan mirror in the large size (it is available in medium too). I kind of want to buy it for my room for when I paint it teal but I've literally just bought a new mirror less than a month ago and I don't want to be overrun with mirrors! But we'll see if I cave and just buy it anyway...

The New Look Brown Leopard Beaded Box is a perfect example of clutter I tend to have on my desk or on my bookcase. Do I need it? No. Will I even use it? Probably not. But it's still cute and I love the idea of adding some wooden items to the industrial kind of aesthetic to make it look more homely and cosy. 

Lastly is an artificial plant from Matalan which I'm a bit obsessed with. I am planning on going Matalan soon so if I see the Cheese Plant in my local store then it's coming home with me! I don't really have any space for it right now but still... it's only £25 and I can't kill it either so I think it's a must have.


Do you have any plans to add on, revamp or restore any part of your home? If I could afford it in the future I'd love to buy a pretty run down house for a cheap price and restore it to all it's glory. It's actually something I've wanted to do since I was a lot younger.

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-This post is in collaboration with CICA UK, all opinions are my own-

Sexual Abuse Compensation

Any sort of abuse is horrible to see or hear about, whether it's on TV on the news, on a TV show or whether it's right in front of you and it's happened to a friend or family member. It shouldn't happen at all but unfortunately it still does. Obviously if it has happened to someone you love and care about then it not only affects the victim but it also affects the people around them too. In this post I'm going to be talking about ways you can help a loved one to overcome sexual abuse and how to be there for them in the right way. 

Be there to talk at any hour of the day - 
I'm starting off with a pretty simple one which is to just be there for your loved one no matter what time or day it is. Even if that means having them stay at your house or you stay at their house so they know that you're 100% there for them and that they have your complete support. Also sitting down and listening to their side of the story about what took place, although hard, will also help them to accept what has happened and help them to move past the trauma in time to come too. Another thing you should do is to let them express their many emotions and get it out in the open, so the emotions don't build up inside.

Talk to your loved one about considering claiming sexual abuse compensation -
Although it's not going to change the fact that the sexual abuse happened you should talk to the victim about considering claiming Sexual Abuse Compensation when the time is right. CICA UK are experienced sexual abuse compensation solicitors and they work on a no win no fee basis. However they do have a claim limit of either 2 years after the incident took place or 2 years after it has been reported to the police. But they do have special exceptions such as if you were unable to report it at the time due to your safety. The compensation can be put towards recovering any financial loss, to pay for therapy and/or counselling and anything else the victim feels will help them in life.

Help out with their day-to-day life -
Simple daily things may be quite scary and overwhelming to someone who has experienced abuse. Some people completely shut down for a while because of the initial shock. So just being there for your loved one in their day-to-day life will help them loads. Whether this means just helping out around the house with any house work, looking after their children if they have any, food shopping and etc. 

Get Helpline/Support Group advice -
You could also talk to your loved one about potentially talking to a helpline who deals with people who have been abused and are experienced in giving out helpful advice. There are also support groups for people who have experienced different abuse too. But it's up to the victim if they feel it will help them so don't pressurise them as again, it may be really overwhelming and upsetting for them.

Trust -
Lastly is just letting your loved one know that they can trust you no matter what. Trust is a big thing in life for all of us anyway but when it comes to someone being abused/assaulted it means a lot more as their trust will be at an all time low and they will need help in gaining trust in people again.

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-This post contains PR/gifted items, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
When it comes to keeping my life organised I tend to go through phases of being really good and really bad. I would say that at the beginning of the year I was really good at keeping on top of everything but it's slowly gotten worse as the year has gone on. So when new company Mål Paper got in touch asking if I'd like to review their Daily Goal Setter Planner RRP £20.95* I obviously said yes as it was about time I got my life organised again. 

The Daily Goal Setter Planner has an uncomplicated daily, weekly and monthly planning area which I really appreciate. I really like the weekly review layout and daily review layout in particular. The weekly review has four sections - 

Five Most Important Tasks Of The Week
Tasks Of Secondary Importance

Additional Tasks 
Review Your Week

I feel like this really helps you to separate the important and urgent things on your to-do list and stops you stressing over the little things that don't really matter if you don't complete them by the end of the week. I'm also a fan of the review your day/week and month sections of the planner in general too. 

The daily pages are a little different but I'm also enjoying the layout. On these pages you have - 

3 Things To Be Grateful For
Daily Affirmations
Today's Tasks/Notes
Great Things That Happened Today
Rate Your Day

 The planner is a PU Faux Leather Softback and available in three different colours - Black, Grey and Pink. It contains 256 pages and will last for 6 months so I think it's priced well. It also has information and a "cheat sheet" on how to set goals, become more productive and also practice gratitude which I think is a lovely addition to a daily planner and makes it a little more special. It's also undated so you can start using it during any month of the year and you won't waste any pages if you're having a week or two off work. It also contains 2 ribbon dividers and document holder at the back which I've found is handy to pop receipts, letters and things like that inside before filing them.

I'm quite old fashioned and I like to write my lists down on paper rather than on my phone. I find it's more satisfying to tick or scribble things off on a paper to do list and I also find that if I do my to do lists on my phone then I end up being distracted by my phone and any notifications I have (It's so bad, I know!). So when I saw that the planner had a section for daily to-do lists which has lots of space for both my to-do list and my big hand writing, I was very happy.

I feel like it's a must have if you're struggling with motivation and it's a good way to monitor your goals and as I've already mentioned you can also write how you're feeling day to day as it has a "rate your day/week/month" section at the bottom of the daily, weekly and monthly tasks, which I think is a good idea. You can also pick up on patterns of certain times of the month when your day might have gone great but you're feeling a bit off. I guess in a similar way to the Clue app does but on paper. 

Something else I've realised whilst I've been using this planner is that on days which pretty uneventful I'm finding little things to appreciate and to write down on my "3 things to be grateful for" section on my daily section, which I think is really nice and that alone has kind of helped to put me in a better mindset some days.

I'm kind of using the planner how I see fit but I'm also getting the hang of using it in the way Mal Paper are inspiring people to use it too. I do seem to be struggling with the "Daily Affirmations" section and I don't know why. But overall I think it'd make a perfect gift for someone who is either planning big things or struggling with motivation - or both. It's just a good way to declutter my mind and get everything down on paper and motivate me.

If you're interested in picking up a Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner then you can pick one up here. You also get 10% off your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter and they offer free UK standard delivery on all orders.

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-This post contains a PR/Gifted item, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
I'm not going to lie when I first saw Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadows* on my insta feed I was a little sceptical. I'm not the best at applying eyeshadow (well I don't think I am anyway) so I tend to either wear a very little amount or none at all. I tend to opt for browns, coppers, golds and pink - although pink can sometimes be a bit disastrous and I end up making myself look like I have pink eye and if I opt for a purple-brown shade I end up looking like I've been in a fight, so yep that's great lol. I recently got an email from the PR who look after Eye Majic asking if I'd like to try them out for myself and I thought why not? 

Inside each £5.99 box which are available from Amazon you get 5 applicator pairs and the box says that you can get "professional eyes in just 10 seconds". All of the applicator pads have three different shades for your lid, crease and highlight and they're also cruelty-free, paraben free and recyclable. I was sent three different packs to try out for myself. Something I will say straight away is that I really appreciate the fact that Eye Majic have loads of different colours to choose from so there's definitely something for everyone no matter your age, skin tone etc.

Above - Shade: 21
Above: Shade - 57

I was sent the shade 57 which contains a light, medium and dark brown which I really liked the look of for an everyday kind of look. I was also sent the shade 21 which looks like it's going to give you more of a purple shade but once I blended it out I found it looked more of a bronzed-purple shade (kind of weird but I also really like how it turned out) and the final shade I was sent is 12 which I'm still yet to try. Shade 12 is definitely the most vibrant out of the colours I was sent with a pink shade being the main colour. 

For my first attempt I tried the Shade 21 pack and it didn't go too bad which I was shocked about to be honest. To apply you just raise your eyebrow to flatten the surface and then press the applicator against your eyelid whilst applying some comfortable pressure, swipe across slightly and then blend in. The video tutorial does say to use the applicator to blend out any harsh lines or user errors but I just used my blending brush which kind of made the colours all blend together but you could see the other colours peeking through which I think looked really nice. I also didn't have any issue with fallout with both of the shade packs I've tried so far. I even applied the Instant Eyeshadows before putting my base on which I never do because I was so sure I would most likely have some fallout to deal with.  

I think once you get the hang of it, it's super quick and easy to do and I think they are great if you're in rush, going to a festival, or if you struggle with eyeshadow application (like myself) and I could see these working for people with disabilities who struggle with using brushes and things like that. I also think you could easily blend the shadows in with your index finger if you wanted to because they are super smooth and almost creamy. 

Shades: 21 (top) and 12 (bottom)

I have seen mixed reviews floating about but I personally think these are great and coming from someone who is pretty useless with eyeshadow application, that's got to mean something... right?! I like how they are available to buy from Amazon and they are also available on Prime so you can get them the next day if you needed them ASAP. I also think they are affordable at £5.99 per pack of 5 pairs which makes them just over £1 per pair. One thing I will say is that Eye Majic claim that you can use each applicator pair for up to 3 times but I think they're more of a single use product if you want to get an even, vibrant eyeshadow look but other than that I can definitely say that I'm a fan and I shall be buying some more shade options in the near future.

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-This post is in collaboration with Headley Tyres, all opinions are my own-
Ever since I first started to learn to drive which feels like many moons ago now, I've always had my dad telling me to always make sure your car is safe and check over everything often - particularly the brakes and tyres. He's basically like a teacher and preaches about things a lot (which I'm not going to lie, it can get annoying at times haha) but when it comes to safety I guess it's a good thing. In this post I'm taking about some simple ways and tips on checking your tyres are safe and road worthy and where you can go for new tyres if you live in or near Basingstoke. 

Sort Small Wear and Tear Issues - 
If your car has some small wear and tear issues then don't leave them for too long because wear and tear will just get worse as time goes on and it'll probably leave you with a bigger bill at the end of the day as wear and tear tends to lead to bigger problems. So it's best to just nip it in the bud and get it sorted sooner rather than later. Another little tip is to make sure you clean your tyres properly often because this is a good time to can check for any wear and tear, bulges or onset cracks.

Checking Your Tyre Pressure - 
You should make sure that checking your tyres is something you do at least once a month and also before travelling either long distances or on motorways for obvious reasons. It would be better if you checked every couple of weeks though for the ultimate peace of mind. You should always check your tyres when they are cold and make sure you use a reliable tyre pressure gauge. If you check your tyre pressure when your car or tyres are warm then it won't tell you an accurate reading as the pressure increases as your car get hot. Also don't forget to put your valves back on after checking the pressure! 

Check The Tyre Tread Every 2-4 Weeks - 
The reason why it's so important to make sure you check your tyre tread often is because the less amount of tread on your tyres means a bigger breaking distance as there isn't as much grip left. This means when you brake, you won't come to a stop as quick as you'd like. This is particularly dangerous if you need to do an emergency stop. Also if the weather conditions are bad then you could easily slide off the road or into another car/person so it's just not worth the risk of driving around with bad tyres. Another reason why you should sort out your tyres is because if you are pulled over by the police and you're found to have one or more tyre with a tread depth below the legal limit then they will fine you £2,500 and add 3 penalty points to your license (per tyre!). 

The law says that you should have at least a 1.6mm depth but many known manufacturers would recommend changing your tyres before then when they are at around 3mm depth. So how do you check your tyre tread? You can use a special device called a tread depth gauge or you can do the "20p test" which I tend to use just because I personally find it easier. To do this you just place a 20p coin into the grooves of each tyre and see if you can see the outer band of the coin. If you can't see the band then your tyre is safe and above the legal limit of 1.6mm but if you can see the outer band of the coin then it means your tyres are not legally safe and need changing.

Get New Tyres Fitted ASAP -
If you are in need of some new tyres then get it done ASAP! It's just not worth the risk of potentially putting yourself, anyone who is a passenger in your car and also other people on the road. In Basingstoke tyres are available at Headley Tyres. You can also pop in to get a free tyre check if you have any doubts about how your tyres are doing. 

They stock a huge range of tyres from popular makes and sizes and they are also able to source almost anything within a day or two from their manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. You can order your tyres easily on their site by entering your registeration number and the tyre size you need. You then just choose a brand and book a date and time which suits you. 

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-This post contains PR/Gifted items as I am part of Dermalogica's Skinfluencer programme, however it contains no paid content. All opinions are my own- 
After my review of the Clear Start Starter Kit*, Dermalogica asked if I would like to try out their two new skin clearing products which are both targeted at adult breakout prone skin. The two new products both contain the active ingredients Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide. So in this post I'm going to be sharing how I've got on with both products and if I recommend them. 

The AGE Bright Clearing Serum RRP £58* has basically been a bit of a revelation for my skin. If you read my recent blog post about having to switch to the mini pill (when I didn't want to) and how it's affected my skin then I can now say I've found a product which has helped to clear up the weird spots. It hasn't completely got rid of them and I can still see the pesky little devils under my makeup but there isn't as many of them and they aren't as noticeable as they were. I know it's the AGE Bright Clearing Serum which has helped because I haven't tried any other new skin clearing treatment product during the time I've been trying out the two new products from Dermalogica. I'll still raise the skin issue when I next see my doctors (when my health anxiety lets me that is) just to see what she thinks and if there's anything she can prescribe that can completely get rid of the weird bumps/spots without having to switch pills again but for now I'm happy to continue using the Clearing Serum to minimise and manage the problem. I've also seen an improvement in my skin overall in terms of how often it breaks out and how much quicker the breakouts go too. So I would definitely buy it again! 

The AGE Bright Spot Fader RRP £40.50* is a two-in-one spot treatment which aims to reduce the appearance of active breakouts and post breakout marks. The Salicylic Acid helps to clear any active breakouts and the Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol both work together to help fade any post-breakout marks which also improves uneven skin tones. I really like that it has a spatula-like applicator for ease of use and I also like that you can lock the product so that it doesn't spill out if the tube is accidentally squeezed. It's also good if you're on the go or travelling. I think it works well at reducing any redness and swelling especially if you apply it before going to bed. However out of the two new products I personally prefer the AGE Bright Clearing Serum* just because I feel like I have seen better results from using it every day and I can use it all over my face whereas the AGE Bright Spot Fader is more of a targeted treatment. I also personally think it's quite pricey for the 15ml size so if I was to pick it up again then I'd try and find it at a discounted price. 

But overall they both work at reducing and clearing up spots and any post-breakout marks so I would say if you're someone who doesn't get frequent spots but you want something at hand for when a spot pops up then the AGE Bright Spot Fader* is probably for you. If you're someone like me who has to deal with breakouts and scarring quite often then you'll probably like the AGE Bright Clearing Serum* more.

Have you tried the new products from Dermalogica or are you planning to?
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-This post contains an affiliate link-

I'm always trying to up my blogging game one way or another but there are definitely some things I really want to get better at and I thought I'd talk about what they are in this post and how I'm planning on achieving my blogging game goals this year.

Increase My DA Score -
I really want to get my DA score up to 28-30 because it's been stuck at 25 for a few months now. The main reason why I would love to get it past the DA 25 mark is so I can apply for more DA 25+ paid opportunities when they arise. Obviously when you have a higher DA score it also usually means that you'll be able to get paid a larger amount when it comes to paid blogging collaborations too (most of the time anyway) and your girl has bills to pay and being a self-employed blogger is hard when we go through quiet spells.

Reach Out To More Brands - 
At the beginning of the year I decided that every Sunday evening I would try and reach out to 3 or 4 brands or companies to work with on either a gifted or paid basis. But I feel like I've let this slip a little. I also feel I've lost my confidence a little because there's so many other bloggers around me doing so well for themselves (which is great!) but I feel like my content is no where near as good as theirs. I do want to start doing reaching out to brands/companies/PRs on a Sunday evening again though.

Use Affiliate Links More - 
I'll be honest I tend to forget about affiliates because I just feel like you have to put in more effort when you barely make any money from them each month. However I do want to try and use them more in posts and just see if it's worthwhile to actually use them again now that my monthly page views has increased by a lot. So yep, expect to see more affiliate links in my blog posts starting from now.

Change Up My Photography A Little - 
I have already actually started doing this but I thought I'd pop it in here anyway because I do have a few other photo set up ideas which I'm going to test out soon. Obviously with having chronic pain, taking photos for my blog/insta really kills both my back and pelvic pain and makes it flare up quite bad. I usually have to get in bed after taking photos because it hurts that much. But I do feel like I'm a little bit bored of my photos right now. I have been using my gallery wall as a background lately as well as my polka dot bedding from Asda which I purposely bought so I could use it as a background when it's on my bed and I've also started to use my "Simplicity" backdrop from photobackdrops.co more often. I also really want to take more home, lifestyle and fashion kind of photos on my insta too. I just feel like having a good mixture will break up my grid a bit. I've also been *trying* to cut back on using my fake flowers in my photos but I just think they are a good space filler but I am on the lookout for new props at the minute.
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