*This post is in collaboration with Health Labs

As you may have seen on my social media, my health has not been great this year at all and I still don’t really have any answers why my body has basically turned against me either. But because of my ongoing health issues I’ve had to change up my diet quite a lot and go from being a pescatarian to a full on veggie within a matter of weeks as I realised that eating fish was setting off my diagnosed stomach and pelvic pains even more as well as giving me acid reflux (which is something I’d never experienced in my life until now and wow, it sucks) I've also realised that my body doesn't currently like some other foods including some of my favourite fruit and vegetables from strawberries, broccoli, carrots and most chocolate brands too *sob*. It’s all kinda weird... believe me I know. I’ve been tested for IBS/IBD and basically had a full on MOT on my body and I still have no idea what’s going on and it’s just been getting me down.

Although I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately, I’ve definitely accumulated a lot of new products over the past couple of months. But I thought I’d switch it up a little in this ‘New In’ post and do a cruelty-free edition instead because the majority of my makeup collection is now cruelty-free.

*this is a collaborative post 

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out and using the new Cactus Crush range by Lee Stafford* which has been made to hydrate your hair without weighing it down. So it's perfect for the Summer months! After using all four products in the range for the past few weeks I thought it was time to share my thoughts.