Trying Out Tamaar Skincare's Sebum Balancing Cream Complex

Monday, 24 June 2019

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-This post contains a PR/gifted item, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
If you read my blog often then I'm sure by now that you'll know I have an oily skin type as I'm always banging on about it. So when I got an email about trying out new skincare brand Tamaar Skincare who are a Natural, pH Balanced and Pharmacist led brand I was excited to see that they have a product which is aimed at oily skin and blemish prone skin which helps to balance excess sebum - which sounded ideal for my skin type!

Tamaar was founded by a pharmacist who has been researching the ingredients of these products for years. The main ingredient of all Tamaar Skincare products is Tamarind Seed Extract. Tamarind is a safe and effective skin brightening agent which actually outperforms hyaluronic acid in moisturising the skin and helping to improve and smooth out wrinkles. Also all of Tamaar Skincare's products are formulated with a climate responsive emulsifier which is based on patented technology that transforms natural waxes to automatically adapt to the local environment and climate. The products are also free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance, preservatives, GMO, alcohol and are cruelty free too!

The Sebum Balancing Cream Complex RRP £47* has a multi-action formula which contains Neem (which I know works really well with my skin already!), Grape Seed Oil, Tamarind Seed, Annatto and Curcuma Longa extracts which have all been carefully selected for their antimicrobial, skin calming and nourishing properties. This means that the product will help to balance out excess sebum without over-drying skin. I hate buying products which are all about reducing your oiliness but then they basically strip your skin of everything and you're left with flaking skin. This is why I don't like to use facial soaps anymore. I used to be a die-hard fan of the LUSH Coalface soap but I realised it was really drying out my skin so I stopped using it and I haven't looked back since.

I feel like the product has been helping with my skin's excess sebum, although I do still have quite oily skin in general so it hasn't completely stopped me from having an oily skin type. But I can see and feel a difference when using the Sebum Balancing Cream Complex* so I know they ingredients definitely help reduce sebum. I also like that it's a very lightweight cream as I find that heavy creams can block up my pores and make me break out quite bad. Also with it being a lightweight cream, it dries quickly and it doesn't feel sticky or tacky after application which I prefer in a moisturiser/cream. Something which I do want to mention is that it does have a weird smell which I'm not super keen on, but it isn't that much of a big deal really as the smell doesn't stick around for long, but I just thought I'd mention it anyway. It's not a horrible smell but it's just an odd smell to me personally. It smells very natural if you get what I mean? 

I know it's not all about how the product looks and it's more about how it performs but I think the bottle design is really pretty with it's frosted glass bottle and gold lid and pump. It looks nice sitting on my bedside table with my bedside beauty bits. It is obviously a high-end product with it being priced at £47 for a 30ml bottle but I do think I'd repurchase it. It probably isn't something I'd be able to buy at a drop of a hat and as soon as I run out (woo, self employment life) but if I had the money spare and I wanted to splurge on a beauty product I would probably buy it then as I do see and feel a difference when using it.

If you don't have an oilier/blemish prone skin type then Tamaar have also got you covered as they have their Rejuvenate Anti-Ageing Cream and their Lighten Lightening and Moisturising Cream which is supposed to be great for dark under eye circles!

I really like that Tamaar Skincare are also proud members of B1G1 - Business for Good. For every product purchased, a forest tree is planted to help support the environment! So it's a nice feeling knowing that your purchase is helping the environment a little too. 

They've also kindly given me a discount code to share with you (not affiliated) but if you're interested in getting 20% off all products then use my code: astoldbykirsty20 
(offer ends 31st July)

Have you heard of or tried Tamaar Skincare before?

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5 Ways To Fund Your Dream Holiday *

Saturday, 22 June 2019

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-*This post is in collaboration with Cash Lady-
Sometimes, in order to make your dream a reality, you have to think outside of the box. This is especially true when it comes to saving up for your dream holiday. Getting to your ideal destination probably won’t be cheap, so you’ll have to think of how you’ll get the money together.
Securing a short-term loan is one of the best ways to finance the trip of a life time, and there are plenty of fantastic rates available and useful online tools that will help you balance your budget. And if that still isn’t enough, here are another 5 ways to fund your dream holiday.
1. Create A Travel Fund
One of the easiest ways to start saving for that dream holiday is to start putting money directly into a special account. Especially ones that make it more difficult to withdraw from. Using something like the Digit app means all the hard work is done once you set it up. The app automatically takes small amounts of money from your account every day and stashes it away. And anytime you want to stop you simply set a limit, or just hit pause.
2. Get Budgeting
You’ll be amazed how much money you can save by cutting back on some of your outgoings. When you take a step back to realise what is going out of your account every month, you’ll soon find there are plenty of ways to cut back so you can put the extra money aside. If you need some help with your budgeting there are plenty of sites that can help. You might not be able to enjoy all of the same luxuries, but when you are booking that dream holiday, it will all seem worth it.
3. Make A Change Jar
If you put away as little as £2.74 a day into your change jar, by the end of the year you’ll have saved £1,000. That’s £19.18 a week, or £83 a month. The small change that hangs around forever in your purse or wallet can finally be put to good use. Save your daily coffee money for a year and you are guaranteed to hit a grand. Stick a photo of your dream destination around the jar for motivation, so you always know what you are doing it for!
4. Sell Your Old Junk
With sites like Ebay and Depop online, it’s easy to sell old clothes, shoes and anything else you think might be of value. Over time we all hang onto items we no longer use, but usually for no good reason at all we let them sit there collecting dust. Rather than giving your stuff away for free to charity, trying selling them so you can use the money to reinvest in your dream holiday. Recycling is the buzzword of the moment and this way everyone wins.
5. Get A Part-Time Job
If after all the budgeting, cutting back and saving you still can’t raise enough money, it might be worth looking at getting a part-time job. Of course, you probably already have a full-time one, and getting a second job isn’t exactly the most exciting idea. However, it won’t be forever and all of the money you earn can go straight into your savings. Even a few hours a week can make all the difference. Failing that, ask your boss if you can put in some overtime. Just picture yourself lying on that beach, drink in hand, without a care in world – you’ll be there sooner than you know it.
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Switching To The Mini Pill... When I Didn't Really Want To

Friday, 21 June 2019


If you read this post back in March then you'll know that I decided to go on the pill to see if it'd help with my chronic pelvic pain/suspected endometriosis. Unfortunately during my last doctors appointment back in April my doctor kicked off about my weight (instead of actually discussing how my pain has been since being on the pill) and she took me off the combined pill immediately. She switched me to the mini pill instead which is commonly known as the POP pill. It contains progesterone only and you take it daily as opposed to the combined pill which you take for 21 days and then have a 7 day break. When she told me she was putting me on Cerazette I literally muttered "Oh shit" under my breath because I've read and heard so many horror stories about that pill in particular from irregular bleeding, cystic acne, continuous bleeding, weight gain, mood swings and so on. But I know that going on the combined pill helped relieve my chronic pelvic pain a little and I personally felt that the side effects I had from going on the pill were worth it in exchanged for less intense pain every single day. 

As I write this I've just started my third month of Cerazette and once again it's been a wild journey. I definitely feel like I've experienced more side effects on Cerazette but I also feel like it's been helping my pain a little bit more than Microgynon did so I'm still kind of weighing up the pros and cons if I'm being totally honest. 

So let's talk about what side effects I've been dealing with over the past couple of months... 

First of all I've got to talk about my skin and what's been going on with it. When I was on the combined pill I went about 2 months with pretty much pristine spot-free skin, which was amazing! Especially as I'm quite prone to spots normally and I have oily skin. Literally within about 3 days after going on Cerazette my skin started breaking out like crazy and it also got super oily. I was so pissed off and I almost stopped taking it there and then. Then about a week of being on it I noticed I was getting these weird bumps on my cheeks (mainly on the left side) and since then they've got bigger and have spread out more across my cheeks. You may have seen this tweet when I was asking if anyone had any ideas on how to help get rid of them (p.s I look rough AF in the photo but please ignore that lol). So it's probably something I'm going to have to talk about with my doctor when I go and see her again because they're really affecting my confidence which isn't great anyway as they're really visible through my high coverage foundations and concealers. I'm currently trying various different skincare acids from Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic to see if any of them will help but so far I haven't seen much improvement.

I also had really bad pain in my boobs for a week straight during my first month of being on the mini pill. If I accidentally knocked them or lay on them without a cushion supporting me I would literally yelp out in pain. I couldn't wear any sort of bra for that whole week either. But I'm guessing that my body was adjusting to the mini pill as I didn't experience it during my second month. Thank god. 

Another symptom which I think is pill related is that I feel bloated more often and you can literally see my belly bloating up and down. I also gained another 8lbs like I did when I first went on the combined pill. So I'm guessing an 8lb gain is the norm for my body and if/when I switch pills now. How fun... Not. Especially when I already have the doctors banging on about my weight instead of actually trying to figure out what's causing my chronic pain. I've also been experiencing nightmares quite often but I don't know if that's immediate side effects of the pill or if it's just because I've been dealing with a lot of stressful things over the past couple of months. But it sucks either way. Ugh.

So let's talk about the positives... I haven't had a period in two months. Absolutely nothing. Which I suppose is a good thing but I feel like if I was in a relationship right now then I'd probably be in full on meltdown most of the time thinking I'm pregnant. I still get period-like cramps around the time of the month I'd be getting a period but it's nowhere near as bad as it normally is. I just stick a BeYou patch on and hug my hot water bottle for a few hours (lol) and they both help to settle the pain. I've also not been having the bad mood swings that Microgynon gave me when I'd either feel super angry at nothing or I'd be crying over something silly so I don't feel as if I'm going completely crazy on Cerazette. Another big positive is something I've already mentioned which is that I *think* it's helping my daily pain more than Microgynon did. I still have pain daily and it still affects my quality of life but I know for a fact if I come off the pill I'm going to go straight back to the way I was before I was on the pill and I was not in a good state of mind back then, to the point that the way how I was feeling mentally was scaring the shit out of me. I still have bad mental health days but I don't feel like I'm in a constant depressive mood. It's either that or I'm just getting used to chronic pain life.

So overall even though I've been dealing with a lot of side effects I feel like I'm just going to stick it out a little longer and see how I go. I'm hoping my skin will clear up or settle down or that I'll find something which helps get rid of the weird bumps/spots and I'm also hoping that I don't gain any more weight. I also hope that the boob pain stays the hell away because that was brutal. I don't need any extra pain thank you very much lol.

Have you been on the mini pill before? 
If so, did you have any of the same side effects as me?

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What Is HydraFacial And Why Do You Need It? *

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


-*This post is in collaboration with Elite Aesthetics-
HydraFacial is the new facial skincare solution that is sweeping the nation. With dedicated followers all over the world, and a HydraFacial being performed every 15 seconds, it’s one of the most popular aesthetic and beauty treatments on the market. Suitable for all skin types and tones, and able to treat a huge variety of skin problems and conditions, it’s one of the most popular and effective facial treatments available. 

What Does HydraFacial Do? 
HydraFacial can be used to treat the appearance of a variety of skin complaints, as well as to promote long term skin health, and give you smooth, healthy, glowing skin with instant results, and in the long term too. 

HydraFacial can be used to: 

● Reduce the appearance and severity of fine lines and wrinkles. 
● Make skin look plumper, younger and bouncier. 
● Even out the skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven pigmentation. 
● Reduce redness in the skin, including redness often seen by sufferers of rosacea
● Make the skin appear brighter, glowing and more vibrant. 
● Smooth skin texture, including acne, congestion and blackheads on the skin’s surface. 
● Reduce the appearance of brown age spots. 
● Reduce the severity and improve the appearance of sun damaged skin. 
● Combat oily and congested skin, reducing the appearance of acne. 
● Reduce the appearance of active acne by cleansing and extracting impurities from the skin. 
● Reduce the appearance of clogged or enlarged pores. 
A treatment that can be used to improve almost any skin complaint by using its revolutionary cleansing and extraction technology. 

How Does HydraFacial Work? 
HydraFacial uses its own patented, revolutionary vortex technology to effectively apply a variety of cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing serums to the skin. 

HydraFacial is so popular as it can be tailored and customised to your skin specifically, making sure your treatment is highly effective for your skin complaints. By using different tips of the HydraFacial device at each stage of the treatment, HydraFacial can effectively cleanse, tone, exfoliate and nourish the skin. HydraFacial can also be combined with treatments like facial massage or LED Facials to further improve the effects of the treatment. 

During the basic HydraFacial treatment, the treatment begins with Vortex Exfoliation, which uses gentle hydradermabrasion techniques and vortex technology to exfoliate debris from the skin’s surface and cleanse the skin entirely. 

The tip of the device is then changed, and a serum of rejuvenating skincare acids is applied to the skin. This helps to loosen impurities like blackheads, dirt and other substances in the pores, cleansing the deep layers of the skin and encouraging faster cell turnover to brighten and boost the skin. 
After this, gentle suction is used to remove all the dirt and debris from the pores, cleansing out congested areas of skin and clogged pores. 

Then, serums are applied to add hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, effective antioxidants and concentrated peptides into the skin to refresh and rejuvenate the skin, and leave it looking and feeling clear, soft and smooth. 

After treatment you can get back to your day straight away, and it can take as little as 30 minutes! 

Why Is HydraFacial Right For Me? 
HydraFacial is such a popular treatment as it can be tailored to any skin type or concern, with the same beautiful, glowing results every time. Loved by customers and practitioners alike for its consistent, beautiful results, there’s no reason not to try a HydraFacial today. 

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An Exciting New Release! Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

-This post contains a PR sample/gifted item, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
I've tried the original Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm quite a few times and it just doesn't seem to agree with my oily skin as it just seems to a bit too rich. It's so annoying because the products itself is lovely and Moringa is one of my fave scents too and I can understand why it's such a cult skincare product. So when I found out that Emma Hardie were releasing the Moringa Light Cleansing Gel* I was so excited because it's aimed at more oily/combination skin types with it being a lighter consistency (but it is suitable for all skin types). 

They describe the Moringa Light Cleansing Gel* as a lightweight gel-to-oil daily cleanser which is suitable for all skin types. It also purifies and balances the skin and it hydrates and moisturises too - all of which sound perfect for my skin! It's priced at £34 for 100ml bottle so it is what I would call high-end in terms of a cleanser. It contains Moringa, Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil which all help to nourish the skin as well as Omega 6, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which all help to smooth, soften and moisturise. Sea Fennel extract improves the barrier function of the skin which restores the water balances and the Moringa Seed peptides protect the skin from pollution and also purify. Sounds pretty great, right?

 With it being a more pricier cleanser with beneficial properties I've been using it as my second cleanse in the evenings to get the best results. I tend to use two pumps and that seems to be enough. I use it on damp skin and then I apply some water to help emulsify the product and then I work it into my skin and to remove it I use a warm flannel. I'm literally obsessed with this right now! It seems like the perfect mix for my skin as it definitely makes it feel well cleansed but it doesn't make my skin feel as if it's been stripped and it's been leaving it feeling super soft and well nourished. It also smells gorgeous like the original balm cleanser too. I just find Moringa a very calming scent.

If you found that the original Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm wasn't for you then I'd still say to consider trying this as the consistency is a lot lighter as expected and it just feels like a very luxurious and beneficial cleanser to use. You can buy it from the Emma Hardie website, Feel Unique and Marks & Spencer.

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