Chocolate-y Products In Time For Easter From Upcircle Beauty!

Sunday, 5 April 2020

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-If a product is marked with an * then it was PR/gifted to me. This post contains no paid content but does contain an affiliate link-
Upcircle are a 100% natural, cruelty-free brand who are also sustainable and vegan friendly too. They use leftover natural ingredients that would otherwise be going to landfill and bring them back to life by creating beauty products your skin will love. I really like that they are a small business doing big things in the world of beauty. 

I was kindly sent over a couple of products to try out and given what's going on in the world right now, I'm not only eating a lot of chocolate, I've also found myself starting to use a lot of chocolate-y products too (kind of strange, I know) but I think it's just a comfort kind of thing I'm going through right now to be honest haha. So I chose two products that contain Cacao which are the Coffee & Cacao Body Scrub RRP £14.99* and their Chocolate Charcoal Soap Bar RRP £6.99*.

The first product I'm going to be talking about is their Chocolate Charcoal Soap Bar* which smells absolutely delightful which is why I put in the title how these products would be good to treat yourself or someone else to this upcoming Easter. The best way to describe the smell is spicy dark chocolate - it's so nice! You can use the soap on both your face and your body and it contains activated charcoal which draws out toxins and tightens pores and Cacao extract which boosts circulation and brightens up your skin. It's also made with residual chai spices used to create chai syrup. I've used this on both my face and body, but mainly on my face and it is a really nice facial soap that leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed. With it being a soap bar and also containing ingredients which tighten your pores, it does leave your skin feeling a little bit tight after use but as long as you have a nice, nourishing moisturiser to put on afterwards, it's completely fine and I've already seen some improvements in my skin since using it and I'm not breaking out ~as much~ anyway which is pretty good going considering the amount of junk food I've been eating recently. I can imagine this being a good product to use if struggle with acne on your body with it being exfoliating and detoxifying. Also if you're struggling to get your hands on soap, particularly if you're cruelty-free/vegan then I would 100% recommend picking up one of the soap bars from UpCircle. It turns out that a simple soap bar is one of the most effective ways to combat a virus because it dissolves a virus' structure (find out more here). Also, something else I've noticed since switching to a bar of soap to wash my hands is that my hands haven't been drying out as bad! So it's a win-win.

I also chose the Coffee & Cacao Body Scrub* to try because it sounds right up my street. It's made with repurposed coffee grounds from artisan London cafes and contains sea salt, palmarosa and coconut oil. It's also blended with shea butter which moisturises the skin post-scrub. I'm not going to lie when I think of a coffee body scrub, I think eurgh sounds messy but it's actually no messier than a normal body scrub and rinses off your skin easily, I think the fact it contains coconut oil and shea butter helps with this too. Talking of oils, after using the scrumptious smelling scrub, you could definitely go without moisturising your skin if you had to or can't be bothered to because the oils leave a nice amount of nourishment behind. The high levels of antioxidants can help with minimising the appearance of the signs of ageing too. Overall I think it's a lovely scrub to use and it's definitely a good product to use to wake you up in the morning with the strong coffee scent. At first, it smells more like coffee than coffee and chocolate but once you start rubbing the scrub against your skin, the chocolate-y smell comes through too. 

(Kind of a weird "swatch" photo I know but I wanted to show you what the scrub looks like)

I also received two samples in my parcel of their the Face Moisturiser and Cleansing Face Balm but I haven't got around to trying them just yet but I'll do a mini-review over on my insta stories when I try them out, so keep a lookout for that.

If you're interested in buying any of the products above or fancy seeing what other products Upcircle offer then you can get £10 off your first order (min spend £15) by using my affiliate link here. You also get free UK Shipping on orders over £20.

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4 Skincare Products I've Been Using Recently

Friday, 3 April 2020

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-If a product is marked with an * then it was PR/Gifted to me. This post contains no paid content-
I thought I'd talk about some skincare products that I've been using recently as I know the majority of us are stuck at home pretty much 24/7 at the minute with what's going on and I've seen a lot of people kind of joke about how this is the perfect time to really get stuck into their skincare routines. So here are 4 products I've been testing out over roughly about a month on/off and I'd thought I'd let you know what I think about each of them and if they suited my skin. 

First up are two products from Alpha H which are the Balancing Cleanser with Damask Rose (limited edition)* and the Micro Cleanse Super Scrub with Glycolic Acid*. The Balancing Cleanser with Damask Rose is a cream cleanser and although it's not aimed at oily skin types like my own, I thought this would be good for when my skin is acting up and being more on the sensitive/dry side because it does go through spells sometimes. It's aimed at normal, dry and sensitive skin types and they claim it removes makeup as well as toning and re-balancing the skin's natural pH level. The first thing I've got to talk about is how nice the product smells because of the aromatic damask rose scent, it makes you feel like you're in a spa. The product itself is of a creamy-milky consistency which is easy to apply and wash off. I do like this cleanser but it's definitely not one I can use when my skin is being oily because it feels a bit too rich on my skin, although the product itself is lightweight, it's really strange. So I've passed the cleanser on to my mum to use daily as she has quite sensitive skin and if my skin does go through a dry/sensitive phase then I'll try it out then but my mum was happy to take it off my hands. It does work well at removing eye makeup (including waterproof mascara!) so I may steal it off her when I'm having issues removing certain mascaras.

The Micro Cleanse Super Scrub with Glycolic Acid is the perfect scrub to use first thing in the morning with its peppermint scent. The consistency kind of reminds me of the Pixi Peel and Polish which is one of my all-time favourite skincare products, however, the Alpha-H scrub doesn't contain lactic acid. I would say it's quite a gentle scrub (with eco-friendly jojoba wax beads) but it packs a punch because of the concoction of ingredients from caffeine, cucumber, peppermint, glycolic acid, jojoba oil and more. Because of the peppermint, it also leaves you with a tingly, cooling sensation which definitely wakes you up first thing in the morning as I've already mentioned. I've also noticed that my skin looks visibly brighter after using it which is a good sign of it working to remove any debris and blocked pores. I definitely agree with their claim of it being the nearest thing to microdermabrasion in a tube. I'm a big fan!

Next up the KAESO Brightening Vitamin C Drops which I actually won in a giveaway on Lily England's instagram in which they had teamed up with KAESO. I won their Marble Luxe Makeup Brush Set and Bag and some skincare products from KAESO. I haven't got around to trying everything yet but the first thing that caught my eye was the Brightening Vitamin C Drops because I mentioned in a blog post not long ago about how I wanted to try more Vitamin C containing products to see if it helps to boost my skin. I've only used the drops from KAESO a handful of times so far but I have seen a difference when I use it in my skin, especially if I apply it after having a rubbish night's sleep (which is apparently the norm lately). So if you're in the market for some Vitamin C drops that work then I would recommend.

Lastly is a product that I've been a bit scared to use since it arrived which is the Dermalogica Barrier Defense Booster* which is for sensitive, dry skin and it helps to create a barrier against future irritation. The reason why I've been afraid to use it is because it's a concentrated oil and I've actually stopped using (most) oils on my skin now because I just don't think they help drastically and I hate feeling extra oily when I already have an oilier skin type if that makes sense. However, I decided to give it a whirl because I do already like a few products in the UltraCalming range which I never thought would've actually suited my skin. I'm not going to lie, although it's a concentrated oil, it's still pretty oily and it takes a long time to sink into my skin (I'm talking easily an hour, maybe more) and I really do hate feeling like a product is sitting on my skin, so I don't like that aspect of the oil booster. However, I've got to say, the following morning after using this my skin definitely looks less red, my recent breakout on my forehead looked less irritated and my skin had a nice glow about it. I also like the mess-free packaging because instead of it having a dropper, like most oils, you just press the bottom of the product instead and then it "drops" the oil out.

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How Long Should Perfume Last? *

Thursday, 2 April 2020

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-This post is in collaboration with Copy Cat Fragrances-

How Long Should Perfume Last? The concept of how long perfume lasts can be examined in a cross section of ways. This includes the fragrance formulation, its concentration, application, expiration date and even how it is stored. Below, you will find a detailed overview of each point. Fragrance Formulation And Concentration When you are trying to pinpoint how long your perfume will last, this is the first factor you should consider. When you look at the fragrance concentration, this is a good indicator of how long your perfume will last upon application. Parfum holds the highest fragrance oil concentration and thus, it lasts longer. Eau de Fraiche on the other end holds the lowest concentration and therefore, lasts less long. Typically, parfum contains anywhere between 20 to 25% fragrance oils and will last up to 24 hours. Eau de parfum contains 15 to 20% fragrance oils and will last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. Eau de toilettes contain 10 to 15% fragrance oils and will last for several hours and so will eau de cologne, which is normally a lighter variant of Eau de parfum, with up to 5% concentration. Eau de Fraiche, also known as fragrance water or body mist, boasts the lowest concentration at 3 to 5%. Eau de Fraiche will last you within the hour. In addition to the fragrance concentration, the perfume formulation itself also determines how long the perfume will last as well as how it will interact with the surrounding storage environment. Shelf Life AKA Expiration Date Generally, most perfume makers recommend retiring your perfume anywhere between one to three years after usage. Yet, the special formulation of perfume doesn’t resemble that of food. Thus, using it beyond the recommended period will not result in any dire consequences. As such, there are several ways you can preserve your perfume so it can last longer. Your perfume will not alter its intensity yet; you will notice a slight change on the scent after it has been used for long. The scent becomes a tad bit acidic or metallic. This is because, over time, more and more oxygen enters the bottle to oxidize it. This is especially quite significant for perfumes that integrate citrus notes or other similar aromatics. You will also notice an accelerated dry down rate of your perfume. Fragrance Types And Longevity Certain fragrance types will naturally last longer than others. Stable fragrance types such as woody, amber or leather fragrances tend to last longer due to their chemical stability. Additionally, natural ingredients tend to be less stable than synthetic ones. You will not notice significant changes in these fragrance types even after the recommended years of use. In addition, perfumes that bear higher alcohol content tend to also last longer. This is because the increased alcohol content delays the rate at which aromatics are oxidized. Consequently, it is regarded as an important preservative for perfumes. So, you can expect perfume types such as eau de toilette and eau de cologne to last longer than Eau de parfum and parfum. Fragrance types such as clean alcohol free, oil-based and patchouli or citrus-based fragrances on the other end will have a shorter shelf life or scent intensity. So you have to choose to prioritize either the clean aspect of the fragrance or a longer lasting shelf life and intensity. Environmental Factors In addition to the ingredients and fabrication, you should also consider external factors to the longevity of your perfume. Light Light plays a great role in the longevity and intensity of your perfume. You will also notice on your perfume package or bottle that it says, store in a cool and dry place. Thus, as much as it looks attractive on the window area with natural light coming in, it is not a good idea to store your perfume under direct light, this is because the light rays will break down the perfume molecules, ultimately affecting the scent. This is because the breakdown of the molecules makes it unstable and more susceptible to oxidation. Heat Just like light, you should also avoid storing your perfume in places that are too warm. Avoid areas such as your bathroom cabinet, even though it looks appealing. Your perfume should be stored in an area that boasts a temperature of not more than 15 degrees Celsius. This is because excessive heat is more likely to alter the chemical makeup of your perfume and ultimately making it susceptible to oxidation. Stick To One Bottle As much as it is difficult, it is advised to stick to one perfume bottle until it is empty. It is not always easy to do so. On average, many people have at least two to three different fragrances they are using simultaneously. Yet, leaving your perfume idle for too long also increases the risk of alteration by the already absorbed oxygen. Especially for highly concentrated fragrance, it is a good idea to stick to one until it is finished. How To Improve Longevity Apart from its chemical makeup and concentration which cannot be altered, you can still enhance the longevity of your fragrance through storage. As mentioned above, you should always store your perfume in cool and dark areas. Store Your Perfume In A Close Space Your closed cabinet and the closed section of your dresser were probably built just for this. These spaces make an excellent place to store your perfume as they effectively shield it from direct sunlight. you can even invest in those cute vanity boxes or leave it in its original packaging if you want an element of d├ęcor in your room. Store Your Perfume In a Chilled Area You want to maintain your storage temperature. there's no point in shielding the perfume from light if the alternative storage space is too hot. If you reside in warm climates, then adopt a DIY craft to further preserve the perfume. For example, before tossing it into its box or vanity box, you can wrap it with aluminium foil. You can even store it in a refrigerator if it’s safe for your household. Remember, this can be hazardous if you reside with a child in your home. and you don't have to worry about it freezing thanks to the alcohol component. In addition to the storage, you should also adopt other practices that help to preserve its longevity even during application. For example, avoid rubbing it during application and apply it to pressure points for longer lasting results.

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What's New In From Essence This Spring/Summer

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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-If a product is marked with an * then it was PR/Gifted to me. This post contains no paid content-
 Cruelty-free brand Essence have recently released their Spring/Summer range and they kindly sent over a selection of the products for me to try before they were released. So in this post, I'm going to be talking about each product, the price and my overall thoughts. All of the products are super affordable as always and are available to buy from Wilko and/or Feel Unique.

First up is the BYE BYE PANDA EYES! Mascara RRP £3.50* which has an oil-free and vegan formula which wraps itself around your lashes like a gentle film. Obviously, as the name suggests, the product shouldn't clump, crumble or smudge throughout the day. I'm in two minds about this mascara if I'm being totally honest. I agree that it doesn't smudge or crumble during the day but because the brush is quite a basic brush, it just doesn't do much for my lashes personally. When it comes to mascaras I tend to sway towards a brush that's got some sort of curve going on in the middle because I feel like it helps my lashes to curl and stay curled as well as adding some volume and this doesn't do that for me, unfortunately. I guess it depends on your preference and how your lashes behave though. I wouldn't write this mascara off and say it's no good, it just doesn't work for my temperamental lashes.

The My SKIN PERFECTOR Tinted Primer RRP £4* really reminds of Benefit's Original Porefessional Primer with a bit more of a tint. However, because of its mousse-like texture, it's a lot more lightweight and more breathable on the skin. It's a nice product to use when you want a smooth base and a hint of coverage but you don't want to opt for a tinted moisturiser or a foundation. It also works well underneath makeup too. I do really like this primer and it's gone straight into my makeup bag. I do think there could be more shades because right now, there's only three - 10 Light Beige, 20 Nude Beige and 30 Medium Beige.

The other product in the new my SKIN PERFECTOR range is the my SKIN PERFECTOR Loose Fixing Powder RRP £3.80*. I have the shade 20 Nude and unfortunately, it's just a tiny bit too dark for me. Again, I think the shade range could be better because there are only two shades in the range. Even though the powder is a tiny bit too dark for me, I have tried it out anyway to see how it works and I do think it would make a nice everyday powder. It does give your skin a slightly blurred effect like it claims. So if you're looking for a setting powder and would suit either a Light or Nude shade then this might be one to consider!

Next is the gorgeous Witch Side Eyeshadow Palette RRP £10* which I literally said "wow" about when I opened the PR package. It's so pretty and the shades are right up my street! I love the design of the packaging with the holographic open/closed eyes on the front. (I think it's called holographic anyway?). The palette itself offers 15 shades and a range of matte, metallic and glittery shades. It's just a really pretty, versatile palette which you can create so many looks from. My favourite shades are Shadowy, Magic, Talisman and Enchanted. It really is a stunning eyeshadow palette, I also think it would make a nice gift for someone too.

Another palette from the new Spring/Summer range is The NUDE Edition Eyeshadow Palette RRP £4* which is also available in the ROSE Edition for the same price. It contains 10 shades altogether which are a mixture of matte and shimmer shades which all compliment each other nicely. I would say the shimmer shades are the stand out in this palette because they are insanely pigmented for the price. 

They've also released some new liquid lipsticks which are the Stay 8h Matte Liquid Lipstick RRP £3*. There are 9 shades to choose from in total and I have the shade 05 Date Proof which is a mid-pink kind of shade which I think is a pretty shade for Spring. I do like Essence lipsticks in general because they always smell really nice (usually on the sweet side), feel comfortable to wear and they tend to hold up well too. I'll admit I haven't worn this shade for 8 hours but it does seem to have a good amount of staying power and for £3 it's a total steal. I'm already eyeing up a couple of more shades, particularly 02 Duck Face and 03 Down to Earth.

Next is the Coconut Kiss Caring Lip Peeling RRP £2.30* which is a gentle lip scrub. I'm not going to lie, I like quite abrasive lip scrubs (such as the Barry M lip scrubs) because I feel like they really do make a big difference. The Essence one is okay and it is a lot more gentle on your lips with it containing 10% almond oil and coconut rasps as the "scrub" aspect but I feel like it doesn't work as well as a sugar scrub. To me, it just feels like I'm applying a lip balm with bits of coconut in it. It does smell really nice though and it's a good option if you prefer something more gentle! 

Essence have also relaunched their Nail Care range and have sent me the new Nail & Cuticle Cream RRP £2*Jelly Nail Polish Remover RRP £2.80* and Anti Split File RRP £1.30* from the range. The Nail & Cuticle Cream contains coconut oil and it really nice to apply when you're having a pamper to get your nails looking and feeling rejuvenated. I also find the cream less messy than using cuticle oil. The Jelly Nail Polish Remover has a soft pineapple scent which covers up the smell of the nail polish remover a little which I definitely appreciate because the smell of normal nail polish really gets to me and sometimes give me a headache. I have however found that using the jelly nail polish remover does require a little more work to get the nail polish completely off. Lastly is the Anti Split File which has been created for people with thin and brittle nails. It is a good nail file and I definitely prefer these type of nail files over the flimsy ones you get in a pack from Poundland or somewhere.
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10 Binge-Worthy TV Shows To Add To Your Watch List

Friday, 27 March 2020

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I thought I'd do a blog post about some TV shows that I'd highly recommend watching whilst we're all spending more time at home. I've tried to include a mixture of genres but I tend to watch comedies, thrillers, docu-series and dramas the most I would say. So in no specific order, here are 10 TV shows to add to your watch list if you're stuck for ideas. Some of the shows are on Netflix, Now TV but I've also made sure to include some shows which available for free on iPlayer or All4 too.

Good Girls | Genre: Comedy/Drama/Thriller
Good Girls follows three suburban women, Ruby, Annie and Beth who are all stuck for cash and need it desperately. Beth and Annie are sisters and Ruby is their childhood friend. They're sick of trying to make ends meets and just about getting by so in desperation they decide to rob a supermarket. However, they don't realise what exactly they're getting themselves into once they rob the store. I don't want to say much more and give away any big spoilers but it is a really good show and I'm surprised more people don't talk about it. It kind of reminds me of Breaking Bad but with women as the main characters, if you've already watched it or start watching it then you'll know what I mean. Season 1 and 2 are available to watch on Netflix and Season 3 will be coming soon (probably around early summer).

Clique | Genre: Thriller
Clique is another TV show that I feel like was definitely overlooked when it was released. It follows Holly and her best friend Georgia a few weeks into studying at the University of Edinburgh. When Georgia makes friends with an elite clique of girls who are "looked after" by their feminist lecturer Jude McDermid, Holly is concerned when her friend starts to act differently so she starts to stick her nose into their business to find out what they're really about. I don't feel like I've described Clique really well but again, I don't want to say too much and ruin it. But it is a really good show and I'm pretty if you're into thrillers, you'll like it. Both seasons are available to watch on iPlayer.

Stranger Things | Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller
I'm pretty sure everyone and their mum has watched Stranger Things by now but if not, then I definitely think it's worth a watch if you're into sci-fi type of shows. There are also 3 seasons to get through so it'll definitely keep you busy whilst you stay at home. The first season is all about the disappearance of a young boy Will, his friends and family who are all obviously worried about him and frantically looking for him, as well as weird supernatural things going on in the town of Hawkins, Indiana that can't be explained. Oh and there's also the arrival of a young girl named Eleven who has powers. I think the thing that pulled me into watching Stranger Things when it was first released is the fact that it's set in the 1980's to be honest because normally I'm not really into sci-fi shows or movies but I always look forward to watching the latest season of Stranger Things when it's released. It's available to watch on Netflix.

Elite | Genre: Thriller/Drama
Spanish TV show Elite follows a group of elite students as well as three working-class friends (Samuel, Nadia and Christian) who have been given scholarships to study at Las Encinas, the most exclusive private school in Spain after their school collapsed at the fault of a construction company. As expected this causes rivalry from the get-go and lots of judgement from the Elite students. The show is set out in a flashback kind of way and the first season is all about the lead up to the murder of rebellious, elite student Marina who is also Guzman's sister. The best way to describe the show is basically the Spanish version Gossip Girl but with a whodunnit styled murder and a heck of a lot more drama and sex. Obviously, with it being a Spanish show, it's dubbed in English in the UK but there are 3 seasons to binge-watch, the latest season was literally released a few weeks ago which I've already watched. Available on Netflix.

Reign | Genre: Historical Teen Drama
Reign is definitely one of my all-time fave TV shows, I've watched it from start to finish about 4 times. It's loosely based on Mary Queen of Scots life when she is sent to French Court when the convent where she's been living becomes under threat by the English. When Mary arrives at French Court, she is already engaged to Prince Francis (who she has been engaged to since they were both six). Mary has to deal with getting used to life at French Court and figuring out who she can really trust. After being at French Court for a while she begins to have feelings for Francis but what she doesn't know is that his mother Catherine de Medici is trying her best to stop the marriage from happening because of a prophecy she has been told that says that their marriage will be the reason for Francis' death. Obviously, the show isn't 100% historically correct, apart from the obvious things we know about what happened to Mary Queen of Scots. However there are so many good storylines in Reign and it's not just about Mary, there are storylines about her ladies in waiting, Prince Francis, Catherine de Medici, King Henry and more. It's available to watch on Netflix.

The End of the F***ing World | Genre: Dark Comedy Drama
TEOTFW follows James who is a 17-year-old who thinks he is a psychopath and decides that he wants to kill his opinionated, outspoken classmate Alyssa who is dealing with a bad situation of her own at home. When James tries to get closer to Alyssa with his plan in place, she suggests that they should run away together which he agrees to so he can follow up on his own plan. So they end up on a road trip and things go from bad to worse for both of them. TEOTFW is a dark comedy and might not be for everyone, especially right now but I guess it depends on what you like in terms of TV. I think if you like shows like Killing Eve then you'll like this. It's available to watch on All4 and Netflix.

Jane The Virgin | Genre: Comedy/Drama
I started watching Jane The Virgin when I first became unwell back in 2018 with my chronic pain and it was a really good show to take my mind off everything that was going on as I was having loads of tests done and waiting for results at the time. So in that sense, it might be a good show to watch with what's going on in the world right now because it's definitely a show that really keeps you occupied and entertained. It's a very OTT show but I mean that in the best possible way and it's funny and also sad in parts too. It's about Jane who is a 23-year-old devout Catholic and is also a virgin. She lives with her mom, Xo and her grandmother Alma. Because Jane's mom fell pregnant at a young age, Alma is on Jane's case constantly about "no sex before marriage" and Jane wants to respect her grandmother's wishes. However whilst visiting her gynaecologist for a routine appointment, she's accidentally artificially inseminated and not long later she finds out she is pregnant and to make matters worse she then finds out that she knows who the baby's father is. There are a whopping 5 seasons to keep you occupied and it's available to watch on Netflix.

Catfish: The TV Show | Genre: Reality/Documentary
I just had to add Catfish: The TV Show on here because I think it's an easy show to watch and I think the last couple of seasons have been really shocking. If you want a show that you can have on in the background whilst WFH then I would say Catfish is a good option. Available on Sky/Now TV.

Sex Education | Genre: Comedy/Drama
I've already talked about Sex Education quite a few times on my blog and I just had to add it to this list because it's so funny and I think it'll definitely lift your spirits if you're feeling a bit low and lost right now. It follows Otis who is a socially awkward teen whose mother is a very open sex therapist. Although Otis is completely inexperienced when it comes to relationships and sex, after giving out some useful advice to the school bully Adam, his fellow classmate Maeve, who has issues of her own, decides to set up a sex advice business with Otis so they can make some money. If you like shows like The Inbetweeners, Skins and Bad Education then you'll probably like Sex Education. Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix.

Derry Girls | Genre: Comedy
Lastly, is Derry Girls which I've watched all the way through about three times now and it still makes me laugh out loud. It's so simple but so funny, I really wish there were more episodes in each season. It's set in Ireland (obviously) during the end of the troubles in the '90s and follows cousins Erin and Orla and their friends Michelle who is very outspoken, Clare who is an anxious goody-two-shoes and James the "wee English fella" who is also Michelle's cousin. They all attend a catholic girls' school and are taught by nuns, Sister Micheal (my fave character) who is the headmistress, doesn't really give a crap about anything but she is still strict and the show follows all of them trying to navigate through their teenhood whilst the troubles are going on. Available to watch on All4 and Netflix.

What TV shows would you recommend? I'm looking for some new shows to watch!

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