Beauty Wish List *

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I thought I would do a little Beauty Wish List because I've seen quite a few of these lately and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post one on my blog too. So here's what's on my currently Beauty Wish List, I guess you could say it's my Spring/Summer wish list really. 

Ever since I laid eyes on this palette I've wanted it. It contains Hoola, Hoola Lite, Dandelion, Galifornia, Rockateur. But in my eyes the price tag is quite steep considering I'm only really interested in 3 of the products inside - Galifornia, Hoola Lite and Dandelion and in all honestly I don't really need Dandelion because I already own a mini version of it. So I'd basically be paying almost £50 for a blusher and a contour/bronzer. Plus I really love the packaging of the Galifornia Blusher alone because it's just so pretty and such a cool retro style and I love it. I'm sure you'll have seen it on your instagram feeds about 59583 times by now. I think if I see an offer and this palette is eligible then I may pick it up but I'm definitely not about to spend £50 on it (you've got to admit, it is a stunning palette, right?).

Clive Christian Noble VII Cosmos Flower Perfume* - 

"The sumptuous scent of cosmos flower blends with bittersweet cocoa, sensual jasmine and fruity plum giving depth & integrity to this modern gourmande."

This perfume sounds so luxurious and it also sounds like a proper grown up woman scent if that makes sense. Ever since turning 23 back in April, my taste in perfumes and even clothes has changed a lot (kinda strange I know). I love fruity perfumes but with a hint of deeper notes, the kind of scents which smell mysterious and sexy. I like that these kinds of perfumes can be worn throughout the year too. I also love how bold but elegant the bottle is too, it definitely looks like a statement kind of perfume bottle, the type of perfume that takes pride of place in your perfume collection.

Clive Christian also have unveiled more exquisite perfumes, made from the rarest, precious ingredients. You can have a nosey at the website here

Everyone seems to own this palette and again I think it's the packaging is what sells it to me. (Have you noticed I'm a sucker for cute/pretty packaging? lol) I do own a few other palettes which are kind of dupes to the Modern Renaissance palette and I use them a lot so I kind of feel I don't really need this palette but it would be nice to add it to my eyeshadow collection purely for the pretty packaging... doesn't really justify spending just over £40 on an eyeshadow palette really though does it? But let's face it, I will probably cave and buy this soon lol.
Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Eau De Parfum
I own a few samples of this and it does literally smell divine. It's not usually a scent I would go for and I can't really say it smells like a certain scent or anything but I do love it and it stays on literally all day long. Surprisingly I'm actually not too keen on the bottle/packaging of the Divine Decadence, it's just not really my cup of tea. Dare I say I think it looks a tiny bit tacky? (Please don't hate me if you do happen to like the packaging!).

So I own a heck of a lot of liquid lipsticks right now. Me and my mum were having a chat the other day in my room, whilst I was sorting through them all and having a declutter and she kept picking them up saying "they're the same colour!" and etc lol but I really like the look of these Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip liquid lipsticks. I've never tried Beauty Bakerie before but I've only heard good things about them and the fact that their liquid lipsticks stay on literally all day. I think I like the look of Fortune Cookie a little more than Gingersnap but like I said I don't really need more lipsticks right now but I may pick one or two up if I feel like treating myself.

So there's my current Beauty Wish List. 
What's on your Beauty Wish List right now?
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*This post is sponsored by Clive Christian 

I'm a huge fan of affordable makeup but I've never properly tried the brand Essence which is available in Wilko. I think I may have tried out an eyeliner a few years ago but that's about it. I don't know why I haven't tried them sooner because I've really liked using the products I was kindly sent earlier this month. Here is more about what I received and how I got on with them...

Essence Glow and Care Luminous Nail Polish - 05 Love and Care*
I got this gorgeous purple-pink nail polish with a tiny bit of shimmer inside to add the "glow" as stated in the name of the polish. I've been wearing this a lot since receiving it. Considering it's only £1.80 the longevity of the nail polish is so good! I'm definitely picking up some more of these soon. Also when removing the polish my nails don't feel as dried out as they sometimes do and I think it's because of the Kukui Oil present. There's some perfect spring/summer shades in the Glow and Care Luminous too.

Essence Colour Boost High Pigment Nail Paint - 11 Instant Match*
This isn't a colour I would usually pick up but I really like it. It's a very bright, electric blue and would be a great colour to make an outfit "pop" and a great colour to wear during the Summer months or for a festival. Again, it's a fab nail polish for the price of £1.80 and I've already got my eye on a few shades which I've seen online that I'm definitely going to pick up when I'm next in Wilko. It's definitely a 1 coat and go nail polish as stated too, which is great! Perfect if you quickly need to pop on a different shade before leaving the house.

Essence Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Lip Gloss - 13 Red Carpet Starlet*
I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss anymore just because I prefer my liquid lipsticks as I find they are more long lasting but I received this bright red lipgloss and I do really like it. I used to wear red lips a lot a few years ago and this is definitely something I would've been all over back then. If you're looking for a Marilyn Monroe kind of red lipstick colour but in lipgloss form then this is definitely one you should pick up. It's only £2. Obviously, because it's a gloss the longevity isn't long lasting as a lipstick but it's not bad at all. 

Essence Blush Play Sculpting Blush Palette - 10 Play It Peach*
I think this is definitely my favourite out of all the products I was sent. It's a great travel sized blush palette which also contains a pretty, everyday highlighter too. Both of the blushers are also perfect for every day and the pigmentation is really good. It's only £4 which is a complete steal for the quality of the products inside. This palette is definitely my go-to blusher palette right now. You'll be definitely seeing more of this in future blog posts because I can't get enough of it right now. You can pick up the palette in Play It Pink too.

Overall, I've loved testing out Essence and I 100% recommend them. I love that they are a cruelty free brand but still so affordable. I'm definitely going to do an Essence haul soon which I may feature my blog too. 

Which of the products I've mentioned do you like the look of most? 

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*PR samples, all opinions are my own

So I'm just going to start this by saying I'm not writing this post to brag or anything like that. I'm really grateful for all of the brands that I've worked with and who have sent me products. I am also not saying that I'm a pro at working with brands and know all the ins and outs of how it works either. It's just my take on working with brands and what I've learnt so far. Also, I'm going to write about my experience with contacting PR's and red flag signs of dodgy brands. So if you're interested then stick around.

First of all, I would say the main three questions you should ask yourself are:

Do you have a good amount of followers? 
There's no right or wrong amount of followers but obviously, if you only have about 50 followers and you're contacting a brand with thousands of followers then they more than likely won't reply.

Is the brand someone you're actually interested in?
Is the brand a brand you would consider buying from or have bought from before? 

Have you got time to review, take photos and write about this product/item? 
Blogging/reviewing is very time-consuming, people who don't blog don't understand how time-consuming it really is. So make sure you have enough spare time to review, take photos and write about the product/item.

If the answer is yes to all of the above then here are a few tips to get your first brand collaboration.

Social Media
I find in general when looking for brands wanting bloggers to feature/review their products on their blog that twitter is the best way to do it. Search #bloggerswanted, #bloggersrequired or #prrequest and you will more than likely find a brand looking for bloggers to feature and review a product or item which will suit your "niche".

Also searching instagram is another place you can sometimes find brands looking for bloggers too. Brands seeking bloggers usually say  "please DM/leave blog link and email address below" or something along those lines. 

Reaching Out
This is kind of a hit and miss kind of subject and some people in the blogging world think it's a big no-no but I've personally found that emailing brands/PRs isn't as scary as you think and is also a good way to make you and your blog known, I've also been added to some PR lists this way too which is fab! As long as you're not rude about it and basically beg for free products lol. Obviously be polite and approachable in the email and say how you're basically a new blogger on the block and how you would love to be considered if they happen to be looking for new bloggers to work with or add to their PR list.

So the next thing I'm going to briefly touch upon is brands which you shouldn't collaborate with...  

If a brand/PR pops into your emails offering you a percentage off on their products in return for a blog post, 9/10 times it's not a good idea to accept. Just because they're making a profit out of you and basically will get free advertising from your review/feature blog post too, so really you're not getting anything out of it yourself. Whereas if you are sent a gifted item then that kind of compensates you for the blog post and also being able to test out a new product. 

Sometimes if you do get offered a promo code, it may be worthwhile if it's a product that you would love to review and is something you would've spent your money on anyway. So far in my 'blogging life' I've only accepted 2 blogging opportunities when I have to put money towards the product(s) to review. One was a 50% off code for a bag which I still love and use to this day and the other was also a 50% off code as well as free delivery on a subscription box. Both of which I loved and definitely don't regret putting money towards. I guess it's up to you but if you feel pressured to buy something from a brand then just don't. I know that it may sound a little contradictive lol but basically, if it doesn't seem or feel 'right' and the item/product isn't something you would really usually buy then don't accept I guess is the best way to put it.


I hope this has been a helpful post to any of you who are just starting out blogging or planning on trying to bag your first collab. Like I said at the beginning please don't give me hate or think I'm bragging on this post because I'm not at all. I did a poll on twitter about which blog post you want to see on my blog soon and "Working With Brands" got over 60% (which I was shocked by) so here it is. Also sorry that my photos kinda suck on this blog post, I had no idea what my photos should focus on etc lol.
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Fathers Day Gift Guide *

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So let's face it, men in general, are hard to buy gifts for. For women, it's a lot easier, a bath set or some new pyjamas and we're happy, right? So today is a blog post with a few ideas on what to buy for your dad (which they'll hopefully love). Also here's your reminder that father's day this year is on the 18th June in the UK. 

First up on the gift idea list is aftershave. I think aftershave is a great gift and you can pick it up for different prices from most drugstores or online and there's a scent for everyone. You can pick up some lovely mens perfumes from L'Occitane. You can buy them either on their own or in a gift set. L'Occintane's fragrances for men are made up of blends of wood, spices and herbs making them the perfect masculine aftershaves and would make the perfect gift for your dad.

I've chosen the three to feature on this post which I think sound lovely -

Eav Des Bavx £46 - A warm, charming scent with the top notes of pink pepper and cardamom. The middle notes of Cyprus and incense and the base notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

L'Homme Cologne Cedrat £48 - A refreshing citrusy, aquatic scent with icy notes of mint and woody spices. Including violet leaf, lavender, black pepper, pink peppercorn and ginger. Also, woody notes of cedar, amber and musk to soften the strong scent.

Eau De L'Occitan £46 - An aftershave perfect for men (and also women, win!) its top notes contain black pepper and lavender with the middle notes contain nutmeg (giving off a burnt wood scent, which I personally love) and spicy cinnamon. Also containing the base notes of tonka beans to again soften the scent a little.

Next on my list is experience days. I think these type of gifts are great if you have siblings and you can all add money in to make up for a experience day. At High Flying Helicopter, you guessed it... you can either purchase a Pilot Starter Lesson, Discovery Helicopter Lesson or a London Helicopter Tour. Here's a little more about some of the experiences available - 

Pilot Starter Lesson - You can take to the skies with a pilot and discover what it's really like to fly. The pilot starter lesson is all about learning the controls, features and operation of the impressive machines.  The total experience time (safety briefing, introductory lesson and flight) is 30 minutes long and the price is £120 for everything which I think is great for any adrenaline junkie dad!

London Tour - From £150 per person you can get the bird's eye view of all of the major London Landmarks. The first class pilots will show you the iconic London Landmarks for the once in a lifetime experience. The duration of the flight is 35 minutes.

They also offer other options too and you can read about them and the experiences above here

Another gift idea is a bath/shower set. You get these up from most places when it gets closer to Fathers Day but if you wanted to get something a little different then you can pick up some lovely shower/bath products from The Soap Kitchen at a great price. They sell lots of different scents suitable for men; from Orange and Cedarwood to Peppermint and Tea tree, Sandalwood plus more, so you'll be guaranteed to find something for your dad. Including body washes, shampoos and also shaving soaps (you could even pop a few things in your basket for yourself too!).

For the Dad who is either super organised already or needs to learn to be more organised lol, why not pick up one of these Eco-Friendly pouches from Eliza Eliza? Perfect for travelling or just keeping things more organised in general, these handmade pouches can be used for plenty of things and are made from organic hemp and cotton and are perfect for any on the go dad. Also, you would be supporting a small business too. Eliza Eliza also sells Eco-friendly coin purses. The prices start from £21 and I've kindly been given a 10% discount code to share with my followers too. the code is: ASTOLDBYKIRSTY

So if you want to make it look like you've made a lot more effort than you actually have instead of popping into B&M a day or two before then you can pick up the perfect fathers day card at an affordable price online. You can pick up these professionally printed funny cards from Avolaugh Designs here and you'll also be supporting a small new business too! They are only £3.20 + postage which I think is a bargain. You can also pick up phone cases too (which would maybe be a good gift too).
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*this post is sponsored by L'Occitane

May Dollibox Subscription Box

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So today's blog post is all about Dollibox, a beauty subscription box which contains at least 5 full sized or deluxe sized products every month at an affordable price. I've been so excited waiting for my May box to arrive, I think the not knowing what's inside the box is what is great about it too and also knowing they work with so many great brands. They also work with Ameican brands whose products aren't very easy to get hold of too.

You can pick up the box for just £10 (plus p&p) per month on their pay as you go monthly box which I think is a complete bargain. 

You can also choose between a 3, 6, 12-month plan where you can save money by choosing the option. You can also buy the box as a gift for someone too. 

Here's what I got inside my May box -

Leopard Clever Cat Eyebrow Palette - RRP £5.26
So I got two makeup products inside my May box. The first being the Leopard Clever Cat Eyebrow Palette. I've never heard of this brand before but I love the pretty packaging of this palette and it's great that it's got a little mirror too. It's also a travel-friendly palette and feels sturdy. I haven't used this yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out. I'll probably do a mini review on my Instagram or you never know it may feature in my June favourites!

Focallure Face Blush - RRP $7.99 
I also received this Focallure Face Blush in the shade Fetching. I'll admit the blush is not a shade I would usually pick up as it's quite bright and I'm very pale but after I swatched it, I soon found out it is a really pretty colour and is a great shade to use over the next few months. I think it's one of those shades which I will have to be careful with because it is very pigmented lol but again, it's a great travel-friendly product.

Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack - RRP £2.09
I'm a huge fan of coconut oil! I've recently rediscovered my love for it and how well it works for my hair so I'm really looking forward to trying this protein pack. I think I will try this after I've dyed my hair again as it does tend to feel really dry.

Cougar Rich Honey Moisturiser - RRP $17.90
I also received this Cougar Rich Honey Moisturiser, which is rich is vitamins and minerals. It's great for skin irritations and blemishes and is good for dry/sensitive skin. This also smells lovely as it contains honey and banana extracts. It's one of those scents which lingers too, which I love! I've used this numerous times already since receiving my box.

Seacret Makeup Removing Wipes - RRP £19.95
I also received these oil-based makeup remover wipes in my box too. They are great for removing waterproof makeup and providing hydration. I am kind of hit and miss with oil-based products because of my oily skin but these have been great at removing stubborn liquid lipsticks like the NYX lip lingeries and Colourpop ultra matte lipsticks.

Deborella Mermaid Necklace - RRP £6
Lastly, I received this cute Deborella Mermaid Necklace which has been made exclusively for Dollibox. Deborella are a new company who make jewellery and stationery. I really like this necklace, it's really cute and well made. I really like when beauty boxes have products made exclusively for their monthly boxes. 

I was really happy with all the products I received in my May Dollibox. In this box alone there's over £53 worth of products which makes this box a complete steal! Keep a look out for these products because I'm pretty sure they'll be on my blog again soon.
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*I received a discount code for this months box to review, all opinions are my own

Amaki Skincare is a family owned business who produce and sell all natural and pure products. Their products are suitable for all skin types and all of their ingredients are sourced in America.

I'm not usually a huge fan of oil products, just because I do have oily skin so I tend to stay clear because obviously oil and oil don't mix well. But this Jasmine & Rose Nourishing Oil by Amaki* is able to be used on all of your body. I've been using it mainly to moisturise and also to get my hair to look more shiny and healthier and spoiler alert, it's great!

So, first of all, I'm going to talk about the packaging. I love the packaging, it's minimalistic but very pretty and would be perfect as a gift. It has some rosebuds inside making the bottle look very nice and photo worthy. The product itself smells very earthy and very natural, I did think it would smell more floral than earthy but either way, I do like the scent. The bottle is glass and it also is accompanied by a pipette for easy use and application. The oil feels very luxurious is a complete treat to the skin. It basically makes you feel like you're at a spa in the comfort of your own home. 

The Ingredients - 
Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Rosehip Oil. With an added blend of essential oils: Jasmine, Bergamot and Geranium. 

I'll admit I haven't used this on my face (yet) just because my skin has been a lot clearer lately thanks to some other products I've been using which I will talk about in another blog post soon and I don't want to potentially make my skin breakout, if that makes sense. But I have been using it as a moisturiser, especially on my arms and legs and it's also great for clearing up skin problems. I do have Keratosis Pilaris at the top of my arms a little where my arms look and feel a little bumpy and blotchy and it has definitely reduced since using this. It's also not sticky or greasy at all and it gives you skin a healthy glow. I've also been using it in my hair - on the mid-length and ends just to give it a little bit of moisture and shine and it's been looking much better too. 

Considering I've been using this a lot since receiving it, you can barely tell looking at the bottle. The bottle still looks almost full which is great and I can tell it's going to last a while. Overall I do really love the product, I'm looking forward to seeing and trying out more Amaki Skincare products when they fully come to the UK. You can pick up this and also the Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Ageing Face Oil on Amazon now. The Jasmine & Rose Nourishing Oil is £33.41 here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about this fab new brand. 
What are your favourite skincare products right now?

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

So I've been a little spend-happy over the past few weeks and let's just say, the postman is not very happy with me lol. I think it's because my mood has been a little low and I've basically just been buying things to try and cheer me up I think. But I thought I'd choose 3 things out of everything I've bought over the past few weeks that I've been loving and also explain why I love them so much.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette
So the first thing I want to say is: How the heck have I lived without this palette? It's got so many pretty colours and there's a good mixture of shimmers and mattes, the pigmentation is so lovely and I totally understand why people say it's basically a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3. The best thing about this palette is the price, it's only £4! I already own the Iconic 2 palette so I knew that these palettes are good for the price but I think this is my new favourite product from Makeup Revolution. 

Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner
So some people may find this weird but I'm not a huge facial toner fan usually. I find that toners break me out, it doesn't matter how much I spend and what brand it is, they tend to break me out. So I usually just double cleanse and then moisturise. But I've recently discovered 2 toners which I really like - The Garnier PureActive Sensitive Anti-Blemish Tonic which I talked about here and obviously this Simple one. I find this one is better for everyday use and it's so refreshing, it really affordable and it doesn't break me out if anything my skin has been acting a lot better since using this and a few other new products which I'm going to be talking about in a blog post in the next few weeks.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - London
I know this is probably old news but this lip cream is just basically life. It suits all skin colours and surprisingly suits my snow white pale skin too. Because of me being so pale it does give out the orange/coral tones more but I still love it. I wear it so much and I love that it isn't too drying and it's a great everyday shade. 

What new things have you bought recently that you've been loving?

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It's almost National Smile Month! This year National Smile Month is between the 15th May - 15th June. I'm not really a fan of my teeth, I just don't like the shape of them and because I'm so pale I feel as if it makes my teeth look yellow when realistically they probably aren't as bad as I think they are. But it does make me feel self-conscious.

I was sent over some Janina products to try for National Smile Month - Ultra White Whitening Toothpaste and the Teeth Whitening Foam. I think I have been using these for almost two weeks now and I have definitely seen an improvement in my teeth.

First up I'm going to talk about what I thought of the Ultra White Super Strength Teeth Whitening Toothpaste*. It's a unique, low abrasion formula which contains active ingredients which help promote whiter teeth. It has a combination of natural enzymes (Bromaine from Pineapple and Papain from Papaya). It also contains a grade of Hydroxyapatite which is proven to possess excellent teeth whitening and re-calcifying properties to make teeth whiter and strengthen too.

I use it as stated - twice daily, I admit when I first tried this I think I may have put a little too much on my toothbrush because my mouth felt like it was on fire because this one is very strong. I personally don't like strong tasting toothpaste, I'd rather cool-mint or spearmint. But since then I've come to realise then you only need a small amount of this product to get the full potential. I've been using the toothpaste along with the whitening foam and I've definitely seen an improvement and would 100% recommend. 
I do think if I pick another Janina toothpaste up, I will probably pick one up that isn't as strong but I really do like how well it's worked for me so far. The product is £12.50 and available at Boots. 

The other product which I was sent was the Janina Clean & White Extra Fresh Teeth Whitening Foam*. The formula contains "Oxygenating Technology" and is able to easily dissolve particles and get to hard to reach places better than regular toothpaste. It helps to maintain whiteness, remove and prevent stains, helps to prevent cavities and also leave the mouth feeling lovely and fresh.

The directions state to dispense foam onto a dry toothbrush and brush for 2 minutes. When brushing is complete, spit out excess. Do NOT rinse mouth with water, eat or drink for 15 minutes; this allows the formulation to work for even longer. 

I've been using this for just over a week now (alongside the toothpaste daily) and I've seen a huge improvement. I'd definitely rather the taste of the whitening foam over the toothpaste as it's just not as strong and doesn't really taste of mint either. It's super easy to use and isn't messy, it's also a great size to pop in your gym bag or travel bag. The teeth whitening foam is £13 from Boots.

Hope you liked reading this post!
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

I got this in a gift set at Christmas and I was so excited to use it for the first time after reading so many great reviews and I have to say, I was really disappointed. I love Soap and Glory products usually and I was shocked to find something that I'm not too keen on, I'm still trying to love this and trying to blame the fact that the mascara isn't working for me because of how rubbish my eyelashes are. Overall I find this mascara is great to give a natural look for a "no makeup" makeup look, but obviously considering its name of "Thick & Fast HD Mascara" which sounds dramatic and amazing, it's anything but. It's supposed to give a lovely, voluminous look and it's just not doing that for me. 

So over the past few weeks, I've literally had an obsession with buying new lipsticks/lipcreams (I've now moved onto eyeshadow palettes lol). So because I know I love the NYX soft matte lip creams, I decided to try out some of the Lip Lingerie lipsticks out because everyone and their mum seem to have them. I kind of did a school boy error and bought 3 at the same time, without actually knowing if I like the formula/if I'm allergic or not etc. I adore the colours I chose - Bedtime Flirt, Ruffle Trim and Push Up as I really am loving nude lip colours at the minute. But the formula isn't as nice as the Soft Matte Lip Creams, it's very drying and also hard to remove, I've resulted in using coconut oil when removing because it's what I find easiest since when I did try to remove Ruffle Trim (the darkest shade out of the ones I own) and it somehow cut my lip open which wasn't great. I'll admit the longevity of these is great. I'm still using them but I'm not sure if I'd buy any other Lip Lingerie shades unless they changed the formula.

I know I raved about this in my Spring Makeup Shake Up after my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer had started to let me down after literally years of using it. So I moved onto this concealer. I adore the high coverage this gives but the shades aren't great. I did write about the shades not being the greatest in my Spring Makeup Shakeup post, but since then I've noticed whilst wearing the concealer that later on the day I seem to form a kind of light orange-y halo under my eyes, which is not a great look. I think it's a good concealer if the shade is right for you, but because of how pale I am, it's just not working for me. Maybe it'll be a little better in the Summer when I kind of tan/burn (lol). I do really like the packaging and applicator for this though. 

I adore The Body Shop, I definitely have my go-to favourite products but I've started to pick up more things from there over the past year or so and I'm never let down. I picked this up whilst doing an online order because of being tempted by the promotion of 40% off and free delivery over £10 (I'm a sucker for a good promo). I decided to pick up the 60ml just in case I didn't like it, I know I like the scent of Almond Milk and Honey but different places have different ideas of the scent I guess. It arrived and I was happy to find that it does smell exactly as I expected but when I first used it, I found that it didn't really do much, it doesn't really make you feel like you've had a shower. It doesn't lather up in any way and the scent doesn't linger after you get out of the shower like most Body Shop shower gels/creams do, which was kind of disappointing. My skin did feel really soft after using it though. So I'm just not sure on this, I like it to a point but I don't think I'd rush out and pick up another one if/when I run out of the product. 


Have you tried any of these? 
If so, What did you think of them?  
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