I love cute independent online stores where you can buy cute one-of-a-kind and affordable homeware and stationery bits and Old English Company are just that. They recently got in touch with me and asked if I would like to choose a few bits from their site to feature in a blog post so in this post I'll be sharing what I picked up and why. 

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Even if you’re the world’s most seasoned traveller, there’s never really any joy in packing a suitcase. Those trips that require nothing but a carry on can be the most difficult and tend to require a huge amount of outfit planning before you finally jet off. 

Tips & Tricks When Buying A Used Car *

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Buying a new car is both exciting and scary because you want to make sure that not only the car is suitable for your needs but that the car is in proper working order and that you’re not buying something that’s going to need a lot of work and time and money spent on it. I’m currently on the lookout for another car because of the new laws coming in later this month about diesel cars and the emissions etc so I’m having to switch over to a petrol car and I’ll admit I’m super sad to get rid of my little Clio which I learned to drive in. 

My Go-To Easy To Use Makeup Picks

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When the warmer weather comes around I prefer to wear minimal makeup which is super quick and easy to apply. I've definitely found some go-to products which are perfect for the Summer because they are so easy to wear and don't feel too heavy on my skin, which is literally one of the worst feelings in the Summer, isn't it? So here's are some products which I love and will be using throughout Summer...

Glossier. I'm sure you've heard of them by now because since coming to the UK last year, their products have been everywhere. I haven't tried everything from Glossier because well, I'm not made of money lol but I feel like I have tried enough from them to write this post and I'm pretty sure I've tried all of the hyped up products including their Solution and Boy Brow. Some of the products I love and some I really didn't get on with at all or I just feel like I could get something similar at a cheaper price. So if you're planning on jumping on the Glossier bandwagon soon but unsure on what you should pop into your basket then you might find this post helpful!
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Creating the right ambience in your room is essential for you to enjoy the space. From pendant lights to cosy furnishings at the dining table, adding the softer touches to your interior design can help to create a room with character, atmosphere and a mood.