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With winter well and truly here, many of us will be looking at summer holiday destinations already and planning ahead. Driving enthusiasts can combine their love of the open road with the summer break of a lifetime by looking into a road trip holiday. In recent years, Europe has really made a name for itself as the number one choice for drivers; with beautiful open roads and stunning scenery on offer, you could find yourself a little overwhelmed when trying to decide on a destination. 

If you are stuck and trying to choose the right destination for you and your loved ones then this guide may give you some inspiration as it features the five best holiday destinations for drivers, with used cars specialists Motorparks. If you’re lucky, you may even get to visit a few of these lovely locations. 

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the place where you go to rest after a long day, where you can truly relax and unwind. To that end, your bedroom should be a comfortable and calming space where you can chill out and forget the world for a little while – a room where you can simply be you.

However, since we spend a good portion of our time there, it can be easy for the bedroom to become old, tired and outdated. Everyone changes over time and our tastes often change too – a cutting-edge d├ęcor scheme might seem horribly old-fashioned in a few years’ time. So, if your bedroom is in need of an update, here are some great ideas to help you give it a much-needed makeover!

I thought I'd kick start my Christmas Gift Guides will a brand focused one. Obviously if you've already read the title then you'll know that this is all about FatFace and what they have to offer this Christmas. They have a huge amount of Christmas gifting to choose from for Men, Women and Children. With FatFace you get quality products at an great price which is what I really like about them. They're also cruelty-free with is a huge plus! Here are a few lovely gift ideas below to show you what they have to offer if you're haven't started your Christmas shopping yet.

I went off beauty boxes this year, I used to be subscribed to quite a few of them but I just felt like I wasn't getting things I will use or suitable for my skin type etc. The one beauty box who offer a subscription service and one-off special boxes who I have enjoyed this year is Latest in Beauty but that's because their subscription service is one when you choose the products you receive. But after I saw Birchbox's November box in collaboration with Disney, I had to pick it up, even for the pretty box alone (which by the way I'm going to be reusing for some of my overflow lipsticks).

As you may know by now if you follow me on instagram or read my blog often, I'm very much on Glossier bandwagon and have been since last year when they came to the UK. I've tried the majority of products they currently have to offer but the one product range I've wanted to try for a while but haven't is the Generation G Lipsticks. Just because so many people had said that they are very drying on the lips and also that the packaging basically just falls apart. So when I saw that they had reformulated the lipsticks and also upgraded the packaging I had to pick a few shades up (thankfully I had some spare Glossier credit because your girl is broke AF right now lol). 
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Whether you're a self-employed blogger like myself or if you own your own online shop, staying organised is a must and at times keeping on top of things can get very stressful and the more you put things off, the worse it'll get. Especially if you're new to it all or doing it all by yourself at first, it can all feel very daunting. So I thought I'd talk about some ways which have helped me stay organised since becoming self employed.

I'm not going to lie, I've tried a few supplement type of products to help with my skin and hair growth before and some have worked but most didn't really do much of anything so I am a little bit on the fence with them. But I'm always up for improving my skin, hair and nails (even though I've found something which really helps me to grow my nails and stop biting them and I featured it here). For 10 days I've been having one bottle of LQ Liquid Health Hair, Skin and Nails Supplements* which contains all the "good stuff" if you like. Each bottle is jam packed with 9 key active ingredients; Marine Collagren (7000mg to be exact), Silicon, Resveratrol, Biotin, Selenium, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E. So now I've finished taking it for 10 consecutive days, I thought it was about time I'd share my overall thoughts and experience.

I haven't featured a proper skincare haul on here for a while so I thought it was about time I changed that. I've had the majority of these products for a few months now and I've definitely put them to the test during that time. I've also received a few skincare products within the past month too, so I thought I'd slot them into this post and tell you what I think of them all and whether I'd recommend them.

I'm going to start this by saying I'm pretty clumsy (and when I say pretty clumsy I actually mean extremely clumsy) and when I wear basic nail polish, I'll literally chip it or end up with a whole chunk of nail polish already off within a matter of hours. I could literally place bets on it. No matter what brand I use (drug store or high end) or what type of top coat I use, it always ends up with me repainting a nail or two not long after I've freshly painted them. I know what you're probably thinking first world problems but it just seems annoying to paint them and then need to repaint them literally hours later. Although I do still wear basic nail polish, it's just seems like an annoyance most of the time (unless I find a gorgeous colour and then it's okay lol).

The Breath Co. Deluxe Starter Kit Review

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For someone who has got stained teeth from their love of tea and coffee over the years, it's safe to say I've tried many different products to get my teeth looking and feeling better and I have found a few products which work and have helped me. But I recently got the opportunity to try out The Breath Co. Deluxe Starter Kit* which is mainly for people who struggle with keeping their breath fresh. I personally don't struggle with bad breath unless I've eaten garlic bread or had a very strong coffee lol but I think most people reading this will understand the anxiety of having smelly breath so I decided to try out the products and put them to the test anyway.