Things I'm Loving Right Now

I thought I'd do this post because I didn't do an November Favourites, so I suppose this is kind of an November Favourites but a few of these things have been in previous posts. But I guess that just shows you how much I love them ha. So here goes...

LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel
I couldn't not put this one on the list. I ordered this a few days after the Halloween/Christmas range was released. I couldn't resist. I've decided now that Rose Jam is definitely my favourite scent by LUSH. Now the weather has gotten colder, it's even more nice and moisturising and obviously because it's from the Christmas range it makes me feel very festive too. Not that I could get any more festive lol.

L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Luminiser Shampoo/Conditioner
So if you've been reading my previous posts, you'll know I'm a huge fan of the L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner. Well since writing about them, they have seemed to have stopped working for me. I don't know why either. So because I know L'Oreal products are good and they tend to smell lovely too, I got these ones to test out. My hair has been so dull and just ew lately but after using these over the past few weeks, my hair looks and feels tons better! Definitely recommend. Plus they both smell really floral and fresh.

Carex Bubble Gum Hand Gel
I was needing a new hand sanitiser and we'd just used up the last of the lovely scented Bubblegum hand wash by Carex. So when I saw this and that it was on offer too, I bought it! It's such a good smell, I actually think the hand gel smells nicer than the hand wash! Not the sickly kind of bubble gum smell either. My hands feel so clean when I use this and it doesn't dry out them out either.

Superdrug Spa Purifying 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask
So I've already wrote about these on my blog before. Well, here they are again! This sheet mask is just a little miracle worker for the price, which is only £1.29. I definitely would rather use one in the morning or early afternoon because they're quite refreshing and cold, which wakens your skin (really good when you haven't slept well and need to look more glowy and awake) they are tea tree scented and once you remove the mask, you rub in the remaining product in your skin and then rinse your face with cold water and it'll make you feel so smooth and soft. They also do these sheet masks for dry/sensitive skin too.

Wickford & Co Gingerbread Candle
I've got one of these candles lit right now and oh my god my room smells so good! I've got three of these candles (an rounded kind of glade-like candle, a miniature jar and the one in the picture above) Some gingerbread scented candles or wax melts can smell a little too overpowering and sickly but this is just nice and it's very festive. Obviously it's a good cheap alternative to an Yankee Candle and I've been picking these up from Home Bargains. The large jar candle was only £2.99! 

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes
I know I'm a little behind and everyone seems to have this set but I couldn't justify spending over £20 on just 4 brushes, plus the brushes I use already do their job, but they are getting a little battered now. These are an early Christmas present that I know about because I had to order them. Because my mum and dad don't really like buying things online because of an incident that happened earlier this year and plus they both don't trust themselves and think they're going to order a billion of one item accidently lol. Anyway when I saw these at just over £14 instead of their usual £20.99 price tag on Black Friday on Lookfantastic and I could use an extra 20% off promo code too, I told my mum about the offer because they were one of the first things on my Christmas list and obviously we all love getting things cheaper. So to cut a long story short, she told me order them and I asked if I could use them just the one time to see what they were like before giving them back to be wrapped up for Christmas and well, I haven't gave them back yet lol. I'll give them back tomorrow... maybe. I haven't used them every single time I apply make up but I've used them about 5 times and my make looks and stays on my skin so much better. Also I've purposely bought some fake Real Techniques brushes which are on their way and I'm going to do an compare/first impressions review. So keep a look out for that post!
L'Oreal Infallible Foundation - Porcelain
So I wrote a review about this foundation in the Summer when I first started my blog. I hated this foundation. But since the weather has changed my go to Revlon Colorstay has been drying out my skin and getting in my hairline and going orange (not a good look) I decided I needed to try another foundation. I found this in my make up stash about a month ago and thought I'd try it again and surprisingly it seems to be working for me now. Maybe it's the change of the weather/season? Who knows? But this foundation is probably the best foundation I've used in a long time and it's really affordable at £7.99!

(ignore the creases lol)

H&M Colour Block Scarf
This is my new fave scarf! Yes it's oversized and quite an statement scarf but it's so warm and comfy. Best thing about this is that I got this for just £1.98! Let me explain how... 
Because I downloaded an app called Mallzee on my phone and used an referral code tht was given to me. (At the time the referral code was £10) The scarf was £7.99 and I had to pay £3.99 for delivery. The app has hundreds of well known brands to buy from, such as: Boohoo, H&M, Forever 21, Evans, Monsoon, New Look, River Island and loads more! and the app has exclusive discounts on the brands too. If you'd like to get a free £5 to spend on the app (No minimum spend either. Yay!) then download the Mallzee app, sign up (for free) and apply this referral code: KIRSTYM870 and you'll get a free £5 to spend and then once you spend your £5 then I'll get £5 in return and then you can share you promo code and get £5 every time you refer someone too! It's basically free money, right?

If you have any questions to ask about the app/referral then just leave me a comment below! 

Sainsbury's Winter Refresher Fragrance Oil
I don't usually use oil burners, just because since buying my Air Wick Wax Burner earlier this year I tend to use wax melts more. But I was browsing all of the new Christmas range candles in Sainsbury's (as you do ha) and came across the Winter scent. But because I literally have 2 LUSH bags full of candles rn (yes really) I decided to get this refresher oil instead. I literally can't work out what it smells like... and it doesn't say on the bottle. But if you go in Sainsbury's go and have a look at their Christmas range of candles and fragrance oil. You will definitely find a scent you like. They range from £2.50 to £8.

Busted - Night Driver
First of all don't judge lol. This album is my new guilty pleasure. I've always been a fan of Busted and them being back together takes me back to 2003/2004 when I had posters of them all over my old bedroom and me and my best friend at the time dancing around and singing along to their songs. Now they're back with a whole new album. It's very 80's which I LOVE and it's got some very catchy and sing along-y songs. I just love it! 

So there's some things I'm loving right now. What are your favourites right now? 
P.S Who saw my Gingerbread House candle? It's so cute lol x