My 2016 Beauty Favourites

I'd say 2016 was a good year for discovering new make up and skin care products. Everything here is from the drugstore, so it's not going to cost an arm and a leg to try some of these for yourselves. I've linked all of the products, just to make it easier for you too. So here's my 2016 faves!

Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil
So I'm going to get straight to the point: My eyebrows are rarely ever "on point". They're like a pair of bickering sisters and one always looks more angled and angrier than the other. Obviously it's because I have really fair eyebrows and trying to get them to look somewhat similar is bloody hard work. But when I use this eyebrow pencil, they do seem to look better and the pencil isn't too dark and harsh looking on my brows.

Makeup Revoulution Iconic 2 Palette
I think everyone and their mum probably owns this because it's a dupe to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This is definitely the eyeshadow palette I've used most in 2016. Very pigmented and easy to work with, I just love it. You can do so many different looks with just this palette and it's only £4!

Rimmel Brow This Way - Dark Brown
I bought this whilst trying to budget and see if it's similar to the Benefit Gimme Brow, which I love so much, but I definitely don't love the price! So I got this and the product itself is really impressive and a pretty good dupe to Gimme Brow but it's a tiny bit darker than the Deep shade. The brush that comes with this is huge! Unless you have Cara Delevingne's eyebrows then you'll definitely need to use a different brush. I just use my old Gimme Brow ones and it seems to do the trick.

Makeup Revolution Brow Kit - Medium/Dark
This little miracle brow kit has saved the day so many times for me this year. I do find it harder to work with powders because of me having such fair eyebrows and no patience. But this is only £2.50 so I couldn't not put it on my faves list. It has 3 shades and a wax to set your brows in place and it just does the job. People who find it easy to work with powders will love this. It's travel friendly, has a mirror and  it comes with a cute little eyebrow brush and some tiny tweezers for when you're on the go.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair
Me and the Lasting Perfection Concealer have been good friends for years now. Hiding my dark, under eye circles and raging, red spots. Can't fault this concealer! No matter which concealer I try, I always go back to this one.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - Very Black
This has pretty much been the only mascara I've used since I got it. I have received an Soap and Glory one in a gift set for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to trying that but I don't think I'll be parting ways with my Maybelline Lash Sensational for a while. Without this my eyelashes aren't very long and they don't stay curly, but this has helped them tons. It's a bit of a pain to get off but I've found a new eye make up remover in the past few weeks which I'm loving and going to be writing a blog post about soon.

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen - Carbon Black
I'm not one of those people who can do an perfect, winged eyeliner look under a minute. It takes me ages. So as you can guess, I don't do winged eyeliner all the time (unless I have about 6 hours to do it in lol) But I have found that the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner makes it more easier to apply and it lasts all day with no flaking or loss of colour. 

When I first got this foundation I hated it. It clung really bad to any dry skin and I found the coverage to be very light instead of medium/full coverage, which it stated on the tube. I just felt like I'd literally thrown money down the drain. But since changing some skin care products and using a different primer, I love it and lasts all day. It's definitely my favourite foundation right now and the shade suits my pale skin. 

Seventeen - China Pink
This is the blusher I've used most this year, if you have a heavy hand whilst applying blusher then you may look a little, well, pink. This is a very pigmented blusher. But I apply it lightly and it gives enough colour to my cheeks without looking too over the top. I used this pretty much every day in the summer. It doesn't fade throughout the day and is only £2.99 at Boots. I find this blusher to be quite similar to the Natural Collection ones but you get more product.

MUA Matte Lipstick - Fancy Fawn
This is quite a newbie to my make up collection but since buying it about 3 weeks ago, it's barely been off my lips. It's a very lovely nude shade, but not too nude against my pale skin. It's only £1 from Superdrug. You do have to apply it a few times throughout day but for the price it's not bad.
NYX High Definition Blusher - Taupe
So I don't use this as a blusher obviously. Because of being a pale girl, I struggle bad when it comes to finding a contouring product. Even with a light hand, pretty much any contour "for pale skin" is still too orangey for me. I can't remember who recommended using this for pale skin but whoever it was, thank you! When I can be bothered to contour, I always use this and it does such a good, natural contour.  Plus if you're travelling lightly, you can use it as a eyeshadow too.

Collection Speedy Highlighter - Pearl Sheen
I posted about this a few weeks ago and I did say it would be on my 2016 favourites post! I don't usually wear cream highlighters (or blushers) but this is bloody brilliant. It's not glittery or over the top. I wear it with my everyday make up just to make my skin look a little more glowy. You can read my full review about this here.

+ Other Favourites

So there's my beauty favourites which I discovered or rediscovered in 2016. 
I'm looking forward to trying and discovering new products in 2017! 

 What are your beauty faves from 2016? 


  1. This is such a great post! I share your love for so many of the products you've mentioned such as the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I wrote a similar post on my blog too ( so I love reading other people's!

    1. Thanks! and I wouldn't be without them two! Lash Sensational is definitely the best mascara I've used in years. I'm going to be having a look at some new blogs later so I'll definitely have a look at yours :) x

  2. The Garnier Micellar Water was in my 206 beauty favourites too! I bought the Collection Concealer ages ago but I bought the shade 3 which was WAY too dark so I might have to buy shade 1 instead now. Ellie xo

    1. I love it! and definitely get the shade 1/fair one because it's a really good concealer x

  3. So many beauty favourites! I like Garnier Micellar Water too, it works, affordable and it doesn't irritate or giving me any breakouts. Will be adding the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation and mascara from Maybelline into my beauty wish list. :D

    ieyra h. | latest post: Top 3 2016 Beauty Favourites

    1. Yeah, that's another reason why I love it is that it doesn't break me out. And definitely give them a try! x

  4. I can agree with all of these favourites! I love the Lash Sensation and of course the speedy highlighter! I am definitely going to have a look for the NYX blushers as well as that looks like a perfect bronzer shade!
    Kate Xx

    1. I love the speedy highlighter so much, it's makes me look more alive when I'm feeling like a zombie lol. And they're available at Boots, think they're £5-6 x

  5. There's so many products on here I haven't used I'm adding these to my shopping list!
    I agree with you on the Brow This Way - that brush is huge, I actually stopped using mine as I didn't think to try another brush! I fell in love with Lasting Perfection Concealer this year and can't do my makeup without it now!! You'll also reminded me how much I loved the Sensational Mascara...I must pick that up again soon!

    Sarah xo

    1. Glad you liked the post! and they definitely should make the brush smaller.
      I'm the same I love my lasting perfection concealer! x

  6. So many lovely products! A lot of these I can't get in Canada which is such a bummer.

    I've been meaning to pick up Taupe for the longest time to try as a contour shade but always forget it somehow. I need to get on that! I have been loving the Supercat liner as well lately, it's fantastic!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

    1. Oh no, that's a shame! And definitely try and pick it up, it's been my fave contour product since I got it :) x