Scent Circus Wax Melts

Most girls hoard shoes and bags, not me. I hoard candles and wax melts. I mean, I do still have a pretty big shoe and bag collection, but I just love buying candles and wax melts. Since getting my air wick electric wax melter last year, I'm always looking for new places to buy wax melts from. So here's my new favourite place to get some fun looking and lovely scented wax melts from... Scent Circus!

This is the first time I've ordered anything from Scent Circus (and it definitely won't be the last). They sell so many cute and fun handmade wax melts. They also sell monthly box sets called "The Big Top Box" which is priced at £7.50. January's box theme was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and I'm gutted that I missed out it. They also sell a box called "The Oopsy Daisy Box" which is priced at £5 and contains wax melts that just didn't make the cut but still smell lovely. 

So onto what I got in my first order... 

First of all I got some "Unicorn Poop" melts. They are the rainbow coloured ones in the photo above and yes, they look like poop. They also have a sprinkle of glittery lovehearts over the top and they smell very sweet and candy-like and they were just £1 for the pair. 

Next I got the "Damson in Distress" wax melt. This one also smells exactly as described which is toasted almond and damson plum. It smells heavenly! Love the fact that it looks like a jammie dodger too. This one was £1.50.

Finally I got the "Mermaid Poop" melts and they smell like coconut, melon and pineapple. More of a fresh and summer kind of scent, but we all need those summer vibes when the weather is all grey, cold and depressing like it has been over the past few weeks in the UK. These too were just £1 for the pair.

Also I love the packaging. These arrived in a sturdy, little cardboard box and the wax melts come with a little dolly bag to keep your new, cute wax melts in and also has a sprinkle of confetti over everything in the box.

Plus you get a Scent Circus ticket in each box and if you collect 10 tickets, you get a free wax melt box! 

The wax melts are made from soy wax and fragrance oil and NOT tested on animals.

Delivery price is £1.95 within the UK. 

I hope you liked this post! 
Have you tried Scent Circus wax melts?

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