What's In My Bag? | Featuring Dresslland

I've seen a few people do this post on their blogs, even though it's more of a Youtuber thing. But today I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and show you what's inside my bag on a day-to-day basis and also tell you all about a new affordable website called Dresslland where you can get good quality clothes and accessories and is where my bag is from.

So as I've said above my bag* is from Dresslland. I really like satchel bags because I feel like are more structured and everything stays pretty much in place. I did have a bit of a duffle bag obsession last year and I seem to have hoarded a few, but the problem with duffle bags is that everything moves around in the bag and you end up spending ages trying to find whatever you're looking for (It's like having an Mary Poppins bag!). The bag I bought is £14.99 on the website which is already a bargain as it's such great quality. But because Dresslland kindly gave me a 50% discount so I got it for £7.49*. 

I chose this bag because I tend to go for tan bags usually so I thought I'd go for a black bag for a change, I really wanted a bag which I could dress up and down.The bag has an inside zip up pocket and 2 other pockets inside which will both fit my phone in nicely. It also can be fastened up by a zip at the top, as well as having the twist-lock function on the front. It also can be used as a handbag as it has a detachable strap.

Dresslland is an online boutique for women - they sell everything from clothing, shoes, accessories - jewellery, bags, scarves, purses and I also really like that they sell a plus size range too!

Another great thing about their website is that they offer free standard delivery on all items (UK shipping) with no minimum spend! and you get 10% off your first order too.

Moving onto what's usually inside my bag:

Phone (not in the photo)

So this is a pretty obvious one. If my phone isn't in my hand then it's usually in my bag lol. I currently have an iPhone 5S which I do love but I'm due to an upgrade in April yay! Still unsure on what to get next though.

I've had this purse for a while now and it's lasted really well. It was from New Look and I love the pretty little floral pattern. I prefer bulkier purses which have space for everything. I hate those purses which have a tiny little zip up pocket for change.

I only need my house and car keys to carry in my bag. But because I lose/forget to pick up my keys often, I bought the biggest pom pom I could find lol. It was only £4 from Boohoo and I've also got a cute little polka dot owl on my keys which was a gift.

Daily Makeup
I tend to carry a little bit of makeup but nothing major usually eyeliner, lipstick, concealer and powder.

I'm currently loving these Candescent lip balms* because they are so similar to the LUSH ones but cheaper. You can read my review about them here.

I always carry Nurofen in my bag because it's just what works for me when I get headaches or cramps or basically anything. 

I hate having to wear glasses, they are only for reading but I have to carry them around with me obviously. (I do have a case for them too, but the case was a bit too bulky for the photo lol)

Hand Cream
If you're looking for a hand cream that I definitely recommend the Soap and Glory Hand Food! It smells lovely (Orginal Pink scent) and dries really fast. I always get the travel sized ones for £2.50 as they are perfect to pop in my bag.

I always carry my earphones with me. If I ever forget them, I feel so lost!

Other bits and bobs:

I always carry a hairbrush with me and I'm loving this tangle teezer dupe which was from B&M for 99p. I also like to carry hand sanitizer because I just like the know my hands are clean. I also carry some body spray or my Karma solid perfume, hair bobbles and twisty hairpins.

So there's what's in my bag on a daily basis.  
Also you can check out Dresslland website here

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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*bag partly bought with a promotion code, all opinions are my own


  1. I love your bag, its so pretty! That concealer is amazing too, can't live without it!

    Terri x

  2. I loved reading this post and that bag is gorgeous!
    -Olivia Xxx


  3. I love your bag, it's so so pretty! I have the same hand cream and I love it! The packaging is really cute! xx C&K

  4. I loved reading this post, I've only ever seen one on YouTube so It was great reading about one for once! I've always got a hand sanitizer in my bag as well as a lip balm! Always come prepared!
    Zara xx

  5. That hand sanitizer looks amazing! Also what a bargain of a bag ❤