Day Dry Probiotic Deodorant Review

Daydry is a french company which sell many different natural products. They kindly sent me their probiotic deodorant to review on my blog which has been designed to keep you fresh all day. It's parabens free and aluminium free and is suitable for all skin types.

There is currently 3 scents available to choose from: 

Essential Oils
Intense Freshness
Sage Floral Water

I chose the Essential Oils Deodorant. I applied it first thing in the morning before a busy day ahead. It's a very fresh kind of scent, I did find it to be a little sticky when it's first applied but it was fine once it had dried. It didn't leave any white marks which is always a good thing.

I went about my day and took the deodorant with me because of it's handy travel size. When I got home I did feel like I needed to apply more deodorant so I don't think it's as long lasting as my usual deodorant which I use which is a shame. I do really like the scent of this deodorant though. It's very fresh and the scent stays with you throughout your day. 

The deodorant is roughly around the £10 mark which is a little pricier than normal deodorants but it's because it doesn't contain the "bad ingredients" which usual drugstore/supermarket deodorants contain.

I like the fact that this deodorant is a natural deodorant and lets your skin breathe and doesn't clog pores. But I think personally I would go to LUSH for a natural deodorant just because it's a little cheaper, it's easier to pick up and I find that they last for a longer amount of hours.

The also kindly sent me some of their handy Probiotic Wipes which would be great to pop in your bag when travelling, after visiting the gym or even festivals. 

You can look at the DayDry range here.
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  1. I hear good things about the more natural deodorants but I do worry that they will stop working mid way through the day!

    Alice | alicemaysnell