Sensilab Cerin Acne Treatment Cleanser & Gel Review

Today's post is my thoughts on some of the Sensilab Acne Treatment products. Sensilab got in touch with me last month and offered to send me some products to review from their website and they let me choose which products I wanted to try from their huge range of products.

Sensilab sell products for Slimming, Vitality, Beauty, Health problems and they also sell Vitamins and Minerals too.

I chose to try the Cerin Cleansing Gel and the Cerin Treatment Gel. I wouldn't say I have really bad acne but I do suffer from frequent breakouts and I thought I'd put the Cerin acne products to the test.

Cerin Cleansing Gel*

The Cerin Cleansing Gel has been made specifically for problematic, oily skin. It contains tea tree essential oil and it been formulated to shrink the pores to make your skin look and feel clearer.

You can also use it to help acne on the back, shoulders or chest. 

I've been using this for a few weeks now and I really can see a huge improvement in my skin. I still get a few breakouts as expected, but they have definitely calmed down. I can literally say that this product has made me feel more confident in my own skin, as I feel that I can leave the house with minimal makeup (I'm not quite at the point of leaving the house with no makeup yet, though! unless it was an emergency obviously) but I do feel like I can get away with a little bit of concealer or tinted moisturiser now.

The gel is quite watery but a little goes a long way so the tube will definitely last a while. I definitely will be continuing to use this as it's worked wonders for my skin.

The Cerin Cleansing Gel is £8.99.

Cerin Acne Treatment Gel*

The Cerin Acne Treatment Gel has been made to rapidly reduce spots by drying them out and it also reduces redness and soothes skin. It contains Vitamin B3 and Thyme extract.

Sensilab recommends evening application for active treatment throughout the night. Then apply the gel again in the morning and during the day to dry out acne quicker.

Again, like the cleansing gel it's suitable to apply to the back, shoulders and chest. 

I've been using it mainly in the evening after I've cleansed my face and then sometimes in the morning after I've cleansed my face. It does definitely reduce the size of any spots and takes away redness. I don't think the treatment gel is an essential to get your skin clearer, as I think the cleansing gel would do that alone. But if you want the best results then I would say to give this a go too. The only thing I would say is that if you apply a tad too much, it can dry out the spot(s) too much and then make your makeup may look a little flaky in the area. So if you do decide to buy this product then don't overdo the amount of product you apply.

The price of the treatment gel is £8.99

You can also get the Cerin Acne monthly supplement and the Cerin Cream Gel on the website

Also If you buy any products from Sensilab and not satisfied with the product purchased they offer a "Monthly Satisfaction Guarantee". Their website states:

"If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the results of a product you've purchased, we guarantee your satisfaction in accordance with our Satisfaction Guarantee. All you have to do is return the product to us within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase."

If you are interested in trying these products or seeing what other products they sell then you can have a look at their website here.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!
Have you tried anything from the Sensilab range before?

*products were sent to me to try out and review, all opinions are my own


  1. I don't really have a problematic skin so never had to use that kind of products. Although few of my friends had have these but struggled to find the right products. Next time, i can give them advice! Thanks for sharing! xx C&K

  2. My skin gets so bad sometimes so I might have to try these products at some point to see if they help at all! Brilliant review lovely x

    Tiffany x

  3. I've never heard of this brand before! Luckily I've just got my skin sorted but I'll keep these in mind if my skin was to ever get bad again.

    L xo

  4. I've been looking for new skincare products to try and these ones seem pretty good! Thanks for sharing! xx

    - Anaelle |

  5. Although I have dry skin I suffer with breakouts so I'm tempted with the cleansing gel! I love that they've got a money back guarantee as with having sensitive skin my face reacts to so much!
    Great post!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. My skin doesn't seem to break out as much now (thankfully) but I always get really bad spots all over my back and shoulders so I think I'll give this a go! Love the sound of the cleansing gel xo