I literally have a collection of beauty sponges and I use all of them, but what were they all missing until now? A place to go after they've been used or cleaned. A home. I was sick of having to keep the packaging (which also takes up tons of space too) to try and keep them in shape or a place for them to dry. So when Basic Beauty Tools kindly sent me their Spongedry* to try out and review, I was so happy to finally have a place for some of my sponges.

The Spongedry is a collapsible, hygienic holder for your makeup sponge. It can be bought in either Black, Pink, Purple or White and will hold most sponges.The Spongedry comes with the FoundationBlender (which can be bought separately too) and also a cute little travel pouch, which makes it great for travelling. The holder has been designed so that it dries your makeup sponge quicker and also so that your sponge isn't gathering dust in your makeup drawer or getting damaged in your makeup bag. It stops any harmful bacteria getting to your sponge too.

The FoundationBlender which comes with the Spongedry can also be bought in either Black, Pink or Purple. (You also have the choice of what colour the sponge is when buying the Spongedry too). It's been made so that it will dry quicker than most makeup sponges on the market. I've also found that it keeps it shape better than other makeup sponges I own, which is great! It has a pointy end for makeup application around the nose and eyes and has a flat side for easy blending. It expands so much when it comes into contact with water. It's also latex free. It's definitely better than the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I've been repurchasing for years.

The price of the Spongedry is £14.99 and the FoundationBlender is £5.99. 

I have also kindly been given a promo code so that my readers can get 10% OFF.

The code is: KIRSTY10

Basic Beauty Tools also offer Worldwide Shipping too!

Overall I love that my makeup sponges finally have a little "home" and I definitely recommend picking one of these up if you're a avid makeup sponge user. 

You can check out Basic Beauty Tools website here and follow them on Twitter and Instagram too. 

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*product was sent to me to review, all opinions are my own

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