Easter Gift Ideas

So because I left it too late to write a Mothers Day Gift Guide and had already planned out my blog posts a few weeks ahead, I've decided to do a little Easter Gift Guide instead. I know what you're probably thinking... Why? But I personally like to think of Easter as not only the religious side to it but as a celebration of Spring being in full swing (well, hopefully anyway) and it's just nice to get a little present instead of yet another Malteasers Easter Egg.

So here's a few ideas which are roughly the same price as an Medium-Large easter egg which you could maybe buy your close loved ones. 

If you know a tea lover in your life then maybe some tasty flavoured tea would be a unique kind of gift! These T2 Baxter's Buns Loose Leaf Flavoured Black Tea* and T2 Baxter's Choc Buns Loose Leaf Flavoured Black Tea* would be perfect. Both of the teas taste so good and are very warm, spicy and comforting.They literally smell and taste like a hot cross bun that's just come out of the oven. Yummy! They are also really low in calories because of them being sugar free! (they do contain gluten). The packaging is so pretty and looks totally gift-worthy and the boxes are also really easy to open. You can browse the T2 range on their website here and see where you nearest T2 store is by using the shop locator here.

Box of Chocolates 
Maybe if you are buying someone older chocolate at Easter then they maybe wouldn't want an easter  egg, so a box of chocolate is a more grown up idea (I still love my Easter Eggs either way but you know what I mean). These Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates* are nicely presented and taste so nice (they're also very moreish!). You can pick them up in various different flavours - Orange Crisp, Dark Chocolate Mint, Milk Chocolate Mint, Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel. There is a box suitable for everyone. You can find these at Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose + more for just £3.99.

I think stationery is something that everyone needs in their life, no matter what age, especially notebooks to jot down ideas and notes etc. I own way too many notebooks (mainly because they're pretty and make cute blog props lol). I pick them up from all over the place - B&M, Amazon, quirky little shops in different towns and so on. I've recently come across Chroma Stationery and they sell so many stationery pieces and the best part is, they can be customised to your liking. I love my "What Would Blair Waldorf Do?" notebook* which they kindly sent to me. I'm sure if you're a Gossip Girl fan, then you'll know why this is such a motivational kind of quote to have on a notebook lol. Along with the wording/picture you want to have on your notebook (or other stationery piece), You can choose the font, colours, whether you want a spiral bound or perfect bound and so on. Their prices start from £2.50. 

LUSH Bath Bomb/Bubble Bar & Chocolates

Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars are always a good gift (unless obviously you don't like them or don't own a bath). I think a LUSH bath bomb/bubble bar and a bag of chocolates (I'm loving Galaxy Golden Eggs at the minute!) is a good little Easter gift which would cost under £5. LUSH also have a Easter Range right now too! Obviously it doesn't have to be LUSH, you can pick up some lovely bath bombs/fizzers from places like Home Bargains and Wilko too.

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*products sent to me to feature and review in this post, all opinions are my own