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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Today's post is about some makeup products which Benecos kindly sent to me to review. Because my skin has been acting weird and some of my makeup faves just aren't working for me anymore, I've been on the hunt for some new makeup to try out (especially cruelty free products). So when Benecos got in touch about sending me over some of their makeup range, I was very excited to try their products out. They very kindly let me choose what I wanted to review too. 

Natural Powder Blush - Mallow Rose* £5.95
I am a total Blusher hoarder and if I buy them online, they tend to be too deep/dark for my pale skin, so I was a little apprehensive that this Mallow Rose shade would be too dark for me. But this is such a lovely, natural looking blush when on, which just gives me a nice healthy glow. It stays in place all day and it compliments my pale skin nicely. It's definitely my go to blusher right now. 

Natural Nail Polish - Rose Passion* £6.95
I really loved the look of this nail polish but when I applied it, it was quite watery and it seemed to take a while to dry. Once it had dried it didn't stay on for long as it started to chip throughout the day. Which is such a shame. I have read reviews of their nail polishes and a lot of people were saying how good they are, so maybe they are a little hit and miss depending on the shades/formula etc.

Natural Mono Eyeshadow - Apricot Glow* £3.95 & Natural Mono Matte Eyeshadow - Mauve Me* £3.95
I really love the shade Apricot Glow. It's a perfect shimmery, spring colour and it definitely makes my tired eyes appear a little more awake, which is great! I'd definitely recommend this shade if you have blue eyes too, as it really does compliment them. I wouldn't usually go for orange-y eyeshadow shades but I've been really loving them lately and I've also been trying out different looks just for a change. Overall, It's a lovely colour, that can be worn on it's own and it blends out really well and it stays in place all day. 

I also like the Mauve Me shade, I like to wear earthy shades because I think they suit my eye colour. This shade is also a little more pigmented than Apricot Glow because of it being matte and like the Apricot Glow eyeshadow, the Mauve Me also lasts pretty much all day. I also really like the fact that both of the shades I chose look nice when worn together too.

If you feel like browsing the Benecos range yourself then click here to head on over their website. You can also follow Benecos on Instagram and Twitter too.

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*products sent to me to review, all opinions are my own


  1. I've not heard much about Benecos as a brand so thanks for this little look into their products. I adore that apricot shade! It really is a beautiful colour, especially for spring and summer!

    Beccah Xx

  2. Great review, never heard of Beneco but these look like good quality makeup products! Will def. pop in and look at their site!

    1. They are really good! Love how affordable they are too x

  3. I've not heard of this brand before but the blush and the nail polish sound like products I would love, also how cute is the nail polish shade x

  4. Love the look of that blusher! It's all so pretty. It's a shame the nail polish wasn't brilliant as it's a gorgeous colour x

    Tiffany x

    1. The blusher is probably my favourite out of them all and I know, kind of a shame but it's still wearable but I'm constantly checking to see if it's chipped lol x

  5. I've never heard of the brand before but I love that they're cruelty free and also affordable, I may have to look more into their products as they look so pretty! x

  6. Any product that is cruelty free is automatically a winner for me! I love the natural tones of all of these products, it makes them so wearable on a day to day basis! I really like the blush and the apricot eyeshadow, I haven't got many shadows in that colour so I may well have to invest in these! Thanks for sharing ❤️

    Abbey 🌟

  7. Both eyeshadow colors are so beautiful. Never heard of this brand, so going to look through their website :)

    Kate x

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  9. That nail polish is such a pretty colour, so disappointing it didn't last long! I love those eyeshadow shades, and definitely a bonus that they're cruelty free! Will check this brand out - great review!

  10. I've never heard of these before but I really love he blush! Great prices as well

    Tasha x

  11. I've never heard of Benecos before so this was really interesting! Thank you for sharing!

    Britt |


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