Get Pretty, Hassle-Free Nails With Jamberry Nail Wraps

Today's post is a little review of some Jamberry Nail Wraps*. Sian who is a representative for Jamberry and has her own little business selling their nail products sent me some samples to use, just to share with my followers and readers how easy they are to apply and how they just spruce up and make your nails look prettier. 

I really do like nail wraps just because they are quick and easy to apply and they last a good amount of time. They can also help people stop biting their nails. Also, I don't really like to wear false nails, just because they annoy me and I find it hard to do general day-to-day life things with false nails on. 

These nail wraps come in different shapes and sizes. There are so many pretty styles and patterns to choose from on the website, there's definitely a pattern/print for everyone. I received geometric patterns, floral prints, tropical leaves print, Gingham pattern, plus more. 

As I've said above these are super easy to apply. Here are the instructions -

1. Push back cuticles and buff and clean your nails with either a nail prep wipe or standard nail polish remover and wash nails afterwards to remove excess oils.

2. Match up the nail wrap that fits best. (Choose a nail wrap that err on the smaller size to avoid overlapping).

3. Cut your nail wrap choice in half and pick up the wrap on the cut side with a cuticle stick and peel away from the backing.

4. Heat up the adhesive side of the nail wrap with a hair dryer or mini heater for about 3 seconds. Avoid overheating.

5. Press nail wrap onto the nail with the rounded edge at the cuticle. Smooth the wrap down onto the centre of the nail toward to tip. Then smooth the sides, starting from the centre and going outwards.

6. Trim the excess with nail scissors and then file off any remaining nail wrap using a downward motion. 

7. Apply heat and pressure to the nail wrap until it's bonded to the nail.

You can also watch this youtube video here by Sian showing you how to apply the wraps too!

I chose the pink floral wrap as an accent nail and painted my nails in The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polish in the shade Meet Me At Dusk. I think it's a nice, Spring nail look!

Overall I really like these Jamberry nail wraps. There are so many patterns to choose from and they are just hassle-free, if I'm being honest it probably took me longer to paint my nails then putting the nail wrap on lol. They also make great little add on gifts for beauty lovers. 

You can browse the Jamberry nail wraps and other nail products here

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*product sent to me to review, all opinions are my own