Beauty Wish List *

I thought I would do a little Beauty Wish List because I've seen quite a few of these lately and thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post one on my blog too. So here's what's on my currently Beauty Wish List, I guess you could say it's my Spring/Summer wish list really. 

Ever since I laid eyes on this palette I've wanted it. It contains Hoola, Hoola Lite, Dandelion, Galifornia, Rockateur. But in my eyes the price tag is quite steep considering I'm only really interested in 3 of the products inside - Galifornia, Hoola Lite and Dandelion and in all honestly I don't really need Dandelion because I already own a mini version of it. So I'd basically be paying almost £50 for a blusher and a contour/bronzer. Plus I really love the packaging of the Galifornia Blusher alone because it's just so pretty and such a cool retro style and I love it. I'm sure you'll have seen it on your instagram feeds about 59583 times by now. I think if I see an offer and this palette is eligible then I may pick it up but I'm definitely not about to spend £50 on it (you've got to admit, it is a stunning palette, right?).

Clive Christian Noble VII Cosmos Flower Perfume* - 

"The sumptuous scent of cosmos flower blends with bittersweet cocoa, sensual jasmine and fruity plum giving depth & integrity to this modern gourmande."

This perfume sounds so luxurious and it also sounds like a proper grown up woman scent if that makes sense. Ever since turning 23 back in April, my taste in perfumes and even clothes has changed a lot (kinda strange I know). I love fruity perfumes but with a hint of deeper notes, the kind of scents which smell mysterious and sexy. I like that these kinds of perfumes can be worn throughout the year too. I also love how bold but elegant the bottle is too, it definitely looks like a statement kind of perfume bottle, the type of perfume that takes pride of place in your perfume collection.

Clive Christian also have unveiled more exquisite perfumes, made from the rarest, precious ingredients. You can have a nosey at the website here

Everyone seems to own this palette and again I think it's the packaging is what sells it to me. (Have you noticed I'm a sucker for cute/pretty packaging? lol) I do own a few other palettes which are kind of dupes to the Modern Renaissance palette and I use them a lot so I kind of feel I don't really need this palette but it would be nice to add it to my eyeshadow collection purely for the pretty packaging... doesn't really justify spending just over £40 on an eyeshadow palette really though does it? But let's face it, I will probably cave and buy this soon lol.
Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Eau De Parfum
I own a few samples of this and it does literally smell divine. It's not usually a scent I would go for and I can't really say it smells like a certain scent or anything but I do love it and it stays on literally all day long. Surprisingly I'm actually not too keen on the bottle/packaging of the Divine Decadence, it's just not really my cup of tea. Dare I say I think it looks a tiny bit tacky? (Please don't hate me if you do happen to like the packaging!).

So I own a heck of a lot of liquid lipsticks right now. Me and my mum were having a chat the other day in my room, whilst I was sorting through them all and having a declutter and she kept picking them up saying "they're the same colour!" and etc lol but I really like the look of these Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip liquid lipsticks. I've never tried Beauty Bakerie before but I've only heard good things about them and the fact that their liquid lipsticks stay on literally all day. I think I like the look of Fortune Cookie a little more than Gingersnap but like I said I don't really need more lipsticks right now but I may pick one or two up if I feel like treating myself.

So there's my current Beauty Wish List. 
What's on your Beauty Wish List right now?
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  1. Packaging is always hard to pass up but that blush palette is trying super hard.

  2. I REALLY want to try the Beauty Bakerie liquid lipsticks! Although I have heard both pros and cons about them... The cons of them being incredibly hard to remove actually put me off. :P

    Decadence is such a gorgeous and unique scent! I haven't smelt Divine Decadence though. :)