3 Must Haves If You're Heading To A Festival This Summer

We all look forward to Summer and the sunnier days in general, festivals are a huge hit in the UK in the Summer and as much as we think it's going to be all sunny and perfect and Coachella-like, but let's face it the majority of the time it's not lol. Here's 3 Must Have Items if you're going to a festival this year, a few of them which will be handy if the weather isn't on your side.

Heat Holder Socks*

To keep you nice and warm Heat Holders have a range of products perfect for festivals in particular. Blankets, Hats, Snoods, Thermal Clothing and Socks. They sent me some of their Original Socks* which is "The ultimate thermal sock" with the tog rating of 2.3 and they don't disappoint. They've scientifically been tested and over 7x warmer than a basic cotton sock. 

I'll admit I have only been wearing these around the house because I'm one of those people who always seems to have cold hands and feet, which is really annoying. Let's just say I have a lot of fluffy socks in my house because of it lol. But these have definitely been keeping my feet warmer, they literally feel as if I've got mini duvets on my feet. They are super comfortable too because of the lining being so snug and cosy and I would 100% recommend them if you're going to a festival this year.

You can buy them from the Sock Shop here for just £6.99 and you can also pick them up in all different sizes and also colours too!

Mad Beauty The Ultimate Handy Set*

This is the perfect set to take to a festival. It's travel sized and contains 4 products: 

Hand Cream - 
This is such a nice, lightweight hand cream which still gives your hands enough moisture to make them feel super soft. It smells like coconut and the scent lingers for ages too.

 Moisturising Hand Sanitizer - 
I love this hand sanitizer. It's nice and thin and it's a great size to just pop into your bag without it taking up too much room. Also, I like that it's not a squeezy hand sanitizer, it's a spray one instead so it dries super fast.

 Wet Wipes -
A handy travel size pack of wet wipes, obviously if you was going to a weekend festival then these wouldn't last your all weekend but they are a handy pack to have in your day bag and smell lovely too.

 Pack Of Tissues -
A handy pack of tissues which a bright, pretty pattern on the front. Perfect for popping in your day bag.

All of the products have a pretty, bright geometric print so you won't lose them. The Hand Cream, Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes all smell like Coconut too which is obviously the perfect Summer scent (and one of my personal go-to summer scents too). You can pick The Ultimate Hand Set up on Mad Beauty for just £8.99 here. If you're not a fan of Coconut then you can pick up the same set but in Cherry scent here too. 

Power Charger

I bought my power charger last year and it's probably one of the handiest things I've bought in a while. It was only £4 from B&M. It charges my phone pretty quickly. I would say if you're heading to a festival then this power charger may not be the best because it doesn't hold a lot of charge. But if you're planning on going for a day at a festival and want one of these in your bag then I definitely recommend.
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*sent to me to review, all opinions are my own


  1. I was just contacted by Heat Holders ... seems like an odd time of year they're looking to promote their products? lmao!

    xo Millie

  2. I am loving Mad Beauty at the moment! Those sets are perfect for a festival. I got a disney one and can't stop using the hand sanitizer, I'm so obsessed with it because it's a spray, it's such a good idea! x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. Same! Mine's been constantly in my bag since I received the travel pack lol x

  3. Omg, this would've really come in handy when I went to Hangout Festival a few weeks ago. I'll be sure to pack these things for my next music festival.