Essence Must Haves Custom Palettes

I'm a sucker for personalised makeup palettes (and personalised things in general)  so when I got an email about the Essence "Must Haves" Palettes and was asked if I would like to be sent a palette to try out, my answer was of course yes! If you don't know already then Essence is a cruelty-free, affordable brand and which you can pick up at most Wilko stores and also online. I did a blog post about more of their Spring/Summer 2017 summer releases not too long ago, which you can read here and I've kind of been obsessed ever since. 

You can pick up the empty Must Have Palettes (which you fill will your choice of makeup from the "Must Haves" range) for either £1.50 for an empty palette which holds 4 or £2 for an empty palette which holds 8. 

The "Must Haves" refills are just £1.50 each and there's a wide variety to choose from - from eyeshadows, highlighters, lip powders, fixing powders, blushers and bronzers. I was kindly sent out 4 gorgeous eyeshadows for my palette. 

Let's face it, the majority of us own palettes and we've never even touched some of the shades, which is why I like palettes when you can basically make your own and choose the shades suitable for yourself. You can change for each season or just when you get bored of certain shades etc.

I'm really impressed with the eyeshadows I received, for £1.50 each I'll admit I didn't think they'd be very pigmented or would stay put all day but boy was I wrong! These eyeshadows are definitely dark horses in the makeup world right now. Also, I love that the shade "Cotton Candy" works as a great highlighter for me. I'm definitely going to be picking up some more shades from the range and will be picking up an empty palette which will fit 8 shades because I just need more lol. 

I really like how you can use the refills on their own too because they have a little lid which fits securely (and doesn't feel flimsy at all) so if you're travelling very lightly then you can just pop one or two of the shades in your bag and can be on your way. 

Overall I really recommend trying these for yourself. They are great for the price and also the fact that they are cruelty-free and so affordable just makes them even better in my eyes. You can pick them up either at your local Wilko or online.

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  1. I didn't even know Essence did palettes like this, but it's such a good idea! The colours you got look gorgeous too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Yeah they are really lovely and so easy to blend etc, the colours are definitely my cup of tea! x

  2. *pops to Wilkos to create my own custom palette*

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

    1. Haha! They are really good, need to pick up some more soon. Probably will do an updated blog post on my new palette or something lol x

  3. I haven't seen this yet but I'm definitely going to keep an eye out!

    xo, Liz

  4. Wow, so many brands are doing customisable palettes now! It's such a good idea, especially because so many palettes come with colours people will never use.

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

  5. I use Essence for their gel nail polishes and I've had incredible results. I love this brand and I definitely need more!

    - Chloe

  6. I love the fact you can pick and mix your favourite shades!! I have so many untouched shades on most of my palettes. Can't get over how cheap they are too!

  7. I keep hearing about Essence products but I'm still yet to try them! They sound really good though and so affordable! Love the look of this, such a good idea as like you said theres always shades that never get used in bigger palettes!

    Tiffany x