Trying Out New (Healthy-ish) Snacks

I'm really trying to watch what I eat without going on a strict diet and try out some different foods. So I thought I would do a blog post about snacks I've tried out over the past couple of weeks for the first time that I've either picked up at the shops or kindly been sent to review for this blog post. Not all of them are 100% healthy obviously but they are a better option compared to crisps, chocolate bars etc. So here's what I thought about each of the products...

Yushio Snapea Rice Sticks - Lightly Salted
Usually, I wouldn't pick these up, I don't know why but I just wouldn't. But because I do like Snapeas/Sugar Snaps whichever you want to call them, I was intrigued. As you can see the nutritional value isn't too bad for these. I didn't think I'd like them much but I literally can't stop for buying them now. Whenever I'm at the supermarket I get them. You can pick them up in different flavours too but I prefer something more plain and simple. These are also really filling, gluten-free, high in fibre and suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.

Oatly - Barista Edition Oat Drink & Chocolate Oat Drink*

I was kindly sent these oat drinks and they contain no milk whatsoever and they are suitable for vegans.

 I've used the Barista Edition in various ways - to make a lovely latte by heating up the drink in a container and then pour yourself a yummy, foamy latte into a mug, you can drink it cold and it's really refreshing and also I've made a freddo hot chocolate using the oat drink too... I know, I know not so healthier but I've got to say it was really nice so no regrets lol. You can also use the oat drink on cereal too.

I have also tried out the Chocolate Oat Drink too and again you can drink it in various different ways - My favourite way is to heat it up in a saucepan and make a hot chocolate out of it and it literally tastes like proper hot chocolate, it's really weird considered it doesn't contain any milk. It's definitely a treat and a healthier option. Also again you can drink it cold too and it's a great alternative to a chocolate milkshake.

Oatly Oat Drinks are also really affordable at £1.40 for a litre. You can pick them up at Sainsbury's and Asda. I'm definitely a fan, I think I prefer the Chocolate Oat Drink just because, well, chocolate obviously but they both are really nice and I'm looking forward to trying out more from their range.

Sainsbury's On The Go Chocolate, Hazelnut & Pretzel 
As you can see the nutritional guide is all in the wrong colours but these are a great size to pop in your bag. The pack does contain raisins which I really don't like but the prezel sticks pieces are nice and the caramelised hazelnut taste lovely (and I'm not a huge hazelnut fan either) and Sainsburys chocolate is so tasty, literally one of my faves but at least in this pack it's in small amounts because it is really moreish lol. I think for 50p these little "On The Go" packs are great.

Sainsbury's On The Go Roasted Cashews

I love Cashews so I just had to pick these up when I saw them. The cashews are nice but I don't think they taste as if they've been roasted at all, which is a shame. But I do find Cashews filling and obviously tasty too. Again great for travelling as a little snack and barely contains any salt.

Special K Milk Chocolate Delight Bars
I'll admit I know I already liked these but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about them. Remember those rice krispies cakes we all used to make when we were younger (lol younger, I literally made some a few months ago) and thought we were basically top bakers? Well, these taste very similar and they are a little healthier too, win. Sometimes I'd rather these to a galaxy chocolate bar just because they are just more filling and a great size to pop in your bag and go. Plus you can pick these up on their own or in a box of 4.

What are your favourite healthy-ish snacks?

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*sent to me to review, all opinions are my own

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  1. I love those special k bars. They are such a tasty filling snack and perfect handbag size x

    Tiffany x