My Top 10 Blog Props

So because my Affordable Blog Props blog post went down so well a few months ago, I thought maybe I should do another blog post focused on blog props - this time it's my top 10 favourite blog props I use.

Miss Etoile Trinket Dish
I received this cute, but kind of weird looking trinket dish for my birthday back in April and I just love it. It's quite small, so it doesn't take up too much room on top of my set of drawers (or in my case, in my blog photos) but it holds a lot of dainty necklaces and earrings. It's available on ASOS here.

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Fake Succulents
I also picked up a few more fake succulents which I'm sure you've already seen. I bought both which were available at the time. I picked them up from Asda and they are just so pretty and look pretty realistic, I have the splayed out looking succulent (don't know how else to describe it lol) on my bookcase in my room with some warm-toned copper wire lights across the shelf and it looks so cute and cosy. They were a steal at £4 each and they were still available online the last time I looked. 

"K" Circus Light
I've received a lot of compliments and questions where this is from recently as I have been popping it in more of my blog photos. It's from Home Bargains and I think it was around £3-£4 which again is a bargain. I don't really use it as a light, just because it is quite bright and dazzling and I like more warm toned lights at night to get the cosy feeling. But this stands proudly on my bookcase alongside the succulent above when it's not being used in my photos.

Loveheart Tray
This has been one of my go-to blog props for a while now, it usually sits my current favourite perfumes in when it's not in blog photos but I just think it's pretty and it just adds a little more to blog photos and I really like having things edging their way in on my blog photos (does that even make sense? idk) and I tend to pop this tray in the corners and pop a fake plant or a candle in it and it just makes the photo look more put together I guess.

K Trinket Dish
This is technically not new, I got this for Christmas last year but I kind of abandoned it for a spell and have just been using it to pop pens and washi tape in but I've been using it more often in my blog photos and loving it. Instead of only using it for jewellery, I've also been adding other accessories - perfume, the odd lipstick or blusher and so on and I just think it looks pretty.

White Sheet
A pretty new addition to land in my blog props box is a white sheet that no one seemed to be using in my house so I stole in for my blog props. I pop it either on my bed or on my marble print customised table top which I wrote about here, and I just scrunch up the sheet a little and try to make it look like "real" white bedding, perfect for a blog photo session. So far I'm really liking the look of the photos and it's nice to have a little change, rather than constantly doing flat lays. If you're wondering why I don't just have white sheets on my bed then - 1) I have a black cat who basically thinks my room is her room so there's that, also I'm clumsy AF and it's just not worth the risk lol.

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Star Plate

Yeah, it's a plate, technically for food, but I love using it to pop things on, whether it be jewellery, bath bombs, fake plants and so on, I just think it's cute and fun looking and breaks up photos which are a little product heavy.

Make Up
So if you've been following or reading my blog for a while then you'll know that it's quite beauty-focused but I do like to cover lifestyle blog posts and I've also started to get into doing a few fashion blog posts too as of lately. But when I take lifestyle photos, I like to add in the odd blusher or lipstick just to break up the photo and maybe show a new product (which I may be testing to review on the blog soon too).

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I've also been trying to use flowers in my photos more, I keep meaning to pick up some fake flowers but I kept forgetting! So I've been using real flowers and I really like how they look in photos instead of always using my fake succulent plants.

Books & Notebooks

As you may have noticed a lot of my photos have had notebooks and books in lately and I love how they look together, especially with the notebook on top of the book with a trinket dish. I'm really liking layered-looking blog photos lately and to be honest, I don't know where it's come from but I love it!

So there's a kind of mini update on my blog props and my current faves. If you haven't read my previous blog props blog post then you can check it out here.

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  1. This is so useful! I've been struggling with what to use in pictures, so this is great!xx

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