4 Fashion Trends I'm Loving This Summer

In the UK our weather is quite temperamental so it could be a lovely summer's day but we always have an umbrella or coat at hand just in case, we have to be prepared, right? So during the Summer months, I tend to buy clothes that I can easily team up with outerwear like denim jackets, parka coats and so on, just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. Today I'm going to be showing and writing about my go-to favourite trends I'm loving this Summer.

Even though I am plus sized and apparently stripes "don't suit" plus sized girls, I find most stripes flatter my shape and you can pick up some many pretty tops right now with stripes (along with another trend I'm loving which you'll find out about further down in this blog post). My wardrobe is currently just full of stripes, it literally makes my eyes go weird when I open my wardrobe, oops (lol) but I do have a few favourite pieces I wear more than others.
I never thought I'd be a sliders kind of girl, I'll be honest I've always thought they are kind of ugly (please don't hate me). But after buying some new summer kind of shoes - flip flops and some sandals - both from ASOS and kind of hating them both, as they just don't feel comfortable to me (but I kept them anyway just they get better), I saw the sliders which are featuring in the photos on this post on the Asda website and kind of fell in love. I picked up the rose gold metallic ones first and then I picked up the white pair too. They are so comfortable and easy to pair up with outfits, the best thing is they were only £6!

I didn't love the trend when it first came about again but now I'm obsessed. The majority of my go-to bags right now, have some form of embroidery going on, some of my favourite tops have flowers, birds, pretty embroidered patterns and more, it's safe to say, I'm completely sold on the trend now. The first thing I picked up which was embroidered was the bag above, it's from New Look, but I picked it up on Depop in a like-new condition for £8! Even though it looks quite small compared to my usual satchel styled bags, it fits so much inside! I love that it has a zip too because I'm still so conscious of my new phone falling out.

I'm the type of girl who likes pretty big bags so I can fill them with unwanted "essentials". So for me to buy tiny bags that just about fit a card holder and my phone and maybe even a lipstick if I'm lucky, is very unusual. I'll admit I don't use them often, only if I'm nipping out of the house for an hour or two, I definitely couldn't use one of these for a full day out or on a road trip, obviously. But I do have a few small bags which I love right now and even though they are little, they can just add so much more to an outfit. The one in the photo above is from Primark a couple years ago which I found whilst having a rid through my clothes/bags a couple months ago and I just think it's so cute.


So there are a few of my go-to trends I'm loving right now. I really want to try and blog about fashion more but I don't feel confident enough to go and have outfit photos taken and so on, so these kind of posts will have to do for now. 

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  1. Love this! I'm plus size too and I'm forever being told that stripes don't suit me, but I think worn the right way, they look fab on me and my shape!
    I love all the cute flatlays you've done for this, a great way to start posting more fashion without taking OOTD's. You should definitely give it a go though, you have great style.

    Nai xoxo

    P.S. where's the little cream embroidered bag from? It's lush xo

    1. Same! I've been feeling most confident in stripes lately, which is weird! If I'm happy with what I'm wearing and feel confident then why shouldn't I wear stripes? And I'm glad you liked this post! I didn't know if it would go down well or not lol. The embroidered bag is from Primark earlier this year but they do have similar ones in stock :) x

  2. Love the embroided stuff that's out recently, I can't stop buying bags from Primark!

  3. I totally feel you on the stripes front. Being a size 16 and having large boobs meant that I was always told to steer WELL clear of anything striped. Now I just wear whatever I find comfortable and one of my favourite and most-worn tops is striped! I like to think of it as a big F-you to all the people who told me I shouldn't be wearing it.
    -El x

    1. Love this! I'm the same - I'm a size 18 and I feel my most confident when wearing stripes so why shouldn't I wear them? Since this post went live I've bought 2 more striped tops too lol x