I'm a complete newbie to Zoella Beauty, just because nothing has really caught my eyes and made me go "Wow, I need that in my life" in all honesty. But as soon as I saw the new Jelly & Gelato range and the pretty pastel packaging, I needed it in my life. There's a whole bunch of new things in the range, which all sound and look cute but I decided to pick up the Shower Shake, Body Pudding and the Cream Scrub. I'll admit I didn't need any new shower or bath products as I was planning to have a good old de-stash of products because I could literally open my own shop right now, but never mind, I just couldn't resist. 

The range is described as a fresh, sweet Summer scent and I totally get it. I definitely pick up the fresh scent more than the sweet but I personally prefer that as I already own too many sickly sweet scents (which I do like). All of the range is Elderflower and Pomegranate scented.

Shower Shake - £6

How could I resist not buying this? Just look at that packaging, it's adorable. The Shower Shake is a moisturising shower cream (Shower Sauce is the shower gel in the range). This is the first of the products I tried out, I'll admit, I didn't love the scent at first but it's definitely grown on me. This is really nice, lathers up pretty well and leaves my skin lovely and soft.  

Body Pudding - £8 
I think this may be my favourite out of the products I picked up from the new range (so far). I love the packaging, nothing to do with the fact that it reminds me of a Ben & Jerry's ice cream tub... Body Pudding is a lightly-whipped body cream with tiny little pink beads which disappear once you rub the product into your skin. I can definitely pick up the pomegranate scent more so than the Elderflower in this. Plus because the little pink beads release moisture as well as the cream itself, a little goes a long way.

Cream Scrub - £8
I really did not need another body scrub in my beauty stash, yet here I am writing about another lol. I really like the fact that the Cream Scrub looks kind of like a sorbet because of it's unexpected orange colour. I thought it just was a little different and something that I haven't got in my body scrub collection, yes that's what I'm calling it now, a collection (I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris so I always like to keep my skin as smooth as possible and rid of any dead skin cells). Anyway, I think the Cream Scrub is nice but it's not very scrubby, it's very gentle and I personally prefer more of a gritty kind of scrub but at least it smells nice and fresh and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised all in one.

I definitely shall be buying more from the range. I think out of the products I've picked up, I would definitely repurchase the Body Pudding and Shower Shake but I don't think I'd get the Cream Scrub again just because of my personal preference of what kind of body scrub I like but I would recommend it if you prefer gentle body scrubs.

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