Can Colour Really Affect Our Mood? *

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Today's post is something a little different but I've teamed up with Thomas Sanderson to share and talk about their recent guide about The Psychology of Colour which they've recently posted on their blog. It includes handy tips on how to inject colours in certain rooms, what colours to avoid where and also just some general tips like how to make a smaller room feel and look bigger and so on. So I thought today I would write about what colours I prefer around the house and also what colours I tend to avoid because of how they personally make me feel. 

I've had my bedroom a warm, dark purple colour for a few years now and I'm not planning on changing it anytime soon because even though it kind of makes my room look smaller, it also gives it a cosy effect and makes me feel nice and relaxed - especially in Autumn/Winter when I've got my cute fairy lights on and candles lit. But I like to add in colours around my room just to break up the dark purple a little. Some simple ways how I do this is by adding in a mixture of fake and real plants (which is a tip in the Thomas Sanderson guide). I've also have added in two colourful canvases which blend into my room nicely too and I like to switch up my cushions on my bed regularly, just to inject different colours here and there, without having to change everything in my room.

I've also realised whilst writing this post that we have a lot of green/teal going on in our house. The kitchen is a fresh light, olive green which I think is really welcoming and perfect for a kitchen, it goes nicely with the wooden cupboards we have too. We also have teal and brown in the living room which I think is quite cosy and feels quite earthy. My parents also clearly love the colour teal too as they have a pretty feature wall covered in birds on a teal background and also teal painted walls.

A colour I personally don't like is red. I don't know if it's because it makes me think of blood, danger and whatever else, but I wouldn't paint a room red, ever. We've recently painted the staircase and landing white after it being red for years and I don't feel as on edge as I walk upstairs anymore and it just feels bigger and more open. 

Also whilst writing this post it's made me think isn't it kind of weird in a way how we all have a favourite colour and it's more likely a colour we love throughout our life? We all have at least one colour we're pulled towards more than others. 

What do you think about colour and how it affects us and the mood we're in?

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