Understanding Your Body and Learning How To Get A Better Nights Sleep With The ResMed S+ Sleep Monitor

I've been struggling with my sleep for literally years, I've tried so many different things - tips and tricks, tablets, herbal remedies and nothing has really worked well enough for me. I am a night owl, so I do find it hard to switch off at night at the best of times but night time is when my anxiety tends to hit me hard and I go into overthinking mode about everything. It sucks majorly bad but I'm kind of just used to it now, which is why I always look so tired and I basically feel like an 80 odd year old woman trapped inside an 23 year old body because I love nothing more than an afternoon nap (as well as complaining about my constant back pain) and cosy nights in watching TV. 

I was recently sent the ResMed S+ Sleep monitor* to try out and I was so excited to see if it'd help my sleeping problem. The S+ Monitor links up to your phone via bluetooth (via the free app) and tracks and analyses your sleep pattern and gives you daily feedback on understanding your sleep issues and hopefully help towards giving you a better nights sleep. It tracks all 4 stages of your sleep - Sleep Onset, Light, Deep, REM.

It tracks the noise, temperature and light levels in your room and it also has a "clear your mind" area on the app where you can write/tell things to the app to get it off your mind to hopefully help you along with your sleep. It also has some relaxation type of music to listen to if you just want a little chill out time or want to listen to some soothing sounds before going to sleep, I personally really like the "Twilight", "Ocean" and "Shoreline" sounds and find that they work best for me.

It comes with everything you need (Device, Charger and Guide), all you have to do is switch it on and link it up to your phone via the free app. The app also has a little guide to tell and show you how to use everything. It will then ask you for your profile which is super quick and easy to do.

I've been using it for just over 2 weeks now and I really like it. I like that it is contactless and you don't have to wear a gadget to bed (like FitBit devices). I find it quite interesting to see how I'm sleeping and how long I'm in a deep sleep and also the fact that it tells you what you can do to improve your sleep each night. Also because of the "Sleep Score" it gives you once you tell the app you're awake, it's almost like a game of trying to get the sleep score higher in a way. I really like that you can charge your phone on the same charger as the ResMed S+ whilst it tracks your sleep via* Bluetooth too. The only thing I will say is that if you move around a lot in the night (which I do) then I have gone to my app in the morning and it's said that it's lost connection, which is a shame. But it's only happened a few times in the 2 weeks or so I've been using the device. Whilst I don't think this is a gadget that everyone needs in their life right now, I think if you're not a very good sleeper or are interested in seeing how you really sleep, then I think you would really like this gadget and I think it does help. You can pick up the RedMed S+ Sleep Monitor here for £129.95.

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*PR sample, all opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a really interesting device! Lovely blog post as usual:)

    Emily xo

    1. It's definitely interesting! and thank you :) x

  2. This looks like such an amazing device, I've always had problems sleeping mainly down to my anxiety as I'm sure a lot of people do, this could help so many people!.
    Charlie | www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  3. ooo this sounds so interesting, I used to have an app that used to do this but it wasnt very good so this sounds great!


    1. Yeah I've used a sleeping app before too but it was a bit useless lol. Before this I was using my fitbit which is okay but not very comfy to wear to bed x