Christmas Gift Guide for Partners *

Christmas Gift Guide for Partners
With Christmas just over a week away, here’s a guide to finding the perfect gift for your partner before it’s too late! So whether your partner is into music, food, films and more, you can get them ticked off the list in no time!

Christmas Gifts for Him
If your boyfriend or husband is hard to buy for, why not give him something out of the ordinary. I’m sure at this point you know not to buy him a Lynx gift set…So why not think outside the box and get him something he won’t expect?
Gig Tickets
If you know his favourite bands, why not see if they’re on tour? You can contact Ticketmaster and find out if they’re on tour, or you can head over to the Ticketmaster website and manually search for them. If you find none of his favourite bands are on tour, why not get him a Vinyl of his favourite album? When framed, they can make great statement wall art pieces.
If your partner is into his fast cars or beer/wine, why not try and find an experience that he would love to try. Or even better, you could find an experience that to the two of you could try together. On sites such as Groupon and Wowcher, you can find wine tasting events, test drive experiences and more.
Is he into his food? I mean who isn’t, but if he loves food, why not bake him something? This is a cheap option, which is great for your purse, and the effort you put in will mean so much. You can find great recipes on sites such as BBC Food.
Christmas Gifts for Her
If you’re looking for something special for your girlfriend or wife, take a look at the following gift ideas:
Spa day
This Christmas, the odds are that your partner has cooked the dinner, decorated the house and bought the gifts for your family members. Why not treat her to a spa day? A massage in the new year could be exactly what she’s looking for. You can find deals for Spa days on money saving websites (which great if your budget is on the lower side!).
Clothing & Accessories
Clothing can be tricky if you’re buying for someone else. What if you buy the wrong size? What if they hate it? If you’re going to buy clothing for a girlfriend, you should check with them first, as they might not like what you’re getting. If you’re getting her a designer bag, then it’s a different story. Take a look at her current bags. What colours does she own? What brands? You will usually be able to judge from these what she likes the most.
Jewellery is an easy option if you’re unsure what to get your partner this year. Take a look in shops such as Pandora and Tiffany. The name alone will mean a lot!

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel
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