My Thoughts On Dermalogica | Influenster Vox Box

Getting a shortlist email from Influenster is very exciting, admittedly I have received a few shortlist emails recently but I didn't make the cut to receive the Vox Box in question. So when I received the email saying "You're IN!" and that I was receiving a Dermalogica Vox Box, I was really happy and excited to try out a brand I've never tried before but had heard good things about. Today's post is all about what I received and my thoughts on each product. 

Pre Cleanse Balm*
The pre-cleansing balm I received is quite small in size but I would say it's a nice size for travelling. The balm to oil product itself is nice, it does the job well and I like the little cleansing mitt which was inside the box with the Pre Cleanse Balm. It also smells really nice and refreshing. You can also pick it up in a full-size version which is what I would personally opt for if I picked this up again. The full-size product is £44 so it would definitely be more of a treat if I did buy it.

Special Cleansing Gel*

I personally didn't get on with the Special Cleansing Gel which was quite disappointing after seeing a lot of people raving about it. To me, it seems too gloopy and greasy and after using it I felt as if my face needed a 3rd cleanse. I think if you have dry skin then you may get on with this but for me and my super oily skin, it's not something I'm going to be adding into my skincare routine anytime soon. (I have given it to my mum who does have dry/sensitive skin but I don't know if she's used it or not yet).

Daily Superfoliant*

The Daily Superfoliant is the product which the box is focused on and the product I was most intrigued about. It's a Charcoal powder which you add water to and make a paste to exfoliate your skin. It's not too gritty but gritty enough and it does do the job really well and makes your skin feel lovely and smooth. It kind of foams up on your face so it's more gentle. It's definitely my favourite product from the selection I received in the Vox Box and it's now a firm staple in my skincare routine, it is on the pricier side at £55 but I think it will last a while because of it being in powder form. 

Skin Smoothing Cream*

I really like the size of the Smoothing Cream and I feel like you get a good amount of product for the £36 price tag. It smells lovely and fresh and it works great as a general moisturiser. I've also really been liking it before applying makeup because it really does smooth out the skin and minimizes pores, particularly on my cheeks and nose. I've been using it most days since receiving the Vox Box and I think it is worth the money.

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*PR sample/gifted item, all opinions are my own