4 Legit Ways To Make Money Fast *

We all want and need extra cash at times whether it's for an unexpected bill like a car repair or if you just fancy treating yourself to something because you feel like you deserve it after a tough week then I have a few legit ways to make some extra money depending on if you are after a bit of extra pocket money per month or need a lump sum of money asap then carry on reading this post for some simple ways to get the money you need.

Cleo -
Cleo is a free app which you link up to your bank account and it downloads onto Facebook Messenger for easy access (it's totally private though, don't worry) and it basically tells you where you're spending the most money by separating your spendings in categories such as Eating Out, Transport, Entertainment, Shopping etc. I've been using it for around 4 months and it definitely helps me to track my spendings and stops me from overspending each month by setting up a monthly budget and it also stops me from "treating myself" a few too many times. I know it's not technically a way to make money but you'll be surprised at how much money you save each month by setting a budget and watching where you are spending your dough. You can also make an instant £30 if you sign up 3 people with your referral code. You can help a gal out and download the app here using my referral code if you like.

Cash Lady -
If you are in need of a lump sum of money but struggling then you could consider a payday loan. Whether you've had an unexpected bill because you need to fix your car or if your boiler has broken down all of a sudden then payday loans can help with your finances during difficult times. Cash Lady are a well-established short-term loan lender who care about their customers needs and want to make their life easier. You can easily apply for a loan on their website via the application form and then they will do the rest of the work for you. 

Depop -
Do you have basically an collection of almost-new makeup products you don't use? Or do you have a few dresses/tops hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still on even though you've had them for over a month? Then get them on Depop because I can gurantee you won't miss them if you sell them. Yes you do have some really cheeky people on Depop most of the time but if you're already offering an almost-new high end product/item of clothing or a bundle of drugstore makeup at a discounted price then you're bound to get someone snapping it up in a short space of time. Also, make sure you take well lit, clear photos because I find it helps tons! You can check out my Depop here.

Qmee - 
I've literally only been using Qmee for a few days but I've already earned some money. No, it's not going to pay the bills for the month but an extra bit of pocket money each month doesn't go amiss, right? Especially when you're getting it by basically doing nothing. Qmee is an extension you download onto your browser and it pays you to search on Google, Amazon, Asda/Walmart and more. It works in the background when you are searching and shopping online and offers you cash rewards and coupons and deals. There's also surveys you can complete but I haven't got around to completing any yet.

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*this post is sponsored by Cash Lady, all opinions are my own