A Homeware Wishlist

I'm currently trying to revamp my bedroom a little because I get bored of how it looks very easily and just want a change. But with my current back problems, it's been hard to actually get it done so I guess you could say it's a work in progress. So far I've moved my room around and rejigged it a little and that's about it. I'm planning on buying the ALEX 9 drawer unit from IKEA in the next few weeks to put in the corner of my room so I have some extra storage space for my overflow makeup and other bits and bobs and then hopefully I'll be able to get around to painting my room later this month. But because I'm not able to actually whip the paint out and do much else to my room until I feel better, I've been looking at a lot of things to maybe buy once it's all done. So I thought I'd show you what I've been eyeing up lately. 
 1. Asda George LOVE Light £12 / 2. Primark Mint Fluffy Cushion £7 / 3. Primark Star Hanging Mirror £5

I've been looking at this LOVE light-up light for a while debating on buying it. I think it's great for the price and it gives off a soft warm light which I love because it instantly gives any room cosy vibes. I think if I do buy it I'm most likely going to have it somewhere on my bookcase. I love adding texture to my room and I love the look of the Mint fluffy cushion from Primark, it's super cute and affordable and would look lovely on my bed. I also love the look of the Star Mirror I've seen on Primark's website, it definitely looks more expensive than £5! I'm not sure on how big it actually is though, so I may nip in my local store and see if it's there.
 4. Asda George Copper Clock £8 / 5. Asda George Pink and Grey Duvet Cover £12 / 6. Asda George Cactus Vase £12

Okay, so Asda are definitely killing it right now in the Homeware Department. I have already got a Copper bedside clock from Wilko but I just liked the look of the wall clock too. Do I really need two clocks in one room though? probs not. I really like the reversible duvet cover which I've seen a few fellow bloggers own, I definitely prefer the grey side and I feel like I could use it for my blog photos which is an added bonus. I also love the Cactus vase but the only thing that puts me off it is the fact that my cat Charlie has a thing for knocking vases over and I don't think he would make the cactus vase an exception unfortunately lol.

7. Primark LED Dome Light £6 / 8. Pimkie Pom Pom Basket £13.99 / 9. Asda George Teddy Throw £7 

I saw the LED Dome Light on someone's Youtube channel and I can't remember whose but I really like it. I remember thinking "wow, that gives off a lot of light" so I think it would be a great light for my bedside table and it's so cheap and pretty. I also really like the woven baskets around at the minute and the ones I've spotted on ASOS have pom poms. I also love the look of the teddy throw from Asda even though I know my cats would claim it straightaway. 
10. H&M Velvet Fig Candle £12.99 / 11. Rose Gold Photo Display £7.99 / 12. Sass & Belle Plant Pots £15

I don't need any more candles, I literally have a box full that need using right now. Some I've bought for myself and the others I've received as a gift but I do like the look and sound of the Velvet Fig candle from H&M and the packaging is beautiful. I've also seen a lot of the Rose Gold Photo Displays around recently and I think they're cute and I'd probably fill it with pretty postcards as well as photos. Lastly, I really like the set of 3 plant pots from Sass and Belle, I do have 3 succulents in my room which I've managed to keep alive for over 2 YEARS (woo!) and I think they would look cute in these plant pots if they'd actually fit inside...

So there are some things on my Homeware Wishlist right now.
 Have you got your eyes on anything Homeware related at the minute? 

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  1. All of these items seem so reasonably priced! And from Asda?! I would have never guessed Asda if the labels weren't there! Some lovely picks x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I know! I'm definitely going to pick up a few of them soon. I think the LOVE light and the rose gold wire photo display are my faves x

  2. I love that pom pom basket so cute xxx

    1. I know it's adorable! I'm wondering whether to try and do a DIY version x

  3. Asda are absolutely killing it with their homeware at the moment. I picked a few bits up recently but already want to place another order. Also that mint cushion from Primark is so cute, I'm going to keep an eye out for that next time im in store xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  4. Asda do the best homeware which is really surprising! I find Sainsburys do quite well too in terms of supermarkets. That Pimkie Pom Pom basket has got to be my fave pick!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk