EarthWater | Does It Really Work?

EarthWater by Fulhum is a natural, mineral-based alkaline water which claims to do many impressive things including - boost and help rebuild the immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation and lower blood pressure, enable better sleep, remove toxins and free radicals, maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, lower arthritis-related pain and more. It's also calorie-free!

I've been trying out the water over the past few weeks and I've been drinking a bottle every day/every other day and I thought I'd share with you my overall thoughts in a mini review styled post.

First of all, I love the snazzy bottle - it's definitely another factor which drew me into trying out the product if I'm being honest because we all know I'm a sucker for unique or cute packaging.

The main reasons why I wanted to try this is because I was intrigued by how it claims to help joint and arthritic pain as you may know if you read my recent blog post that I'm currently dealing with a pretty bad back problem. I also was interested that it claims to help the immune system and also helps to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. The water is black and yes, it does look like flat coke but it actually does taste like water. Mind blown. I find that I don't have to drink loads in one go to feel super hydrated which I'm guessing is because of all the minerals and electrolytes present.

I've got to admit after drinking this for the past few weeks, my skin seems to have calmed down and I definitely do think this has contributed to my clearer skin. I haven't seen much difference to my hair and nails unfortunately but I think out of the three - hair, skin and nails then my skin is what bothers me the most when it's acting up. Something which has impressed me is that my back pain seems to calm down a little when I drink a bottle of EarthWater. I don't know if it's a placebo effect (who knows?!) but I have seen a difference in my pain levels which is obviously a good thing. 

Whilst I do like EarthWater by Fulham I do wish it was a little cheaper as it's currently £37.99 on Amazon for 12 bottles. But if you are interested in buying and trying out EarthWater for yourself then you can purchase it here.

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  1. This sounds really cool i've heard its really good for chronic illness, its so pricey though!
    So it better work miracles lol