What I've Been Reading, Watching and Listening To Lately

I think these posts are easier to write during the colder months because I love nothing more than snuggling up preferably in my dressing gown, accompanied by either my hot water bottle or one of my cats and getting stuck into a box set or film on Netflix or NOW TV. There has been a quite few TV shows I've been loving over the past month or so as well the odd film or two and... one book (which I still haven't finished). But here are some things which I've been into recently entertainment wise.

For reading I'm still struggling to sit down and actually read a book, I used to love reading a few years ago but since taking my blog a lot more seriously I feel like I use up my energy writing blog posts and re-reading them to make sure that they actually make sense, that I just rarely feel like reading a book. But a book I have recently picked up because of the hype about it is Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. I'm a few chapters in now and I do really like it, I'm still quite intrigued about the character even chapters into the book and I'm looking forward to finishing it (which let's face it, will probably be in about 6 months lol). 

I've been watching Catfish for literally years but the season which is currently on has been blowing my mind with the "double the secrets" each episode. I also just love Nev and Max and the way how they act when someone is being a total dick. Nev tries to be super calming and Max usually flips and shouts at them, so funny!

I've finally gotten around to watching the second season of Delicious which has Dawn French and Emilia Fox starring in it and I think it's great. I really wish there were more episodes each season because four episodes is just not enough. I like that it's quite a dark comedy and that there's a lot of things going on from death, love triangles, running a restaurant and more. Plus it's set in Cornwall and everywhere is just so pretty. 

I'm not going to lie I was missing Reign when I saw the ad for The White Princess and I thought it seemed like a good substitute lol. Jodie Comer stars as The White Princess  (Elizabeth of York) who's in many other shows such as Thirteen, My Mad Fat Diary and Doctor Foster. It's only a mini-series so a lot happens in each episode but it's about the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York which I'll admit, I knew very little about until I watched the show, so it was quite interesting too.

I think Riverdale may have been in my last post about what I've been enjoying entertainment wise recently and well, it's back again. I just really love it and yeah, there are some unbelievable parts in it and a few plot holes but it's just one of those shows which kind of pulls me in and I want to see the next episode as soon as the latest one has finished. One thing I have not appreciated is the whole one month break since the last episode. But when this post goes live, it should be back on - woo!

For films, like I said I haven't really watched that many recently. But I did rewatch How To Be Single for probably the 10th time because it's such a great, feel-good film and I just find that it's a pretty empowering film when you're feeling a bit off. I also watched Kingsmen 2: The Golden Circle recently which I really enjoyed too. I don't think it's as good as the first film but it was really funny.

I love finding bands I've never heard of on Spotify and The Jungle Giants are one I literally discovered last week. I really like their sound and they are really easy to listen to whether if I'm working on my blog, in the bath or just tidying around the house.

I've also basically been listening to The Wombats latest album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life non-stop since it was released, I can already tell you that the song Turn is probably going to be Summer anthem this year. It's just a catchy, sing-alongy album and I love it.

The Neighbourhood have also released a few new songs over the past couple of months. I really like their new sound, I think my favourite songs are Scary Love, Compass and Stuck With Me.

What have you been loving recently? Please do leave me recommendations some below!

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  1. I'd love to hear your final thoughts on Eleanor Oliphant, I still can't decide if I loved it or not... I've just finished Behind Her Eyes and am finding myself in the same situation (it's always the ending that throws my love). I loved Riverdale for the first season but then just couldn't face the second season, Betty is too annoying!!

    Lovely post! xoxo

    Shan// www.cultureandcouture.co.uk

  2. I read eleanor oliphant is completely fine a while back and by the end of it I was in love with it so I'd love to hear your final thoughts. I also love catfish and riverdale, although I feel like the second series of riverdale has been a bit weird and annoying.