Affordable Blog Props You Need To Jazz Up Your Flatlay

I've been really trying to up my photography game lately because I felt like it was kind of letting my blog and instagram down. I decided to pick up some new affordable blog props as well as a few new backdrops and I've definitely seen an improvement in my photos just by changing a few things and I've also noticed that my engagement on my insta photos has actually improved... what?! So here are some affordable blog prop ideas which have helped me to jazz up my flatlays and feel better about my photography game whilst being on a budget.

Fake Plants or Flowers
You've probably noticed that I very rarely take a photo that doesn't have a fake plant in it somewhere. It's usually either a succulent or cactus or a bunch of fake flowers in. I feel like adding a bit of greenery or a bloom of flowers really adds to a photo and they are both great space fillers as well. I tend to pick up my fake plants either from Asda, Wilko, Home Bargains or Ebay. 

Tissue Paper - Ebay and Paperchase
You've probably noticed I've been using printed tissue paper in my photos a lot lately because well, I'm kind of obsessed. The one I use the most (the gold speckle print) is from Paperchase but I did manage to find it on Ebay at a cheaper price. I've also got some other prints too from Ebay as well. I think using the tissue paper behind the focal point of the blog post really sets off the photo more. So say if I'm doing a blog post about a foundation then I'll make sure the foundation is on the tissue paper if that makes sense.

Trinket Dishes
I own that many trinket dishes I could literally open a shop, I swear. I'm always picking up cute looking trinket dishes and I always get them for my birthday/Christmas too because everyone knows I'm basically obsessed. You can pick up trinket dishes from many places like Poundland, B&M and ASOS. My cat-shaped trinket dish and Little Treasures trinket dish are my current favourites and are both from Sass and Belle on ASOS. 

Books/Notebooks/Pens - Basically anything Stationery related and cute...
I love to use notebooks and books just to add a little something more to a photo. I think it really breaks up a makeup-heavy photo (which let's face it, a lot of my photos are about) and it also looks cute. I tend to use my rose gold paperclips often in the corner of a photo and occasionally I'll use some little bells I picked up from Ebay to fill in spaces too. My most recent notebooks which I picked up just for my blog photos (yep, really) are all from Wilko.

This isn't really a prop as such but more of a little tip... If you're in need of a plain white background but the A3 card or paper you're using isn't cutting it then I highly recommend buying a Foam Board. I picked up a pack of 3 A2 sized Foam Boards for £12.99 on Amazon and they have been a game changer! (bit of a pain to store away though, just an fyi lol).

Blankets and/or Clothes
Blankets and cute jumpers are usually what I use if you ever see something peeping into the corner of a photo. I haven't actually been using them as much lately because I'm trying to keep my photos looking kind of similar to each other and also fresh looking for the Spring season. But I was using my fave mustard coloured jumper in my photos often during the colder months and I recently picked up an off-grey blanket from Wilko which I think was about £4-£5 which I sometimes use here and there.

Candles literally always look nice in photos. I just think they just make a photo look cosy and inviting somehow. I tend to either use the cheap £1 Primark ones or my K candle from Tesco a million years ago which is more of a show candle, hence why I never used it.
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  1. I've never thought of using tissue paper, but I love the idea of it! Adds such a pretty touch x
    Amber |

  2. I absolutely love your flat lays!
    Wilkos do some really pretty faux flowers and they look great too.

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  3. I might have to have a look at some tissue paper, I never thought of this and I have been looking for a board of some sort and now I'll look at a foam board. Thanks!

    Janay Andre