Keeping Safe Whilst Travelling This Spring and Summer *

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In a blog post last week I wrote about how I would love to travel a little more around the UK this year and visit places which I love visiting in the UK in the warmer months and also some places which I’ve never been before but are on my ‘UK Travel Wishlist’. 

I personally prefer travelling in a car rather than public transport just because I like the convenience of doing what you want, when you want and not having to wait around for trains or buses. Also I do get quite bad anxiety at times so I tend to try and avoid public transport if I'm being honest. In today's post I'm writing about being safe whilst travelling during the Spring and Summer months and ways you can keep safe on the roads this year. 

Is Your Car Due It's MOT?
With the MOT laws regarding all cars about to change in May, now is probably the best time to read up on what's changing and make sure your car is up to scratch and safe. MOTs are about to become more stricter. There's going to be stricter rules for diesel car emissions, new items will be tested during the MOT and also the MOT certificate is changing too. If your car is due it's MOT then and you live in Dewsbury or nearby then you can get your MOT from Ossett Tyre House at cheap rates.

Check Your Car's Engine Oil 
Checking your engine oil literally takes all of one minute but people seem to forget. Always remember to park on a level ground and check your car's engine oil when the engine is cold so you don't burn yourself. Also remember to check your engine coolant and fill it up if it's needed too.

Keep Your Windscreen Clean
Seeing people being blinded by the sun because of their windscreen being dirty is one of my pet hates when driving. So making sure your windscreen is clean before setting off and driving anywhere is so important.

Make Sure Your Tyres Are Safe
An obvious one is make sure you check your tyres often. You should check your tyre pressure at least once a month and also before travelling long distances. Also make sure you check your tyre tread regularly so you can determine how much life your tyres have left in them. The law says that your tyres should have at least 1.6mm depth but many manufacturers would recommend changing your tyres before then when they are at around 3mm. This is because the less amount of tyre tread on your tyres means a bigger braking distance because there isn't as much grip left.

Be Prepared
Just in case you are unlucky and end up breaking down in the middle of nowhere with barely any charge left on your phone make sure you are prepared and have a little safety pack available at all times. Keep a few essentials including a torch, hazard sign, blanket, a charged portable phone charger, your breakdown service provider details, umbrella and maybe even a few snacks, just incase!

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  1. Some fab tips for anyone planning on travelling this Spring and Summer!

    Heather xo | x Highland Beauty