How To Prevent Theft On Your Summer Holiday *

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If you’re going on holiday soon then these simple tips to help prevent theft whilst on your holiday will hopefully be useful to you! If you're in need of further advice or help regarding theft whilst on holiday then you can contact 
David Phillips Partnership

Don’t Broadcast You’re Going Away - 

When you tweet or update your status on Facebook that you are going away for a week or two, let’s be honest you’re basically advertising your home to be burgled. It’s nice to be able to say ‘I’m escaping the madness for a few weeks’ I know, but is it really worth potentially being burgled for? I always think this when I see friends and family saying when and where they’re going and how long for... I just think it's a little silly.

Make Sure You Don’t Leave Your Bag Or Phone/Wallet Unattended -

It’s kind of an obvious one but it is easily forgotten whilst you’re enjoying yourself or relaxing in the sun. But try to keep your personal belongings (i.e. phone, passport, money, purse) with you at all times and don’t let them out of your sight at any time. 

Also a little tip and something which I’ve always thought is a good idea is something I’ve seen over the years which is a ‘sunscreen bottle’ but it’s actually empty/fake and somewhere to pop your keys or phone etc. I still wouldn’t leave the ‘sunscreen bottle’ on its own and unsupervised but it’s a good idea to have beside you whilst you relax on the beach and somewhere to hide your belongings. 

Only Take What You Need With You -

When you leave your hotel room make sure anything valuable is locked away in the safe in your accommodation. Also double check that the safe is either securely bolted to the wall or floor so that no one can just walk out with your belongings in the safe if anyone was to attempt to steal from you.

Try Not Do Things At The Same Time Everyday -

Lastly is try not to get into a daily routine because you never know who is keeping tabs on you. If a potential burglar sees you leaving your room at a certain time and returning at a certain time every day they know the perfect time slot when to break in or even mug you so changing things up daily is a good idea.

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  1. This last one gave me the creeps, I have to be honest haha
    Good thing is (even though I don't go to holidays, but if I do), I live in a building with constantly locked doors and only the residents have the key. We also usually leave the key and phone numbers ofc to our most trusted neighbor so we're covered there. And at the seaside (which is the only place we go), 3 buildings around us are friends/family/best mans... and everybody at the beach is somebody we know so somebody is always looking after your stuff :D
    however, good tips and a post that needed to be written, nice!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram