My Favourite Summer Fashion Trends This Year & A Few I Just Don't 'Get'

I think Summer is probably my favourite time of the year for fashion just because I’m a fan of floral patterns and pops of colour which you see more of in the Summer months. Although I do find it hard at times with my body confidence with what to wear, I know what styles suit me and what colours tend to suit my pasty pale skin lol. Also if I’m shopping online for clothes, which let’s face it, most of us do nowadays I like to look for discounts on sites like Groupon because who doesn’t like getting things at a cheaper price and save some pennies? So I thought I would do a blog post about what trends and patterns I’m loving this Summer and which trends I just don’t personally ‘get’ or like. 

Woven Basket Bag 
Ah, the woven basket bag which every fashion blogger seems to be sporting this summer. I do like the style of the bag and I think it’s very cute and kind of vintage looking but I know if I bought one for myself that I’d barely really use it and also they aren’t exactly something you can use throughout the year when the weather gets colder either. So I'm kind of leaning on the 'no' side for the basket bag.

The Bardot Style
I’ve always found in recent years that anything Bardot style on me isn’t very flattering and the style makes me look quite boxy and bigger. But I have picked up a gorgeous mustard bardot top with a pale floral print recently and it some how suits me so hey, maybe it’s the colour and print which makes the difference. I'm currently on the hunt for similar colours and patterns so I can stock up whilst we go through this heatwave we're currently having. 

Wrap Dress 
I’ve noticed this Summer that wrap dresses seem to be very much ‘in’ and on trend. I find with being plus size and having to usually size up a dress size when buying dresses that wrap dresses tend to be quite booby on me because the V neck tends to be big and gapey and they make me feel quite paranoid that I’m showing off a bit too much at times! Although I have seen a few I like, I'm not sure whether they are really for me.

~ All of the above are from New Look ~
Boxy Leopard Print Shirt and Polka Dot Dress are from New Look / Amour Stripe T-Shirt from ASOS

Stripes vs Polka Dots 
I’m a sucker for stripes and I have been for a few years now. When you look in my wardrobe it literally makes your eyes go weird because of all the stripes going on. But this year I’ve seen so many polka dot prints up and down. I think polka dots suit me more if I'm wearing them on the bottom half of me which I know sounds weird but I just think polka dot tops/dresses don't look right on me somehow, however I have seen a pretty polka dot dress in the New In section in New Look which I may have to try.

Circle Bag 
I must admit I do love the circle bag trend which came about earlier in the year! I have a few of the £6 bargain wonders from Primark in various different colours. The only problem is that they are quite small and my cardholder literally only just fits inside which is a bit of a pain. But I think they are super cute and a bit different to your standard everyday bag.

Boxy Shirts With Buttons 
As much as I love the look of the basic boxy shirts with buttons down the middle, they don’t suit me because of my tummy area which is a shame. But I do get the hype and think they are cute and also a great type of piece to dress up and dress down. 

What Summer fashion trends are you currently loving or hating?

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