Affordable Jewellery Pieces From JewelleryBox

I usually have spells of loving wearing jewellery and then I go literally months of wearing none at all or very little, hence why I don’t like to spend a fortune on jewellery. Plus I'm a huge fan of small and dainty jewellery which is easy to lose and I think I would literally have a meltdown if I lost a necklace or bracelet which cost more than £50 to be honest. When Jewellery Box got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in picking out some pieces from their website I was excited, not only are they affordable, they also offer free delivery when you spend over £10 and also sell lots of dainty, cute pieces which as I've already mentioned I love. So in this post I'm talking about what pieces I chose and why.

First up, can we just talk about how nice the packaging is from Jewellery Box, I know I'm always raving about cute packaging but look at it! I love the arts and crafts kind of vibe it gives off, if you know what I mean. Anyway moving on to the jewellery, my go-to fave which I’ve been wearing to death since I received it is the Rose Gold Arrow Necklace priced at £9.45*. Now I’ll admit, if you’re part of the chubby neck committee like myself then you may have to get an extender chain (I had to) just to add a bit of extra length but they are only a couple pounds and I’ll definitely be buying more from the Rose Gold range available on the website so it didn't bother me. I’ll admit because it’s so dainty it’s been hard to get a good photo of me wearing it so I hope you don’t mind the photo above. But it is such a me kind of necklace and I love it. Another one of my favourites from the lovely pieces I chose is the Silver Sterling Honeycomb Necklace* which has an 18 inch chain (so it’s longer than the Rose Gold Arrow Necklace) and I’ve loved wearing it with plain tees mostly, just to add a touch of something pretty and eye catching when I’m wearing a plain, kind of boring casual outfit. 

I also chose a few bracelets as I actually don’t wear bracelets that much and it’s something I want to change and start wearing more of just because I think they can add a little something to an outfit. But I’ve managed the lose the Horseshoe Bracelet* in my bedroom, yep, I'm really that dumb. Once I find it, I'll upload a photo most likely on my insta. But here is the link if you want to see what I’m talking about. I think it would a gorgeous gift for someone maybe for their exams, a new job, driving test etc. It also is very affordable at £5.25. 

(pls excuse my chubby arm and hand lol)
The second bracelet I chose is the lovely Fine Bracelet with Mini Pearls*. Again it’s cute and dainty and just my cup of tea when it comes to jewellery. I love that it’s not over the top and I actually chose it to wear with the Horseshoe Bracelet or on its own. It also looks nice with my pastel grey-blue watch too.

I also chose the Heartbeat Necklace in Sterling Silver* which I thought is quite unique and a little different to what I would usually chose to wear. It's chain length is 18 inches, the same as the beehive necklace so it's a good one to choose if you like a longer necklace. It’s cute and I think it looks nice with a simple stripe t-shirt just to add a little something and another super affordable necklace at £7.35.

Lastly, I decided to choose a few pairs of earrings as I've literally not picked up any new earrings since last year but that's probably because I haven't really been wearing them that much. I don't like over the top earrings, I like simple and easy to wear earrings. I'll be honest I tend to pick up my earrings from Primark in the £2-£3 packs just because they're cheap and cheerful. It's just like a tradition when I go to Primark to pick up a few packs of earrings and also an array of their fluffy socks. Anyway, I decided on the 4mm Turquoise Stone Stud Earrings* priced at £3.45 and also the Crystal Flower Stud Earrings* priced at £7.45. Because my hair is kind of a reddish-brown shade right now I thought the 4mm Turquoise Stone Stud Earrings* would look nice with my hair colour. I like to wear simple stud earrings because hoop earrings literally scare me (yep, I’m weird lol) I get scared I’m going to get stuck onto something and rip my ear open, I've literally had nightmares about it before. I occasionally wear dangling earrings but only here and there, usually for an event of some kind and I also think stud earrings are definitely the easiest style to pull off day to day for me anyway. The Turquoise Stone ones are just super simple to wear and I think they are a good pair of earrings to wear even when the festive season comes around because of their colour. The Crystal Flower Stud Earrings* are very elegant looking and pretty and they definitely look more expensive than they are and I've had some compliments whilst wearing them too.

Overall I'm very impressed with JewelleryBox although the pieces are cheap, they are good quality and I love that they come in cute packaging aswell. I really that they offer free delivery over £10 and they also do same day dispatch on orders placed by 4pm Mon-Fri too. I'm definitely going to be picking up more jewellery from them soon as well as a few jewellery pieces for Christmas presents too (yep, I said the C word - sorry!).

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*PR/gifted products, all opinions are my own