6 Tips On Redecorating & Revamping Your Bathroom *

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We’re currently in the middle of redecorating our main bathroom upstairs as well as our small bathroom downstairs. So I thought in this post I’d talk about tips on redecorating your bathroom and making sure you get it right the first time. We're redecorating our bathrooms just because they both just needed a little revamp and in our house we're always changing something or redecorating one area or another. So here are some tips on redecorating your bathroom...

Choosing a Colour Scheme -
First up is choosing a colour scheme that you think will not only look nice but what will also suit the space and size of your bathroom. If you have a smaller space then you’re probably best choosing something more lighter to stop the room from looking too closed in and smaller but if you have a larger bathroom then you can go to town with it and bring in some deeper bold colours. You can always pick up some paint pot samples and see what works and what doesn’t. 

Choosing The Right Tiles... 

Look For Inspiration - 
If I’m starting to redecorate a room in the house or revamping an area then I always use Pinterest for inspiration. I love pinning things, I’m not going to lie I really do fall down the rabbit hole and can be sat pinning for hours. But I find it so helpful because you can piece certain ideas together and make it your own as well as finding ideas that you never thought of doing too. 

Get Samples - 
Once you have the general idea of what tiles and paint you want then you can pop to your local DIY store like Wickes or B&Q and pick up some samples. Some places offer tile samples for free and some places charge a few pounds for small square samples and you can pick up paint sample pots for a few pounds too.

Think About Texture -
I know it might sound a little silly but have you also thought about the texture of your tiles and how it will fit into your colour palette for the bathroom? Do you want the tiles patterned and matte? or sleek and shiny? It does definitely makes a difference. Also shiny surfaces reflect light and matte obviously doesn’t so that’s something else to take into consideration too. We went to the most easiest simple option and got a mixture of large and medium sized white tiles in both our upstairs and downstairs bathroom but I do think textured patterned tiles can look nice.

Think About The Colour Scheme -
I think one of the main factors when choosing new tiles for your bathroom is the colour scheme and making sure it doesn't clash and look strange with not only your paint choice but also your flooring and ceiling (unless that's the look you're going for!). In our house we've gone for a light blue paint upstairs to go with the white tiles and we currently have a colourful kaleidoscope shower curtain which brings in a bright pop of colour and a lino wooden floor and we're still debating on what colour to paint the downstairs bathroom. 

Decor & Accessories -
Lastly is my favourite part of revamping or redecorating a room in the house which is choosing new decor and accessories to put in the newly decorated room. I think if you don't add in a few accessories in a bathroom then it can look a little bare and neglected. The obvious choices to buy for a bathroom is a new mirror, some pretty looking candles, nice lighting, bathroom cabinets/shelves and also plants add a huge difference too.

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  1. This bathroom in the picture looks amazing! I wish I had a room that big haha I believe once you choose your color scheme, everything else is easier.

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