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If you follow me on instagram then you'll know already that I love Glossier and that I like what they promote and their aesthetic in general. I am more of a natural makeup kinda gal usually but I do tend to opt for more coverage when my skin is acting up. I've already featured and reviewed Glossier products on my blog many times before including my hits and misses post which you may be interested in if you're planning on placing your first order. But I've recently picked up a lot more products from them and I wanted to do another review styled post with the products I've recently been trying out.

I'll be honest I wasn't that fussed over trying the Priming Moisturiser after hearing people say it was a pretty basic moisturiser overall but I decided to get a sample of it to try in a previous order and I fell in love with it. I usually struggle with finding a good moisturiser because my skin seems to freak out most of the time but it does seem to agree with the Priming Moisturiser. Although it is a little more money than I would choose to spend on a pretty basic moisturiser at £18 I would repurchase it in a heartbeat. It is a water-based moisturiser and pretty liquidy but it's also buildable so you can add more if needed. If you do have really dry skin then maybe the Priming Moisturiser Rich would be for you which is priced at £29.

The Perfecting Skin Tint priced at £20 gives a very sheer finish and doesn't offer much coverage but it does seem to blur out imperfections including open pores and small acne scars. I'll be honest, I'm still on the fence about it because although I think it does exactly as it describes, I don't know if it's for me. It's water-based and you have to use quite a bit to get a good amount of sheer coverage if that makes sense. I wanted to try it out before giving in and buying the It Cosmetics CC Cream that everyone raves about, so I decided to buy the Perfecting Skin Tint with some leftover Glossier credit. If you like a really natural, glowy base then you'll probably like it more than me. Overall I wouldn't say it's a bad product, I just don't think it's one for me. 

When I first opened my Stretch Concealer jar, I was like oh boy, this is way too orange for me but thankfully once you begin to blend it in, the orange tinge seems to fade away. Phew. The stretch concealer is very glowy and it almost feels as if it's wet when you apply it which is kind of strange. I do like it overall, it gives a light-medium amount of coverage so if I'm sporting some serious dark under eye circles or a big red spot then I'll probably use a more high coverage concealer first and then pop this one over the top to give me a glowy, fresh faced look. I think it could be a little cheaper as it's £15 and you don't get a huge amount of product. I think it would be better if it was priced more around the £10-12 mark instead personally. 

The Wowder Powder is something I've been wanting to try since it was released, I'll admit I was drawn to it more because of the cute packaging and the unusual "trampoline mesh" inside to dispense the powder. I decided to opt for the lightest shade which is Light/Medium and I can only just get away with it, I think if you're paler than me then you'll probably struggle with the powder shade range. It would be great if they offered a Translucent option. It adds a small amount of extra coverage and I find it works really well with my oily skin type but I'm guessing that is because it contains Kaolin Clay which absorbs oil. It's priced at £18 which I think is an okay amount because I do think that it will last a good amount of time.

Most people say that the Balm Dotcom is a must if you're placing your first Glossier order and some say that it's basically a overpriced Vaseline in a tube and I'll be honest I kind of sit in-between both of those opinions and here why... The first Balm Dotcom I picked up was Birthday Balm Dotcom priced at £10 and I love it, I use it every single day, it keeps my lips moisturised whilst adding a pretty but not over the top sparkle to my lips and it also smells sooo good, like a sweet birthday cake as expected. So I decided to place another order but this time I opted for the £25 for three offer and I picked up Coconut, Rose and another Birthday Balm Dotcom. The Coconut one smells amazing, it literally smells like coconuts and biscuits mashed together in the tube anyway, but once you pop it on your lips and expecting to smell the gorgeous coconut biscuit scent, there's nothing. It just feels and tastes like your bog standard Vaseline which sucks. After my disappointment with the Coconut Balm Dotcom I decided to pop on the Rose one which gives a nice slight pink tint and smells lovely both in the tube and when used on your lips. But I definitely wouldn't pick up the Coconut one again unless they work out where it went wrong. I would however highly recommend Birthday Balm Dotcom and Rose Balm Dotcom though.

I'm a huge fan of the Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights* which I got sent a couple of months ago but they are a bit too glittery for me to wear on a daily basis. I'd been debating on buying a few of the Lidstars Single Eyeshadow Creams for a while so I finally caved and picked up two for £25 at first. I chose the shades Cub which is a gorgeous burned Rose Gold kind of shade and also Fawn which is a gorgeous Violet Taupe with gold reflects. They go on quite pigmented but they sheer out, I find applying them with your finger works best and if you want more coverage and colour then just pop on a little more. I don't find they crease and they stay on literally all day. You can mix them up or wear them alone depending on your personal preference. After falling in love with the buttery formula and no fuss application I decided to buy Slip which is a pretty baby Pink as I thought it would look lovely both on it's own and also when paired up with Cub. I honestly can't get enough of them. There's six shades available but I hope they extend the shade range soon, like they have with the Cloud Paints

Lastly, I'm going to talk about Glossier's only perfume which is their You EDP priced at £45. I already knew I wanted this after receiving some samples in previous orders and falling in love with it. But I rarely spend more than around the £30 mark on perfume so £45 seemed a little steep in my eyes. I've been looking for a dupe of this scent for literally months and the truth is there's nothing out their which smells remotely similar. So I just thought it's time and I'm so happy I finally got it. It's such a nice fresh, but not too fresh scentWith base notes of ambrette, ambrox, musk and a mix of top notes with iris root and pink pepper. It's definitely a unisex scent and it's without a doubt my favourite perfume right now and has been for the past month or so I've owned it.

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So there's my overall thoughts on my recent purchases. I have also picked up the Mask Duo, Clear Lipgloss and Haloscope in Moonstone but I haven't properly tried them all out yet. So I'll either do a stand alone review on those soon or I'll just add them into my upcoming updated Hits and Misses blog post. 

Let me know your fave Glossier products or which products you've got your eyes on trying out in the comments below! Also keep an eye out on my Twitter as I have a few Glossier products to pop in my next giveaway... 

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  1. I've not bought anything from Glossier, and I'm in two minds whether or not to place an order. It seems like very simple skincare, but for a high price, so I'm not too sure what to think. The packaging and all of that seem great though!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I can't believe I've still not tried anything from Glossier! I've heard good things about so many products but I've not known where to start really. I do love the packaging of everything they do, it's all so pretty! I'm tempted to try the perfume, it's so nice to treat yourself to a new bottle every so often! x

    Tiffany x