Trying Out The SensatioNail PeelOff StripGel Starter Kit... #DOTHESTRIP

I'm going to start this by saying I'm pretty clumsy (and when I say pretty clumsy I actually mean extremely clumsy) and when I wear basic nail polish, I'll literally chip it or end up with a whole chunk of nail polish already off within a matter of hours. I could literally place bets on it. No matter what brand I use (drug store or high end) or what type of top coat I use, it always ends up with me repainting a nail or two not long after I've freshly painted them. I know what you're probably thinking first world problems but it just seems annoying to paint them and then need to repaint them literally hours later. Although I do still wear basic nail polish, it's just seems like an annoyance most of the time (unless I find a gorgeous colour and then it's okay lol).

I've always liked the idea of gel nails but I can't afford to keep having my nails done professionally, so doing them at home seems like the best idea. I have tried an at home gel nail kit from a well known brand but because but I couldn't be dealing with the faffing around and soaking my nails in acetone when I want to remove the colour and so on, I gave up on the idea. Which is why when I got the opportunity to try the PeelOff StripGel Starter Kit from SensatioNail RRP £59.99* I jumped at the chance. 

I haven't really looked into gel nails after my first and also failed attempt at trying to do them with a different branded kit. So I hadn't heard of the SensatioNail kit until I got the email about it. You get everything you need already in the kit, so it's a matter of just plugging in the lamp and getting on with it.

In the kit you receive the LED lamp, Peel off base coat, No wipe top coat, Gel cleanser, Nail file/buffer, Manicure sticks, Lint-free wipes and you get 2 gel polishes too - in my kit I received Raspberry Wine and my mystery polish was Dizzy Daisy. I was also kindly sent a selection of other shades too. So I've also got Blushing Bride*, Don't Even Pink About it*, Gray Day*, Mostly Mint* and All Day I Rose* - which is probably my personal fave as of right now. 

The instructions are super clear and easy to follow so you'll be showing off your new gel nails in no time! I think altogether the whole process took about 15 minutes which is not bad. Especially when you know that the gel polish actually wants to stick around and doesn't chip off easily. According to SensatioNail the nails should last up to 2 weeks.

I haven't used all of the polishes I've received just yet but I have used a few which are the Blushing Bride* which is a lovely nude pink which is great for everyday wear, I've also used Gray Day* which I'm sure you've already gathered is grey but it's more of a warm grey with a slight shimmer if that makes sense and lastly is the All Day I Rose* shade which is already a firm favourite. It's definitely the shade I'm going to be wearing a lot over the festive period because it's glittery and fun and it just looks super pretty. I love that it doesn't feel gritty like some glittery polishes do too. I've also noticed whilst using the kit that I'm not biting my nails as much, yes I sometimes bite and yes I know it's gross. But I'm a worrier so when my stress levels go crazy, my nails take the brunt of it. I'm not as bad as I used to be though, I had to use the gross tasting clear polish to stop me from biting them a few years ago so it kind of taught me not to bite them as much.

Although I love using the kit and how well the gel nails last, I think my favourite step is the removal because if you're like me and get satisfaction when you remove packaging from a makeup product or something then you'll love this! It peels off so easily using by peeling it off with your manicure stick or fingers and doesn't damage your nails underneath at all and then you can buff them out and paint them all over again.

Wearing "All Day I Rose" shade
I definitely get the hype over gel nails now and I'm going to be sticking with my Peel Off kit instead because it's so much easier and quicker. I'm already eyeing up other shades I like the look of too. If you want to #DOTHESTRIP and pick up a SensatioNail Starter Kit for yourself or as a gift then you can get 20% the Strip Gel range using the code: SGBM2-TE-UA on (not affiliate)

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  1. I love gel nails but it can be so expensive to keep up with having them re-done so I've been thinking about trying something like this for a while! This particular kit sounds great, I love the colours you tried out, especially All Day I Rose xx

    Tiffany x

    1. This kit is definitely worth the money! Also if you do decide to try it, don't forget the 20% off code (it's not an aff link but it's good to save money lol). All Day I Rose is definitely my fave shade x

  2. I've been eyeing up a kit like this for ages. I love the look of gel nails but the expense puts me off. I'm terible and always pick the polish offf after a couple of weeks. Definitely not recommended! LOVE the shades you have here.

    Samantha x

  3. I love painting my nails with gel myself at home, but it can be such a pain to remove! :O These sound like game changers and the colours you had are gorgeous! I'll definitely have to keep my eyes peeled for this. :P