The Importance of Looking After Your Car Brakes and Keeping Safe *

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Today's post is all about car safety and the post is mainly focusing on making sure your car brakes are in tip top condition all the time. Most people who can drive just take it for granted and hop in their car on a daily basis and be on their way. But important things such as regularly checking your oil and water slips the mind of most people. The brake system of any car is the most important safety system, obviously this is because you need it to be functioning properly to be able to slow and stop suddenly to avoid collisions or an accident.

So how can you look after your brakes and also how do you know when something is wrong with your brakes? 

Well, you can look after your brakes by regularly having them checked at your local garage where they'll basically do a full MOT just on your braking system. If you live around the Canvey area then you can have your braking system, tyres and more checked at Jet Wheels Tyres. It's good to have your brakes checked regularly even if your car isn't showing any signs of problems, just for peace of mind that your car is safe and in good working order.

Here are some things which may happen if something is wrong with your braking system...

If you pedal feels like to going too low to the floor then it could be a sign of a problem. This could include low brake fluid level which you can check yourself - if it's low then you can top it up and be on your way in no time. You could also have contaminated brake fluid which means your brakes may need bleeding to remove any "bad stuff" and then replace with new fluid (this is probably best left to a professional).

Also your brake pads may be worn - if your brakes are squealing or screeching then this is usually a sign of worn pads which need replacing. If you live near the Canvey area then you can get your pads replaced at Jet Wheels Tyres. Also another sign of a brake problem is if your car is pulling to the left or right (but if your car is pulling left or right then it may be problem with your tyre pressure too). Your car may also feel as if it's shuddering, vibrating or jolting through your steering wheel when braking as well and lastly which is an obvious "symptom" of a problem with your braking system is that your warning light will be on constantly.

There's lots of way to tell if your brakes are having some problems and hopefully this post has been helpful. But the main thing is that if your brakes are showing signs of a problem then make sure you get them sorted out ASAP as you could potentially be driving a death trap, which is both dangerous for you, your passengers and also all the other drivers on the road. If you think your brakes need checking out or replacing then you can book your brakes service in Canvey at Jet Wheels Tyres.

There are other ways you can make sure your car is in it's top notch form including - 

Checking Your Tyres Regularly - 
Everyone should check their tyres regularly and not just when they have a flat tyre. You should be regularly checking and making sure that your tyres have at least 3mm tread. The legal minimum is 1.6mm but I personally think changing at 3mm is a lot safer. Driving a vehicle with defective tyre(s) is classed as a criminal offence (Driving an un-roadworthy vehicle) and you can be given 3 points per defective tyre and also fined up to £2500! If you were driving around with all of your tyres un-roadworthy then you would see yourself with 12 points and an automatic ban. Which obviously is a lot more costly than buying a new set of tyres!

Oil Check - Once A Fortnight -
The oil in your car is basically like blood to a human to make it easier to understand. Your car needs it to keep everything going. It lubricates any moving parts and also stops things from wearing out too fast. To check your oil park on a flat ground and make sure your engine is cold and off. Take the dipstick out and wipe on a clean cloth and then pop it back in. Then you pull it out again and check the level indicator - if it's okay then leave it alone and if it's running low, top it up the the max line. Don't forget it's recommended to check your oil every fortnight.

Check Engine Coolant -
 Engine coolant helps remove any excessive heat from the engine. It's a mixture of anti-freeze and water. If the levels get too low, it can make your car overheat. You should also change your windscreen wipers at least once a year to make sure that your windscreen is always clear and so that the wiper blades don't leave any smear marks in your line of vision.

Hoover Your Car To Prevent Dust Build up -
This may sound gross but hoovering your car everywhere and not just the areas you can see is a must - particularly under the seats. In my car there are some sensors under my front seats and if they get a bit dusty it can set off my warning lights and it's actually just a bit of dust build up causing it. There's been times when I've thought something is wrong with my car but it's actually the sensors playing up. 

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*this post is in collaboration, all opinions are my own