Surface Care: Making Your Face Sparkle Without Too Many Products! *

-*This post is in collaboration-

No matter what your personal style is, if you feel that you're overcompensating for a few superficial issues that you feel self-conscious about, then surely it's time for you to tackle these head on? We can feel self-conscious about our skin, because after all, spots come up so often, and we feel no matter how much concealer we put on them, they are protruding out of our face like a big red target. But, do you have the right skin care routine? If you're looking to make your face sparkle, it's worth looking at these pointers just to see if you're doing everything within your power…

Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Any routine starts with knowledge of what type of skin you've got. You may have oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, or even combination skin, where it can be dry in some parts and oily in others. As soon as you know your skin type, you'll have a better idea of how to take care of it.

Are You Using The Right Products?

It's not just about picking the right products, but it's about using them in the right order. Firstly, if you don't buy face toner, or cleanser, as well as eye cream and moisturiser, then you've got to get this sorted. During the day, your regime should look something like this…

Start with the cleanser.

Moving onto toner, and not skipping it as lots of people do!
Going onto the eye cream to keep the eyelid skin elastic.
Using acne treatments if you are prone to this.
Putting sunscreen on, because, no matter the weather, the sun can still get through and cause elasticity.

Remember, use the right products, but also, use them in the right order!

It's Not Just Skin Deep…

Health is a big part to play in our skin looking the way it goes. If you have unhealthy habits, not just a bad diet, but if you continually touch your face, you are adding excess oil to it, which makes it look greasy. We have to get into the habit of having a good regime, morning and night, but we have to remember that our skin will begin to sag as we get older, and our face is where it shows up first. The big thing that people think will work is by having an abundance of products. While we've established you have to have the right products as well as them in the right order, it's not just skin deep. You have to think about ensuring you have adequate vitamin C, omega-3, zinc, and all the essential minerals you see on the side of any average vitamin bottle. And if you've heard so much about hyaluronic acid or collagen being the holy grail of youthful looking skin, remember that you can get these from natural means, rather than paying excessive money. Collagen, for example, you can get by making bone broth at home. 

To make your skin sparkle, it's about the right routine, but it's not just about the surface of things. What we eat, if we exercise, and even having that beauty sleep, will all add up to radiant skin which will make our face sparkle. 

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