Do You Have Trouble Falling Asleep Like Me? | Benenox Overnight Recharge Review

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Since I was a early teen I've had problems with sleeping and maintaining a good sleeping pattern. Obviously at that age your parents just blame it on being on your phone or watching TV late at night but it wasn't the case for me. Well, yeah to be fair, I did stay up late texting, updating my Bebo, Myspace and Facebook (what a throwback!) and also watching TV at night but I was doing that because I just couldn't get to sleep, so it was more of a distraction whilst I was struggling to get to sleep if that makes sense. I also found it hard to stay asleep all through the night when I finally did drop off too. So I was going into school most days on only a couple hours of sleep. Unfortunately, it's something which has just stuck. But now I feel like it's kind of an off/off kind of thing. Sometimes I sleep pretty well (not brilliantly but not too bad) and then sometimes I really struggle. Also since my chronic pain started last year, that's also played a big factor in me not being able to sleep because some nights the pain keeps me up even if I'm feeling completely shattered. 

Over the past month I've been going through a bit of a 'struggle' spell and I'm pretty sure some nights I must wake up 10-15 times during the night, if not more. I've also been having really vivid nightmares most nights too and sometimes more than one each night but I'm just blaming that on the fact that the past month or so has been super stressful because of various different reasons.

So when Benenox got in touch and asked if I would like to take part in their #IWentToBedLikeThis campaign, I obviously said yes! They sent me over two bottles of their Benenox Overnight Recharge* in the Blackcurrant flavour and the Lemon and Ginger flavour and also some snazzy banana print pyjamas from ASOS* which you probably will have seen on my insta feed or stories. The Overnight Recharge is made from a blend of honey which is known for it's health benefits and its mix of natural sugars which is believed to help boost glycogen stores in the liver to use during the night. It also contains Sustamine - a combination of two amino acids (L-Alanine and L-Glutamine) which can be absorbed quickly by the body and also Vitamin B6 - a vitamin which has been shown to help reduce tiredness and fatigue, support normal psychological function and help with energy production and It's suitable for vegetarians (however it's not suitable for children under 12 years of age). 

Each bottle comes with a little measuring cap on top of the bottle and you just pop 15ml in the cap and take it before bedtime. You can also dilute it with a small amount of hot water if preferred. 

My favourite out of the two is definitely the Lemon and Ginger flavour but that's just my personal preference. However I have been using both over the past couple of weeks and I still get the same results from both of them. So, talking of results, how have I been getting on using Benenox's Overnight Recharge? 

Well I've been making myself to go to bed earlier and "switching off" from everything earlier to try and get my mind to settle. Unfortunately this is the time when my anxiety likes to play up and I start overthinking about anything and everything. Although I've still been struggling to initially fall asleep, once I'm asleep I'm definitely staying asleep for a longer amount of time and I've actually slept completely through the night a few times too. I've also been feeling a lot more refreshed and "with it" when I wake up after using the Benenox Overnight Recharge* which really helps to put me in a better mindset for the day ahead. So I'm definitely going to continue to use it, especially when I'm really struggling with my sleep as I do think it works. It's basically like some sort of magic sleeping potion and if you struggle with sleeping and haven't tried Benenox's Overnight Recharge then I would say pick a bottle up and give it a try! 

You can get it from Boots for £9.99 (each).

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