My Top 5 Picks From Dermalogica

-This post contains some PR/gifted items as I'm part of Dermalogica's #Skinfluencer programme, no paid content included. All opinions are my own-
Dermalogica are definitely one of my go-to skincare brands no matter what concern I'm dealing with skin-wise. They're cruelty-free and some of their products are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free too. So I thought I would do a round up of my top 5 products from them and why I love them (in no particular order).

The Daily Microfoliant is a rice based powder which contains papain, salicylic acid, rice enzymes, white tea, liquorice, colloidal oatmeal and allantoin and as the name verifies it can be used daily. It helps to brighten and soften your skin without irritating or stripping it. It is a little messy to use but it's 100% worth it because it works
so well! I tend to use it 2-3 times per week to just gently exfoliate my skin. I also think it's quite fun to mix up as you have to put the powder in the palm of your hand and add a little water and then mix the product up to get it to foam slightly (well, that's how I personally do it anyway). It does sound like a pricier skincare product at £51 but it lasts for ages and it's also got a 24 month expiry date so you don't have to worry about it going off in 6 months like some skincare products do.

The Prisma Protect spf30* is one of Dermalogica's latest releases which they kindly sent me to try when it was first released. It's a multi-tasking moisturiser which produces a lovely healthy glow (thanks to it's light activating technology) and it aims to protect the skin from sun damage and pollution. It also smells really nice and fresh which I'm a big fan of. I tend to wear it more when I'm having a no makeup or minimal makeup kind of day so that the natural glow of the product shines through. I've also found it to work well with my oily skin type and I do tend to struggle with moisturisers as some are too thick and/or they break me out. So it was a nice change to find a moisturiser which works well for my skin, protects my skin and also sinks in well without leaving any sort of tackiness.

Next on my top 5 is their Pre-Cleanse which was the first product from Dermalogica I tried probably about 2 years ago. I still love it and I always have a bottle of it sitting on my main skincare shelf. I like to use it to remove any makeup and I use it as my first cleanse. I think it's a nice product to use in the evening because it's got a lovely calming scent, so it really preps you to unwind and relax for the evening. It melts away any excess sebum which is good for someone like myself with an oily spot-prone skin type and removes makeup so easily. I also like how it turns milky when you add water so it easily rinses away whether if you use a flannel or if you just wash it away with your hands.

A product I discovered at the end of last year is the Multi-Active Toner* which is like a facial mist. I tend to struggle with facial mists as some make me go red and some give me weird little spots around my hairline (so weird, I know). But this has been a complete game changer! It's really refreshing, I use it if I've been staring at my computer for a while and I just need a refresher or even after I've had a nap just to wake me up a little. I don't like to cleanse my face properly more than 2 times a day as I worry it'll upset my skin and strip any natural good oils. So this is such a good find and I use it every single day. I have the big bottle of the Multi-Active Toner* but I like to put it in the travel size bottle so that it sits on my bedside table without taking over.

Lastly is the Redness Relief Essence* from their Ultra Calming line which has probably been one of my most fave skincare discoveries this year (so far). Because I've now realised that I have a odd on/off dairy intolerance, some days if I've eaten something containing dairy or something that I didn't realise doesn't agree with me, my face will go bright red - kind of like sunburn, super hot and blotchy. The Redness Relief Essence* has tons of calming ingredients and has really come in handy. It contains aloe vera, liquorice root extract, Oat-derived avenanthramides, beta glucan and vitamin e. I literally only have to use 5-6 drops each use so it's definitely lasting well too. It's super hydrating and sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it nice and smooth. I totally agree with Dermalogica's claims of it being lightweight like a toner but concentrated like a serum. 

If you've also tried Dermalogica before then what's your fave product from them?

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  1. i need to try them - I am sure they must be in italy as well but for now I haven't seen them on a local drugstore. I am really curious on the sunscreen(:

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

  2. Great review! I definitely need to try these products out!

    Katie | XX

  3. I adore the prisma protect, I use it every morning before applying makeup!

    Lucy | Forever September