5 Ways To Fund Your Dream Holiday *

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Sometimes, in order to make your dream a reality, you have to think outside of the box. This is especially true when it comes to saving up for your dream holiday. Getting to your ideal destination probably won’t be cheap, so you’ll have to think of how you’ll get the money together.
Securing a short-term loan is one of the best ways to finance the trip of a life time, and there are plenty of fantastic rates available and useful online tools that will help you balance your budget. And if that still isn’t enough, here are another 5 ways to fund your dream holiday.
1. Create A Travel Fund
One of the easiest ways to start saving for that dream holiday is to start putting money directly into a special account. Especially ones that make it more difficult to withdraw from. Using something like the Digit app means all the hard work is done once you set it up. The app automatically takes small amounts of money from your account every day and stashes it away. And anytime you want to stop you simply set a limit, or just hit pause.
2. Get Budgeting
You’ll be amazed how much money you can save by cutting back on some of your outgoings. When you take a step back to realise what is going out of your account every month, you’ll soon find there are plenty of ways to cut back so you can put the extra money aside. If you need some help with your budgeting there are plenty of sites that can help. You might not be able to enjoy all of the same luxuries, but when you are booking that dream holiday, it will all seem worth it.
3. Make A Change Jar
If you put away as little as £2.74 a day into your change jar, by the end of the year you’ll have saved £1,000. That’s £19.18 a week, or £83 a month. The small change that hangs around forever in your purse or wallet can finally be put to good use. Save your daily coffee money for a year and you are guaranteed to hit a grand. Stick a photo of your dream destination around the jar for motivation, so you always know what you are doing it for!
4. Sell Your Old Junk
With sites like Ebay and Depop online, it’s easy to sell old clothes, shoes and anything else you think might be of value. Over time we all hang onto items we no longer use, but usually for no good reason at all we let them sit there collecting dust. Rather than giving your stuff away for free to charity, trying selling them so you can use the money to reinvest in your dream holiday. Recycling is the buzzword of the moment and this way everyone wins.
5. Get A Part-Time Job
If after all the budgeting, cutting back and saving you still can’t raise enough money, it might be worth looking at getting a part-time job. Of course, you probably already have a full-time one, and getting a second job isn’t exactly the most exciting idea. However, it won’t be forever and all of the money you earn can go straight into your savings. Even a few hours a week can make all the difference. Failing that, ask your boss if you can put in some overtime. Just picture yourself lying on that beach, drink in hand, without a care in world – you’ll be there sooner than you know it.
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  1. I saved up my tips from work for a good 6 months, and that was a massive help in trying to save for a holiday. Every little really does add up over time!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Ooo this a handy little guide! :D I've recently booked my holiday to Japan (which in turn is my dream holiday!) so I'm currently saving up for monies to spend there. :D

    This is a really good guide for that, thank you. ^_^